Love, Now Episode 53

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  • Lola

    Love all the screen time with SD and YR…oh to be so patient…they really make this drama so enjoyable, their love for each other.

  • Mandy

    It’s so interesting to see GH/SD comfort another woman besides his “Lao po.” Some might question his anger with XZ, but the guy was foolish, first with his quest to blame SY and then acting so wierd…but then he started to redeem himself, by seeing how caring SY is. I imagine that SY being older must have been a comfort to SD when they lost their dad. All this time SY seemed a little ditzy, ie about her perfect man, etc, and then falling for a much younger guy. But, that’s what makes this drama different. I’m sure XZ will have the chance to clear things up. And if it is QM who is sick, he will have to face some deep character changes…because remember, YR went through hell thinking she had only a few mos. left, QM didn’t realize his little joke was devastating…this drama is serious/funny/realistic. The actors are so good…

  • 123


  • Ben

    never know such a stupid man, if you already fall for the girl, burn the diary lah idiot

  • Elizabeth salvatore

    The preview, YX found the pages of the journal whereby he was touched by SY and decided not to take revenge! Woot! A misunderstanding to be cleared!
    But i hope nothing happens to QM. *prays*

  • babycake

    OMG I hope QM is not getting some kind of terminal illness.

  • MJ

    The most touching scene was not when SY cried (though I really love how SD hugged her). The scene that made my heart meltttt was : YR brought the bfast to SY’s room, saying “This bfast was made out of love, Nai2 prepared the fruit jam, SD toasted the bread, mom fried the egg, and I poured the milk for you”..and all 3 of them smiling at the door (all their smiles are soooo sincere)…then altogether they gathered at the table. What a sweet family…After watching this scene, I just wanna hug my family one by one, LOL

  • dieuanh

    YR is really a good girl, a
    wonderful wife, loving, sharing. She is not only beautiful, gentle but powerful!

  • fourjyip

    QM has cancer……

  • Ivyleaf~

    D: didn’t the doctor say 超音波 which is ultrasound? so. is it YR lol maybe she’s having twins? idk cause usually ultrasounds are for pregnant people right like yeah??? but i’m pretty sure its not going to be SD cause he seems normal to me LOL like not sick. so yeah. it might be QM’s mom though im guessing….

  • jojo548

    Si De was like Yu Xiang when he used revenge to hurt Yi Ru. He should think about that he did the same thing Yu Xiang did.

  • jojo548

    Si De is also like Yu Xiang, though. He also
    used revenge to hurt Yi Ru in the beginning…

  • kirara

    man.. I love this family.. so sweet and caring.. I want to cry now! 🙁

  • Leigh

    OH, wonder if QM’s mom has a medical condition—hope CR can help with it, if that is the case. The family all bonding together for SY, that is very full of concern and warmth…better for pa to remarry, YQ needs a “mom” in her life too…I love how the actors show their emotions, SD being the one to carry the weight of everything…everyone has grown in this drama, very rewarding and satisfying. Let us look forward to the good things, as this drama in not typical of the norm where everything is too tragic…

    • Lucia Kung

      I believe QM has a cancer or something so CR called his mom to come to the hospital to see him.

  • guest

    I really like part 4 where YQ cried and everyone cared so much for her. I must say that YQ’s crying part was very natural and much better than SY’s crying. I also liked the part with QM and CR. They’re a bit sickeningly sweet but you can see how QM is so happy that CR finally accepted him. I think YX is really going to be in trouble with both SD and QM because of SY and YQ. These brothers will not let YX off so easily.

  • guest

    what is the meaning of ‘大處著眼小處著手’

  • Yan

    too much commercial.

  • Yan

    hope SD does not have cancer!

    • 朱丽

      I think QM has a cancer because his mum comes and she doesn’t know how to answer his question so CR calls his mother to come and visit him but I hope nobody has a cancer. SD and YR are so sweet and YR has a baby and SD will be dad soon. QM and CR are very cute together and they went a very long way to be a couple. Hope every people are healthy

  • huuhuu

    & great now its either qi ming or shi de that has smth up with their health. hai….or maybe its neither….or like the mom? idkkk zz

  • huuhuu

    omg qi ming and cai rong damn disgusting ahhahah omgosh i was looking forward to them being together but theyre so mushy to the point of grossness

    • MJ

      huahahhaha yeap, I like both of them, but I kinda felt like you did, they are so corny..esp. QM, he looked super-playboy in the scene with CR..Omoooo…

    • MM

      I think they are cute!

  • lovenowfan

    I hope it is not shi de who is going to be sick since he went for an health checkup the previous episode.

    • same. i really hope its not serious! either one of them. omgosh.

  • Lynn6

    An angry SD is terrifying…understandably, we can see how much he really cares for his sister. YR is such a strong character…explaining how they should look forward and help SY move on. Why is YX not explaining himself even to his good friends??

  • Lolz

    Why can’t see?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I waiting for two hours Le leh. Hurry fix can?

  • Twi

    Can’t watch… Please fix it

  • Ellen

    There isn’t any video…an error or is it just me?

  • dieuanh

    thanks very much!!

  • netha

    thanks very much!!!

  • delirious

    Ever since this drama started, havent got the mood to watch kdrama for quite some time haha! 华剧万岁!!! 请多多支持!!! 🙂

    • Xin

      Me too! Due to hectic schedule for school, now I am only watching this show! 🙂

      • looks like we’re all on the same boat! 😀

  • Lynn6

    Many thanks for the upload…worth the wait…patience!