Love @ Seventeen (我和我的十七歲) Episode 15 The End

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Tipster Rednimer

    Good! A Happy Ending !

  • ong ru yee

    Alice never die pull through the operation? So touch this drama ending

  • kona

    this was SUCH an emotional episode.. cried so many times.. ?
    the hospital scene was so painful to watch, cried the hardest there..
    but im glad there was a good ending:)
    this show was somewhat confusing, but very good, enjoyed it a lot!

  • Lynn6

    I was not expecting this to be the finale episode but well .. a very emotional one towards the end. HHY has taken so long to convince ALS but in the end, it is so painful for him to see her go into surgery!

  • guest

    The ending sucks!! cant really understand why must he play the recorder when she is still alive and he acted as if she was dead (his eyes was like watery). Is it because he was grateful that she is alive?!?! The story is so unclear

    • 李長法

      i thought it was pretty good. well, she probably lost partial memory due to the surgery. it was one of the side affects she may have, if she survived. so he may play that to remind himself that she loves him, but he has to keep working to bring the memories back to him. also, he may be tearing up, because he has finally succeeded in helping her remember everything.

    • peacie21

      …..its a dramatic device omg.