Love, Now Episode 62

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  • Stanley

    楊伯伯 cock blocker!!!!

  • Leigh

    Great acting all around! I read somewhere that AC in real life was a test tube baby…if this is true, all I can say is wow…She’s great in this series and she and GH are perfect foils for each other…

    • netha

      Yes, I’m a journalist, I have been exposed to a number of journalists Taiwan. They say she is a lovely girl, kind and friendly: she loves children, is an ambassador of the children in difficult circumstances, she loves animals. As a supermodel simple life. She always makes the opposite to love right from the first meeting. I’m really impressed by her beauty and soul! In an interview with my colleague George Hu said that “Annie chen girl is very innocent and adorable, she makes others want to talk”!

  • LoveInHeart


  • netha

    think GH
    and Annie chen combined and took the food ideas. They act like real and that we did not feel the movie was going. The way they looked at each other, holding each other, kissing each other and the way they look at the two faces together made ​​us feel very warm and sweet. They are really too good in terms of looks and acting. We I extremely loved them. We have begun to see much hope for the happiness of the SD and YR well as other characters. I love this movie and believe in a perfect finish like the beauty of the SD and YR will make those who love them to continue to support this movie!

  • TWdramafan

    I have been just reading the comments on this forum and avoiding watching as it will be too depressing. Judging from all the comments, things are starting to cheer up a little. Yah! Will probably catch up on the episodes this weekend. 🙂

    Thanks for the upload, Sugoi!

  • cherri

    this is why this drama is good. everyone has different points of view. even if there is birth defects, it’s a risk she’s willing to take. there could be chances where there won’t be after it’s more developed after 14 weeks. you can’t blame her. as a mother, it’s hard to kill your own child even if they’re not born yet. it’s harder to live her life with the regret rather than giving the child a chance to come to the world. and the father keeps saying wait till you become a father, you would do the same to protect your daughter. but if you think about it, isn’t it the same point of view yi ru is thinking? she’s risking her own life to protect the baby for it’s best. even if there’s surrogate and all that stuff now a days. its not the same as carrying your own child. the feeling is always gonna be a bit off.

  • dieuanh

    I love Annie chen, she is great in the role. She is so beautiful, a very sweet beauty: face with big eyes, straight nose, high and slender physique. I’ve never really loved actors like her. I believe that Georgu and Anni chen is Taiwan’s most beautiful couple ever. I love their beauty, I love this movie. Annie has really improved and matured a lot in this movie! George I like his inner acting!

  • Goody

    I think the directors, producers and actors have done a good job really. Seeing how we are all do emotionally involved in the drama, high or low.

  • Mary Tan

    I really cannot take it anymore – GH and AC can you both try to be a couple in real life? Both of you are so perfect together in looks and yr hugging and kissing are so natural that can only see in real couples!!!!

  • Mary Tan

    SD is also so matured and really looked after every members of his family and YR’s family!!! Can’t wait for the episode upcoming that heaven will bless SD and YR and everything will be fine with their choice of gamble for YR’s cancer!!

  • Mary Tan

    SD is just perfect!!! Perfect acting, looks, smiling, crying his heart out and HUSBAND!!! GH and AC both deserve whatever awards that TAIWAN may have!!! So naturally and very good chemistry!!!!

  • ayu


  • 海滩flip flop

    谢谢,phew! 看到仕德和亦如和好,今天终于可以稍微松了一口气^_^ today’s lesson is “when life throws you lemon, make lemonade”

  • Exactlyjoy

    this ep is a lot better than ep 50-60
    i always loved this series since it keeps me smiling all time of the show until the ep 50-60 .. too slowly draggy movement totally annoyed me .. the scene b4 YR knew she has cancer took more than 5 minutes for only a walking scene … no much progress but sad part.

    I miss the scene that keeps me addicted to this series .. miss the scene that keeps me smiling and whelmed of love & warm.
    thanks for uploading .. ( thanks for every series ) ^ ^ !!!

  • MJ

    I’m touched when YR said they have to thank the baby. Because her type of cancer is a “silent killer”, there won’t be any symptoms until it’s too late. Due to her pregnancy, she had a check up & found out the cancer at early stage. It is a blessing in disguise, which why I love this drama. Life can throw a lot of bad things to us but if we stay positive, who knows probably something will change…Happy ending makes sense now! **I love YR’s character. Not a perfect gentle female lead, but a strong willed woman who knows exactly what she wants & fight for it**

    • tuyen

      Yes, I agree with you MJ.! I really love the character YR, she’s perfect. She’s beautiful, she’s sweet, innocent, adorable and incredibly powerful! all converge in her beauty. She enjoys SD, love is sacrifice intense! She is sending their love to their babies and think it is the most wonderful gift she will send you her go! SD too love her and support her! I particularly commend the adult acting in the Annie chen. She is very beautiful, very lively character YR, her constant crying in the episode from the discovery of the disease, his eyes bloodshot, claiming berry from crying. AC is not only beautiful smile, she is very beautiful when crying especially the scenes look at his face. GH and AC really too perfect in acting and beauty! I love them and love this movie so much, I believe in a beautiful front end!

  • Lynn6

    YR’s dad is beginning to accept her decision although still upset inside…this is dad’s love for his daughter! Hope he forgives SD for taking YR’ s side soon. So nice to see the camaraderie between “brothers” SD and QM in the library. I think we can start to see a positive ending to this drama.

  • Sky

    even after 14 weeks of gestation there will still be birth defects to the fetus, what is she thinking?

    • exactlyjoy

      totally agreed!!!

  • Lynn6

    Thanks for the upload…waited patiently for the last episode of the week!

  • netha

    Many thanks for the upload! thank very much!!