Love, Now Episode 28

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  • 海滩flip flop

    I like the fact that when sun qimin appears , neither YR nor SD let go of one another’s hand = togetherness. Even at this early stage of their relationship.

  • Sandychao48


  • Kiki10318

    請問奕茹和啟銘再全家時 奕茹跟他說他和仕德再起時的歌是甚麼?

    • LDRay.


  • feipo

    shi yu’s dressing need some inprovment…

  • Anonymous

    anyone know the song during 11.13?!please!

  • guest

    am i the only who still prefers qiming over shide?

  • Nethapt

    Thay are so cute and pretty, I lov them!!

  • kp


    • kp

      啊是我太心急了原來在part 3XDDD

  • MJ

    Lan shi deeee…why are you so gorgeoussss…You can wear tuxedo, formal suits, casual, jacket, just anything and still look fabolous. And you look so patient, humble and caring in this episode..Love is in the air when its George-Annie screentime. I hope Qi Ming, just let her go. Be happy for her!

    • Abc256

       oh george <3 his humble and caring personality makes me giggle if i was annie ^___^

  • Tnvudieuanh

    GH and Annie is very cute with together, I love GH, annie!!

  • I’m not gonna lie, I’m in love with Lan Shi De’s character! <3 so sweeeeeet! 

    • Lkung

      Another perfect man. He takes good care of his family after his father died, I believe he will take good care of YR as well.

  • gust

    I think RY will go back to QM because in the preview Ry said she would do anything to make him not fell that bad and in the song RY was with QM but she was thinking of SD but she wants to make QM happy. At the end they still got together. If what i said was not truth there would still be problems because there are 80 ep and if they are together now what are they going to do at the end.

    • Guest

      I think she said she would try anything except being with him.

  • Guest

    我金天才發現這戲有八十集…. 怎麼有動力繼續追阿……………………..

    • Crystaltkb

       I feel the same! =(

  • Leigh

    SD’s dimples…the man is perfect…not to forget the deep voice and the trench coat, OK definitely shipping SD and YR.  Would love to see George Hu in a Kung Fu demonstration.  

    • Leigh

      NY Wutang on youtube…clip 16 you will see George Hu doing a Kung Fu demonstration….

  • Zzzzz


  • CTTV

    Super lovely between SD and YR towards the end of this episode…..SD is extremely loving he just require YR to share her happiness and sadness with him. He just wanna take care of her and love her. Very Romantic.

    Don’t like the preview where YR was at QM house.  She has to learn to let go, let QM have some space to recover, giving QM some space doesn’t mean she don’t are for a friend.  Also, she has to remember SD may be jealous especially they just started going out.

    • Guest

      They deliberately give QM bad taste in fashion, short legs and wimpy voice… Hard to compete with lean, tall, fashionable SD with a resonant voice.

      • Leigh

        Rather than the clothes, it’s the character that has won over YR…look at the character of SD and then of QM.  QM is just as handsome and charming, even in colorful clothing…He has known YR longer, but SD was willing to make changes and is willing to care for her.  He always puts her first.  You can’t order love…plus, SD and YR have a bond…If QM truly loved YR he wouldn’t have always gone out with other women, even if they were just back to the being friends stage.  SD has a faithful quality that is very appealing, as well as being well endowed with good looks, those dimples and deep voice.  Yay George Hu.  He owns this character!

        • MJ

           YEapppp, Agreed! And dont forget the jawbone alsoooo…so it is : his eyes, the way he stares (either gently, madly or smily awww), the dimples, the straight nose, the deep voice, and the manly jawbone, and also tall lean figures…OMO! How come he’s suddenly so perfect. And great acting too! *swoonnnn* LOL

          • christyyork

            From CCTV,Guest,  Leigh and MJ – your comments are remarkable.. Good analysis .    

          • christyyork

            Opps , the statement should read as “To CCTV,Guest,  Leigh and MJ – your comments are remarkable.. Good analysis “

  • Kathy813170


    • Tomato