Love, Now Episode 54

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  • jessica

    if SD is the one that falls ill, then the storyline will be more interesting, will expect more sweet, loving and touching scenes along the way rather than QM or QM’s mum. if it is not SD, the entire storyline will instead turns to focus on the 2nd lead in this drama. if so, it will be a disappointment for me as i’m expecting more from the lead couples. in the late episodes, there are already lesser stories from the lead couples so i hope the script writers will not make us disappointed as this is a great and wonderful drama i’ve ever watched.

  • lalal

    I think QM’s mom is the one who has cancer since QM’s mother suddenly visits the hospital.. and her leg has been weird soo it could be her.. but i wish that QM, SD or YR , CR dont have cancer 😛

  • oh no!! whyyyy why cant shi de and yi ru live happily without any illness affecting them.. T^T..

  • Leigh

    BTW, love YR’s blue outfit, semi-pregnancy outfit!!! And at least SD is not afraid to show his manly side, so XZ really deserved that punch because his original intent was to take out his frustration on SY, tweaked and slightly wicked thing to do to anyone, really…although, they’ll all have to apologize to each other asap…the fact that both he and SY love to write books bodes well for their future…I’m optimistic…

  • Boo!

    oh wow…intense…seems like a detective found two suspicions…scary~~~ but WHY NO PREVIEW ARGHHHHHH

  • Mary Tan

    The kissing of QM and CR is so fake!! Nothing compared to SD and YR so real and fantastic!! They really deserve the best kissing couple!!! SD should deserve the best actor and YR the best actress!!!

    • Pirie

      You mean George Hu should be the best actor and Annie Chen should be the best actress… And they rightfully deserve the honors. They both have been acting in many dramas and it’s about time to win the Awards… Let’s start a campaign to help them win. George and Annie are both sooo good that they let us the audience feel they are real NOT just acting, and so hot-looking too. This exemplifies that there ARE very talented Taiwan entertainers and still very HOT-looking too.

    • Ivyleaf~

      it’s not that fake -.- its actually sweet too. and plus give them a break. George Hu and Annie Chen acted in wayy more dramas than Bobby Dou and Mandy Wei. and actually when QM and CR are together its pretty sweet and since YR and SD are already married theres not a lot of their kissing or cute scenes lately. no offence to SD and YR but i was kinda getting bored of them cause its like they’re already married and it seems like the writers are not focusing on them enough and i was actually excited to see QM and CR get together!

      • Yan

        According to Wikipedia, Bobby Dou has more acting experience than George Hu. Bobby started his acting career in 2000 while George started his in 2006. Bobby has a longer list of drama that he participated in than George.

        • Ivyleaf~

          well i was just saying to give the second leads a break because their kissing and cute scenes are also sweet and like if you think that compared to SD/YR’s cute and kissing scenes QM/CR’s cute and kissing scenes are so fake its just super rude to me because if the directors and screenwriters intend to have QM/CR be cute and sweet together they are trying to want you to enjoy it not to say that it’s so fake.

  • tuyen

    I endorse the views of MJ.The film
    is only 26 episodes but recently the author and the director too focused on romance of two QM characters and doctors, this makes two main characters SD and YR overshadowed. This is what we are not happy.
    Should end the to QM prolonged time pursuing her doctor and focus on SD,
    YR and their families and other characters will make the film more attractive. We love this movie,
    especially George and Annie. It seems the author is pushing the 2nd two characters on top, this is difficult to accept. 4 of 53,
    54 most of the talk about the pursuit of QM and her doctor, we
    found a little boring!

    • MJ

      yeayyyy thanks for sharing your opinion! I felt the same too! I’m sorry if we’re too greedy of SD/’s because George-Annie are just wayyy too adorable and I stick to this drama mostly bcoz of them (I love all other characters, but what made this drama so special is the sweetness and natural chemistry between them). Now 26episodes seem too short to : clear the misunderstanding between SY/YX, to move Daddy’s heart to accept auntie, to make YQ and Angus a couple (& acceptance from Daddy), to see SD/YR babies (and…even for Great great grandma to learn english, LOL!!!)

      • Ivyleaf~

        are you guys serious?? i actually wanted to see QM and CR get together just because SD and YR are the main characters doesn’t mean that they should get MOST of the screen time and plus in the earlier episodes they did get MOST of the screen time and now the writers are just trying to focus more on CR and QM’s story line. no offence but you should give the second lead a chance too and i was getting bored of SD and YR because they are already married and usually dramas end when they get married so theres nothing more to say. and it wasn’t boring at all! it was cute too(: and its only been like 2 episodes where they focused more on them. -.- and personally i dont ship the george/annie couple in real life. so just my opinion and if you just want to watch SD/YR this drama would get quite boring.

  • MJ

    Dear writers, director and Love,now team…thanks for making this drama and introducing George/SD and Annie/YR and their whole family to us…but, can you please make more scenes and story for SD and YR? Coz I felt like lately after YR’s pregnant, the focus of the story is more to the second lead, QM/CR. I love QM/CR too, but they are still the second lead, not first. So please let SD/YR have more stories, I want to see their baby badly, how they raise their baby..and angus/YC…dad/auntie…SY/YX…and we only got 26episodes left! QM/CR is too draggy (I’m touched when QM piggyback her mom, but that should resolve the issue with QM/CR and they should be together after that (instead CR rejected QM and blah3x drag until this episode)…sorry for my lil complaint. Anyway, I love this drama so much!

    • Ivyleaf~

      so are you saying second leads shouldn’t get most of the screen time in only SOME episodes? and are you saying that second leads are not as good as first leads? you know sometimes supporting leads (Second leads, third leads blah….) are pretty important too? especially when theres like 80 or more episodes to a drama. just my complaint. you guys who love YR/SD so much are so biased. no offence. my comment. and i felt like i had to say something because most of the comments are all like “oh SD/YR don’t get a lot of screen time lately, director/scriptwriter, can you make them have more screen time because you know they’re the first leads and QM/CR are the second leads and they shouldn’t get more screen time than the first leads!” super rude to me. i’m sorry but this is just my thought.

      • MJ

        I do like QM and CR. And I never say that they aren’t important to the show. Even Angus/YQ + Dad/auntie and SY/YS have contributed a lot to the show, and I’m not trying to be rude or super rude- as I quoted 🙂 …but…the second leads do have lotsss of screentime together. And yes, the first lead should have more than second. That is why they were called the first. I think every drama out there always have the first lead a whole lot more screentime than the second. Anyway, it is my personal opinion only. It is not to be debated, as I also understand that QM/CR also have their fan-base and I hope that in the future, QM will have his own drama where he is the first male lead. Anyway, I guess they have succeeded in creating this drama, seeing that you and I both are rooting for this drama in a different way.

    • Wongie

      We all love SD and YR. All Taiwan and maybe, all of Asia will feel the same soon. Have you thought about why this is so? Why can’t we all get enough of watching them on screen? They represent something so great, so good, something we all want to see in life. Plus, their on screen chemistry is something to behold. But, if they had so much on screen time, in real life, they both would be overworked…so I propose we give the writers and director
      kudos for inventing such a beloved couple. Especially, the director. He must have something he wants to say to us all, through SD and YR. Give QM and CR equal time to create a good love. I too, am waiting for the birth of the baby and watching all the fun parts of raising a child. Very much love this drama…be patient….btw, married life is NOT boring, and there are situations about wedded bliss that can’t be shown on TV…

      • MJ

        Yes, I’m impatient! LOL and you’re right. What made this drama so different is also the married life. I love how they portray the family life after marriage, coz if married life is BORING, then how pathetic all of us could be when 65% time of our lives will probably stay in a marriage? I love to see how they overcome the difficulties, coz love is not true love before you spend your life with them, knowing their weaknesses and still love them…(I’d try to give George/Annie a break then XD

    • Yan

      You spoke my mind! 🙂

      • MJ


  • Ivyleaf~

    okay. so i’m pretty positive it’s not SD who’s sick with cancer or whatever sickness because 1) CR is just like really good friends with him and she won’t have that kind of super sad expression and 2) CR is now with QM so it’d prob. be QM or QM’s mom and overall i think that it’s QM’s mom because in the preview yesterday she couldn’t explain why she was at the hospital. but this is just my guess
    OH AND ANOTHER THING. i hate how they won’t let YX explain -.- and SY is like super annoying now kinda i mean why would he write those pages just now?! i doubt he’d still remember about it!! and now it seems like SD and YR and the people not letting YX explain are bad people to me because i’m pretty sure SY wants and still loves YX because she was obviously thinking about him >:( i don’t really like how SD and YR are so like mean and won’t give YX a chance to explain. i mean i know they want to protect the sister but you know what the sister is already an adult and she can deal with her own love life!

  • Mary Tan

    From the shots where YR refused to attend to SD and went into QM’s car, I think SD will probably lost his memory etc… Of course, having said that, I do not wish that to happen!!! Please ….

    • Ivyleaf~

      that was probably when SD was getting revenge on YR wayyy back past and so. i don’t think that will happen. ._.

  • Wongie

    My guess earlier on was that there would be difficulty in the birth of the babies…but then we all love suspense. thank you director and writers….

  • Lola

    Ha ha, another couple is doing the kissing….besides SD and YR…what a darling scene…

  • Mandy

    For an author writing about relationships, SY is too inexperienced and naive, and XZ should have known better and destroyed the diary when his feelings changed…but there had to be the exposure to clear up their relationship…so maybe Shaun Chen will make another cameo to make things more interesting…SD is so upset because he feels like he failed to protect his sister…however, he was somewhat of a jerk to YR when he misunderstood her…ha and she forgave him, so I’m sure that things will be cleared up with Sy and XZ.

  • Leigh

    SD is overtired from bearing the burden of his business and family, and (the females will have to pull their own weight in the future because he has overprotected them since the death of his father and he needs to delegate and they need to share his burdens…YR is great in that she is willing to share it with him…love AC in this drama), and he is to become a dad, having him sick would be too much and take too long to get through the remaining episodes, what with having to show what happens with CR and QM and mom, Angus and YQ, SY and XZ…and Pa and YP…like I said previously, a daily drama would be so ideal…plus SD and YR haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet…and anticipating the birth of the baby has been so delightful and enjoyable, can’t wait to see what happens when baby is born with SD reading baby book so much, ha ha, and maybe they’ll end up in Boracay with the kids for an extended vacation. If it is QM’s mom who is not well, then QM’s view of doctors will greatly change when CR comes through…it would be a shame to have QM’s mom be so sick because of their recent reconciliation.

    • TWdramafan

      As you’ve listed out, there is so much fodder to develop the drama’s storyline. Hardly anything going on with Pa and YP currently, and YQ and Angus…Hope the producers will extend this drama to more than 80 episodes.

  • MM

    I think it is QM’s mom, I dont think she come to visit him, she comes to the hospital for herself…..that is why she cannot answer QM when he asks her if she come to visit him.

  • Cluvia

    I think QM’s mother is the person who has the cancer…

  • TWdramafan

    It seems SD will be the one with cancer as he worked hard and took care of his family for so many years. That probably affected his health. While I hope SD is healthy, I do not wish for QM to be ill too. Hope it is none of them or if so, there is speedy recovery for them.

    Its another 4 days wait again…..sigh!

  • Lynn6

    Not a good sign from SD in part 1…dont want to see him sick! SD is really protective of his sister and so cute to see brother and sister enjoying themselves in the playzone!

  • wahaha

    writter damn clever, at the last part it make us use brain to crack is who had gotten illness

  • bilet

    really hope it’s not SD that falls ill… but seems like there’s a high possibility for this drama to continue on 🙁

    • 朱丽

      I think QM has a cancer because his mum comes and she doesn’t know how to answer his question so CR calls his mother to come and visit him but I hope nobody has a cancer. SD and YR are so sweet and YR has a baby and SD will be dad soon. QM and CR are very cute together and they went a very long way to be a couple. Hope every people are healthy

  • netha

    thanks very much!

  • Meh Meh

    Stupid la no preview how to see who is the one.

  • Yan

    Thanks for the speedy upload!