Love, timeless (鐘樓愛人) Episode 12

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Danny Liew

    MAcbook with windows error sound XD

  • Danny Liew

    LOL this time they get the lottery ready…. WTH

  • Lynn6

    Cant stand ZY … it is so obvious that he likes KJ yet never make any move other showing the brotherly care! Hope that JR and Ruby will be together in the end too … the preview is odd .. where is this going??

    • 吱吱

      In my opinion:
      Actually Ruby likes ZY all three times, but he never noticed. The paper with divorse agreement is actually saying she regret not letting ZY knew she loves him. I think KJ actually noticed it, so she walked away when she saw Ruby confessed to ZY.

      • Susan

        I interpreted it the same way as 吱吱. Ruby liked Zhao Yu in the previous timeline too. So the note with I94U (I love you) was for ZY, not Jun Ren. However, it looks like ZY will turn her down.
        She is quite pitiful. She can’t control her own life (can’t choose who she marries and the music she likes to play) and the one she likes doesn’t like her back.

  • abe

    This show is getting more and more confusing @_@ I hope the scriptwriter hasn’t lost his/her mind.

    • peacie21

      i know right
      im going back to watch the previous ep.. i can’t follow