Love, Now Episode 38

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  • Koumamo Piebo

    man I’m in love with this drama too bad there’s no sub

  • mylka

    The wedding in the police station was indeed a great twist. But glad the marriage went ahead. At this the have an unforgettable marriage. Hahaha

  • Sky

    the drinking part, sort of like the movie hangover

  • Leigh

    P.S.  Had to watch LN with the English subs…but always come here for the comments.  I really see that Grandmother Lan has the urgent need to preserve the Lan family line.  It was so touching to see all the faces and reactions at the wedding scene.  Also, to see YR heeding her father’s advice…and showing some maturity but saying their vows at the police station.  Though she did give QM a ????, perhaps it was a portal for the doctor to minister to him, ha ha ha.  Seeing how YR is adjusting, she will probably see that life doesn’t go as planned sometimes, we need some spontaneity.  BUT YR and SD’s expressions saying their vows—WOW—AC and GH can really act like a newly wedded couple.  That sparkle in their eyes and complete joy at being united at last, just made me feel so happy…love this show so much.  

  • MdmWong

    When will episode 39 be showing?

    • Mushrooms_aredisgusting


      • MdmWong


  • Nethapt

    haaaaaa!! Haaa, I watched it again and again and can not stop laughing! So cute and sweet!

  • smg

    hahahahahahaha.can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  • anon

    I think what makes this drama better than the others would be that the story continues after the marriage, unlike other dramas where they simply stop after the marriage part and uses it as the ending. 🙂

    • pearl

      after marriage is called porn or 50 shades or friends with benefits XD

      • pearl

        or married couple issues XD

      • Guest

        WTH are you talking about Pearl? 

        • pearl

          lol 50 shades of grey is an erotic novel that acts sort of like ‘porn’ consisting of various ways of a pair became a couple through intimacy and then to something deeper, like marriage or love, and friends with benefits is a movie with justin timberlake in it that acts the same way with the intimacy and marriage and love and all that stuff.

          • pearl

            most of the time, you don’t see dramas with a lot of after marriage in it cause then you are going to have a lot of bed scenes or divorce or 2nd marriages to CREATE drama, otherwise it is going to be pretty boring…. like who gives a crap about a happy family and happily ever after couple =.=””’ there’s no story in that =.=”” there’s only peace =.=””

  • Stringbean

    Since Yuwei and Tingni had a real priest for their wedding in Boracay with the whole filming crew there as witnesses. They really are married both in the drama and in real life. I wonder if that was what Yuwei was thinking when he told Tingni that he always thought that the wedding was a real one. 🙂

  • Me818

    Will YR & SD leave for their honeymoon? From the preview, it does not seem like it.

    • guest

      hmm the preview only show their first night as married couple, should be haven’t yet

  • Nethapt

    I can not use words to describe the perfect beauty of face Annie chen and Georgu, from the eyes,
    nose, lips.It
    should be painted by a talented artist.we’d
    fainted in their eyes every time they looked at each other amorously.Annie
    is a beautiful actress seems perfect face and body,
    so her beauty coupled with all the beauty of Taiwan, but with Georgu hu is perfect!I
    believe you agree with me!!

  • Tnvudieuanh

    Expression, acting YR father when she married at the police station extremely impressive. He has shown a sense of dissatisfaction. I like the way he looked YR her wedding dress in the room. Warm, gentle and loving. I
    had tears in this scene! thank the filmmaker,
    I love this movie so much!!Family, love is the most beautiful taste of life is very
    much alive!

  • Marytan008

    I wish to have a father like YR!!

  • Eeiloj


  • Hahahah this episode was entertaining,sweet, and just so fun to watch~entertaining-SD’s talk with the toilet and how he rated it hahahahah and said that it isn’t as good as their toilets hahah SD’s so cute when he’s drunk XD, sweet- what a unique wedding! at the police station 😛 hahahahah and i love how Angus walked over to YQ <33, fun to watch- just was really relaxing to watch i started laughing randomly everywhere and was smiling throughout the WHOLE episode 😀 can't wait till monday seems like QM and CR are going to have some process hahaha i kinda feel bad for QM getting beat by YR xP

  • Tenten

    I think a drama without evil, calculated mishaps, jealousy is so refreshing – simple sweetness. 

  • TWdramafan

    Love SD’s love affair with the toilet bowl. Super cute! I’m not sure how Georgu did it but he gave that very blissful and satisfied look just before kissing Annie at the end of the ceremony. Its heart melting…..

    I’m glad the producers did not try to top the beautiful wedding held by the beach this second time round. The Chinese wedding is about satisfying the elders and the show did just that which is perfect. Love this drama. <3 <3 <3.

    • MJ

       Yeap! Totally agreed with you! For me, their wedding at the beach is their real wedding, coz it feels so pure and sincere (a man is willing to marry a woman, knowing she only has 6months to live). Annie chen herself even said that she cried for real when shooting the wedding scene at the beach. It was really beautiful, esp.when they poured the sand to symbolize 2 become 1.
      For this episod, I really love her wedding dress, so elegant and classy. Their wedding kiss (nose to nose) is unbeatable! Cuteness overload!

    • pearl

      i feel like the chinese tradition is a little bit TOO much filial piety. Elders should care enough about their child or grandchild to give them the BEST wedding and not at some police station…. I don’t like this selfish grandma that much….. I like the one in inborn pair better–> a LOT more cuter and respectable and respectful

      • pearl

        but I’m glas they didn’t do the usual drama wedding at chapel either; the police station was at least unexpected

  • SLA

     This drama is so sweet, love in every way ^^

  • Ddt543

    牧師 吉時 LOL

  • Amy

    i love how every episode is this drama is an easy watch 🙂 its just so satisfying to watch every episode! there’s no dragging on like other dramas, and no terrible misunderstandings or problems which take out mostly the whole drama! 

    i love this! 

  • Leigh

    OMG, Angus is so cute…SD let loose a little after being so restrained all these years, ha ha ha, He needs a vacation away from all the responsibilities of life, like take YR on a long honeymoon.   AC looks absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress, she and GH are so natural together, one can’t help but ship them together.  SD was right, they really got married the first time in Boracay, and this 2nd wedding was hilarious.  It was so sweet to see their reactions when they finally wed each other. and loved the red bedding.   If I was the writer, I would have them have triplets….all so beautiful like they are…living in their own home that SD builds for them.  QM needs some shaping up by the doctor…and let’s see what happens…this drama has been so surprising, we can’t guess what will happen next, AND dare I say, we’re in for a wild ride.  Thank you so much all for uploading, and to the writers who are giving us a REAL slice of life—-

  • Guest

    I was really hoping that they’ll have the perfect wedding etc, just like at the beginning of the drama! 
    Oh well, at least they got married already! Hope it continues to be as good as it is, no major issues etc. 
    Love seeing the both of them together! 

  • moko


  • Marytan008

    YES!!! YES!! They got married !!!! HORRay!!! But please not too hard on their marriage life and even to separation

  • Gina

    annie chen and george hu are looking good of each other.its look real in this drama who knows what goin’ on.

    • Kirara

      Yes.. Totally love the hair and dress.. so beautiful!!! 🙂 

  • Tnvudieuanh

    SD and YR I love you, I
    am really happy for you!

  • Nethapt

    YR is pretty too, shi is perpect. she’s so beautiful and sweet!

  • Netpham162

    I’m wondering, how to be beautiful as Annie!She’s so beautiful and adorable in a wedding dress was great.I’m sure SD as well
    as we were overwhelmed by the sweet beauty of her!Annie, your look so beautiful, so perfect!I’m jealous of your beauty!You made ​​us feel much more beautiful movie!No one is perfect over your beauty!Love SD and YR immensely!Thanks for the filmmaker has given us this great

  • Tenten

    One word:cute

  • Tuyen Narime

    gosh, Annie chen beautiful new stars. She is perfectly beautiful and sweet. My heart trembled when he saw her in her wedding gown. Congratulations on SD, he is a man blessed and happy. Thanks writers, filmmakers give us great happiness after several days of waiting. We are constantly smiling happiness and peace of mind to wait until 2 weeks later!!

  • Jiji

    A drunken SD still very charming and sexy

  • Heyheyanon

    Really looking forward to QM and CR!! Bobby dou you are so hot 😀

    • MM

      Me too!
      I really look forward to see the progress with this pair!

  • 先馬桶蓋那邊也太可愛了吧>/////<

  • Lynn6

    Many thanks for the upload

  • Netpham162

    thanks very much!