Love @ Seventeen (我和我的十七歲) Episode 11

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Vimalajatini Fitria

    Please upload episode 12 soon

    • YT SONE

      episode 12 will be aired in taiwan on 2nd of july as it stops to air for 1 week because there’s an awards ceremony airing on 25th june

  • Jennn

    Peter is better looking and better in every way then that Her how yi

  • 李長法

    so no new episodes today?

  • Lynn6

    Peter (SHM) and LL do have good chemistry despite trying to outdo each other in pretending not to like each other!!

  • 11

    so Capital stopped pressing for the R&D results? This show has a very interesting beginning. I downloaded every episode but I have decided to delete them and stopped downloading.

    • Jenny

      how did you download it?

  • peacie21

    i can’t decide if i like this show or not
    on one hand the filming’s pretty interesting, the style is quite different
    and the acting is top-notch, i also like the OST
    but the storyline is so slow :/