Love @ Seventeen (我和我的十七歲) Episode 06

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Tipster Rednimer
  • guestt

    pls fix. the sound comeS after the image

  • YH

    Always waiting for new episode every week cause this drama is really refreshing, touching, sweet and romantic at the same time. It’s like the tingling feeling of puppy love as an adult.

  • 吱吱

    this ep let me starting to love this drama!!!!!

  • no logic

    Quite a fair bit of unreasonableness. If Peter cared about Alice so much, how could he didn’t show any concern about her absence for months and didn’t know she had a brain surgery, nor visited her at the hospital?

    • YH

      I think its only a week plus that she’s hospitalised. And seems like HHY hid Alice’s surgery and hospitalisation from Peter (duh peter is a rival in HHY’s eyes). Maybe Peter went overseas for a business trip (see the episode when they all became an adult, Peter just came back from a 1 month business trip) also cause is possible that Peter isn’t aware of that since he’s a manager in his department and does not always have to be free to come and bother Alice. To be honest, I don’t think Peter like Alice even though he told Xiao Lei that, he just treat Alice as an important friend only.

  • 9

    doesn’t a brain surgery require removal of hair?

    • YH

      Some brain surgery does not necessary require removal of hair.

  • 9

    the storyline is getting down the hill….

  • guest

    timing is off 🙁

  • guest

    urgh, not another memory loss plot :((