Love @ Seventeen (我和我的十七歲) Episode 10

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  • Lynn6

    HHY likes ALS so much but unfortunately she is only 17 in the mind!!

    Looks like Peter is seriously jealous of HHY and ALS. Peter knows of something about ALS that he has kept a secret??

  • gues

    What exactly is he hao yi’s job lol does he ever work

  • marian

    too bad drama

  • Elsa Febriani

    love this drama & all the cast


    TBH this drama started out well but i started losing interest the second that decided to put the memory loss plot in, it just feels soo draggy to watch them go around in circles. Ai Li Shi becoming “17 years old” again isn’t helping their situation any more than if they let her keep her memory. I feel like all the episodes where she’s “17” are just a waste because the real development will only come when she regains her memory and also i’m actually rooting for peter but looks like the script writers aren’t gonna give that to us

    • mimiyen

      Yeah agreed, the show went downhill the moment that she lost her memory. I actually like the cinematography of this show and its soundtrack. The instrumental background music is very appropriate for nostalgia and the feel of “what would have been”. But the odd plot (or lack thereof) is distracting to me and I find myself fast forwarding this one quite a bit. I really hope she regains her memory because I want to see her real 30 year old steely and cold character again and how He Haoyi tries to court her. I also want to know the real reason why she transferred schools. Honestly, he’s just not been very convincing to me. He seems overly opportunistic since she lost her memory.


    why do i feel like this ep got so many cut scene? from here suddenly change to another scene, what happened??

    • 吱吱

      yeah same

    • cynthia

      I don’t think it’s the episode. It’s the source. If you try websites with english sub there’s no sudden cuts like this one


        ya its the source problem. i already tried in other website already. btw, thank you

  • peacie21

    this show is seriously a sleepfest :/

  • 11

    don’t tell me Alice was gang raped by those school boys 13 years ago while waiting for her ‘best friend’ to show up?

    • oe

      if thats the case thts horrible ..because they drank the wine?

    • ll

      judging from her reaction doesnt look like tht though

    • Jamie Ng

      i got the feeling is like that

  • Jenn

    Like Peter more then the other guy. Hope they could be together but don’t think it will end up that way. Because it’s a typical Taiwanese drama story line.

    • peacie21

      hehe love peter too
      but peter can end up with lei lei its fine 😀