Love or Spend (戀愛鄰距離) Episode 77 The End

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如果說裴正希(王傳一飾)和莫洆湞(洪小鈴飾)的姻緣不是天註定,打死陳采靈(譚艾珍飾)和黃季霞(丁也恬飾)也不會信。這兩家的媽媽從高中就是死黨,先後懷了孩子,就在季霞準備生下洆湞的這一天,采靈突然因為陪季霞助產太過緊張,羊水也破了,讓正希早產和洆湞成了同年同月同日生的小孩。就這樣兩人成了青梅竹馬,讓他們自由發展感情到最後,只要沒出亂子,長大後直接步入禮堂也是有可能的~~這根本就是彼此父母內定好的女婿跟媳婦! 從0歲就相識,一起吃飯一起睡覺一起洗澡,連上學也是手牽手的一起~幼稚園同班,國小到高中同校,随後又考上同一所大學⋯⋯只是,不是所有的青梅竹馬都會發展成愛情。他們雖是同年同月同日生,但兩人的個性卻大不相同,莫洆湞善良體貼、包容心大,裴正希卻是追求正義、求勝慾強,兩人雖然培養出絕佳的默契,但實在太熟悉對方的一切,導致長大後完全不來電。放眼望去,正希交往過的都是胸大、童顏、年紀小的女生,而洆湞的擇偶條件則是體貼、懂事、EQ高,完全不是對方身上有的特質,兩人自然而然的成了愛情絕緣體…

但,年過30的兩人,在兩家長輩和職場的催婚騷擾下,他們的愛情真的絕緣了嗎? 青梅竹馬因為彼此最熟悉了解,不免會經過情人、家人再回到情人的心裡矛盾期,只要跨過那檻,就是彼此最熟悉的愛人和家人!

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  • Hatihsam Mo

    Where can I find episodes 40-77 in eng subtitles?? Somebody please tell me…

  • jess

    Thank god it ended. Horrible drama

  • viewer2

    Another drama with shitty ending..

  • Viewer

    A very disappointing drama. Promotes lesbianism! Disgusting.Almost promoting being a couple out of marriage and having children out of wedlock. Weak story line with questions left unanswered. How did LI Yang and Vivian get together? No development on the couple. LY said it was a sudden decision to get married but had ample time to print invitation cards and passed to colleagues without letting his god mother know. What about the father who abandoned the family and yet told the younger son about the family. Doesn’t make sense. Overall a weak draggy drama.

    • GuEsT

      Well said Viewer! I almost thought I left the comment!

    • hellloline

      I actually find your comment more disgusting. What’s wrong about lesbian? It’s just different preference. I actually am glad to see a drama tackling lesbian theme in such a thoughtful manner. Their ending seems sensible, the parents may still have reservations about their relationship but they try to be accepting.

      The reactions here and PTT Taiwandrama forum/Facebook are such a huge contrast. They’re praising for how everything wrapped up nicely and how this drama tackles lesbian issue realistically but reactions here are mostly negative, ha!

      I agree that the first 40-50 ep is slow but I thought the last 20-30ep are pretty enjoyable, the lovelines all wrapped up nicely and I love how they’re so openly discussing about lesbian, a rare feat in dramas..

      • Guest

        You are entitled to your opinion and viewer is also entitled to his/ hers!! This is what this section is for.To comment on the show and not to criticize other people’s comments!!!! Respect every comment even though you do not agree! That is maturity.

        • hellloline

          I think you misunderstood me, I’m not criticizing about her opinion about the whole drama but I’m criticizing about her comment about “promotes lesbianism” “disgusting” disgusting. I won’t criticize different opinion but I can’t tolerate discriminating comments.

          I’m totally fine with her not liking the drama since I don’t think the drama is all that perfect (the beginning was draggy) but I dislike how she discriminates against lesbian. I don’t see how the commenter is being respectful to LGBT community. She was the one who wasn’t being respectful and immature about lesbians in the first place.

  • peacie21

    wow that was random
    im gonna miss the characters though
    mo cheng han <3

  • Lynn6

    Finale … a little rush .. baby almost come out then they sealed the wedding!!

  • Isenkk

    結局很。。。speechless …很多很不一樣的就在這部戲。。。最後, 傳遍也太大了。。。。the ending really unexpected… Seems to compensate the current social environment situation……wat a……

  • Kayla

    the end?!?!? that’s totally unexpected