Love @ Seventeen (我和我的十七歲) Episode 07

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Cheng Yu

    Lei Lei is so intolerable. I didn’t understand why Hao Yi beat Peter.
    Very anxious for the next episode.

  • peacie21

    honestly this story is so weird.
    why would they randomly beat him up? how is it his fault at all?

    • elly

      Hmm, based on what they said, could it be because Peter was the one who “revealed” that Alice has memory loss? And Lei angry cos Peter played her. ^^

      • peacie21

        please, it’s not like Peter knew anything about her being attacked or in danger…she’s his good friend obviously he’d want to point out that she’s acting all weird?
        Lei’s part makes sense, Haoyi’s doesn’t.

        • lilith49545

          Haoyi attacked peter beause he revealed that alice has amnesia. Peter realized she didn’t know he was song han ming. The old alice would’ve known that.

          • peacie21

            isn’t that what i just said?

    • Yanny

      Well she could also loss her job

      • peacie21

        if your friend was acting all weird wouldn’t you point it out?!

        • Yanny

          Yeah in private not in her wrk place

  • peacie21

    Edison Wang’s acting has improved 😀

  • jk

    Another week to wait~