Love, Now Episode 71

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Tipster Rednimer
  • blaaaaaa

    i love this drama too

  • illlusionist

    I honestly cried very hardly. He brought out the emotions so well, the child is sooo innocent. the depressing part was when she didn’t have a place of her mum in her heart cos she had never seen her before. So sad!!

  • faith lim

    Omg.. u took pic with george hu.. envy

  • JT

    haha its the same hotel rooms as last time rite? when qiming and shide was tgt

  • get lost

    71 – the tree is that tall and 72 just plant it, the baby is about 3 or 4 years old, what kind of tree is? the ending is too rough… not so good.


    please tell me there’s episode 72! is there!?!?!?!?

  • Christyyork

    To all the value audience, as much as I love this drama , AC , GH and the team . I enjoyed most is the conversation from all of you like watching drama together side by side literally , and these comments are what I feel too …

  • ginajingli

    Where is the baby?!?! :O

  • Kat

    Wait, is this the last ep??? Apparently there’s a new show at 9pm tomorrow!! ><

    • sh

      Yep you are right. Today is the final episode.

      • Kat

        But that didn’t seem like a proper ending. So many loose ends not yet tied up.

  • Mary Tan

    WOW even lying down coma, GH is still gorgeous!!!!

  • Mary Tan

    Great acting by GH once again !!!

  • Mary Tan

    SD will wake up. The part when he is with his daughter I guess is just in his coma!!. Wake up SD and enjoy your blissful marriage life with YR!!! Perfect ending!!! You deserve it after what you went through for the family.

  • Mary Tan

    Total agree with Lynn6!!! The drama should be awarded BEST DRAMA of the year!! BEST ACTOR TO GEORGE HU!!! BEST ACTRESS TO ANNIE!!! BEST PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR!!!

    The drama I kept repeating the episodes.

    • love this show

      And best screen writer too.

  • MTC

    Salute to the Scriptwriters! They know how to put our emotions up & down like riding on a roller coaster.
    I don’t know what to watch after this drama ends, as other dramas seem so boring to me after watching this.

  • azwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp

    lol i was about to curse out this drama until i reached part 4

  • Leigh

    OM goodness, GH with little girl, so natural and warm, like a daddy and his baby girl…great great acting…for some reason earlier in the show I expected a coma scene but I thought it would be Yuri with difficulty at birth…this is unexpected but in a way thrilling to see GH’s gift….

  • wLover

    WTF i cried like a mad !!!

  • :)

    I honestly thought YR died and it was really heartbreaking, especially seeing how heartbroken SD was. Until part four when it turned out to be SD’s dream and instead he is in coma… So i guess thats the whole purpose of the show, to tell everyone to cherish the people around you. Great drama and excellent acting by both GH and AC! Hope it’ll be a perfect and happy ending!!

    • MJ

      I dunno why but I knew it was SD’s dream when he indicated that YR was dead (Coz hell no, the writers won’t “kill” YR at the end of the drama after healing her from a life threatening cancer!) and they emphasized on how SD’s fell and hit his head…so he must be in coma..but tomorrow he will be okay, don’t worry y’all coz TW dramas always have happy ending…but I still cried though, esp. when I saw SD’s blank expression…no life in his eyes, it breaks my heart hahaha…And I agree with you, I love this drama, The title “Love,Now’ means a lot, coz anything could happen in life. A disease, a car accident is not unlogical, it happens every minute…esp. to these happy couples and nice people…life can be cruel, so cherish every moment and LOVE, NOW!! ~ message well delivered, writers! **I love the lil girl, cute and adorbs…but I want the baby to be a lil boy! hehe who knows it could be a boy coz the writers are tricky!**
      So sad it will come to an end tomorrow… :(((

  • 海滩flipflop

    OMG! What a curve ball! Absolutely unexpected twist in this tale.Credit to scriptwriter and very well done to both SD and YR….我相信 ‘without the rain there will ben no rainbow’ , 明天一定会更好

    • 海滩flipflop

      YR, 不要忘了 ‘Keep the smile!’

  • Rox

    What happend to YR baby?

    • YellowLeaf1211

      She had the baby and then came to SD’s side. We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl though, but judging from a picture that I saw on the fb page, it should be a little boy 🙂

  • 98pp

    i cant stop crying during watching part 2
    bursted out into tear n then while started part 4 its like REALLY?
    it’s pleasing tht SD still alive but …………….nasty writerrrrr

  • heehee

    omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg a 20 hr odd wait is too painful.
    i didn’t see that coming! and yes i read the comments before watching and it still pained me to watch it too. George Hu acts so well!! <3

  • Kylie

    why every drama always has this kinda shitty plot…car accident!!! Come on!!! Very disappointed!!!

  • Amy

    Whatttt false alarm! But I glad and hoping both of them will be healthy back!

  • love

    oh what happened to YR 🙁

  • Lynn6

    Part 2…oh no…so sad just looking at SD’s face…looks like we lost YR!

    • Sh

      Great episode. See how the show turns out. Actually SD is the one in coma…. Can’t wait for the finale tomorrow. Great show

    • sl

      i was JUST crying like a madwoman (right before i got to school btw -__-” puffy eyes now) and then i read your comment before part 4. no wi dont know why i was crying so hard. dang it, the writers are so cruel. this better have a happy ending or i will have puffy eyes the entire week. at least there’s hope for SD and they get to be together. we’ve come a long way with this drama and it deserves to end off on a good note. Love Now Forever!!!

  • netha

    thank very much!!

  • Lynn6

    Thanks for the upload…second last episode!