Love, Now Episode 19

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  • Tiiffanychang1

    I think QM and SD are both so hott <3 And they care about YR a lot w

  • MBelall

    which channel can have No 20 version out earleir in Taipei TV Channel or any DVD series out in market fr sales ?

  • Mbeall129

    我覺得YR只是把QM當成是多年的好朋友和工作上的伙伴。而QM呢,他的確喜歡而且很在乎YR, 只是又改不了痞子的個性。現在SD出現了,棋逢對手,QM不想讓SD輕易地得到YR,他一方面擔心又一方面忌妒,怕YR被SD 搶走了。

  • lindie

    I have seen a longer version for No. 20. QM is not going to give up YR. So it will be the war between the two guys.

  • ccwuuu

    how come Annie has to be scared of something in every series of 真爱 =.=

  • Sweetbby

    Really like the show however a huge stable bridge and she is that terrified is a little silly.

  • Finally some kind of interaction between Yi Ru and Shi De! 

  • Lisbeth

    Grandma / Mom part so hilarious… However they said that HCR”八字” is better paired with SD than YR’s. Hopefully there is no disapproval because of “八字”…..
    SD’s Mom is so confident in his son…

    For SD to successfully court YR, it is only matter of time…. With SD’s quality, it is impossible he will not success,…….><

  • Jbear8

    QM made YR scared of the height……

  • feipo

    1. can someone explain to me QM’s feeling towards YR? is he still in love with YR?
    2. Why is YR treated QM like so close even though she has rejected him as a boyfriend?
    3. Is Yan Kai a bad guy?? I always think that he is not so simple?

    • TOMATO

      The answers of Q1&Q3 will be clear with the story progressing. Let’s see what scriptwriters want to tell we audiences.
      The relationship of QM&YR is like family member(please review previous episodes, esp ep.17)

    • Lisbeth

      1. I think he is still in love with YR. He only wants to have fun as much as possible before being married. When YR said about her dreams (have boyfriend at age 28, married at age 30), he said : “Let’s skip those parts…. Dad, let you be our marriage witness,… let’s go to get married….”
      So I think, he considers YR as his future bride….. And will not let SD to have YR easily…
      2. I think it is because QM is still treating her family like his family. He always go there to eat, still call YR’s dad “Dad”, close to her dad, close to her sister despite their breakup…
      3. I think he will be a bad guy…..

      Anyway, this drama got very unexpected events and not so predictable like other idol dramas…..
      Thank you scriptwriter for making such an interesting story….. Keep up the job… Please don’t drag…….

      • Leejocelyn

        both guys are good to YR. I prefer SD & YR though I like Duo Zhi Kong very much.
        but who knows, maybe end up is YR go back with QM?? i really dont hope this will happen…

  • Skeptic

    I am put off by Shi De. Till now, i do not see the compelling need to wish that Shi De and Yi Ru pairs up. So far, most of his actions are selfish. For example, in Epi 18, (which was after he apologized for all his “bad behaviour”, he was supposed to totally rectify his mistakes), however, he was rejected by Yi Ru or Yi Ru kinda ran off. How did he react?

    He reacted by abusing his authority as “the all important client”and demanded that she visit him and record his so called managing philsophy again??? 

    Seriously, i thought he was supposed to reflect on his mistakes of abusing his authority? 

    • Lisbeth

      He is not perfect…… And maybe he ran out of reason to see YR. After all, despite “working” reason, it is impossible for them to meet up considering for 6 years they never encountered each other in the city. And also, YR texted him that if it was “business” then she would have time….
      I think it is kind of sweet to see him find reasons to be with YR despite his abusing his authority.
      For the “bad behaviour” he already apologized, including the visit to future father in law.
      I still think he is very “okay”…..
      Better him than QM.
      With him, YR is protected while with QM, YR is protecting……
      Why they don’t air on Fridays? Also, no preview ?

      • Skeptic

        Well, if it were me, i will forgive the person once for abusing his authority cos he had a reason in the first place, as i had lied to him. But i will not be putting up with the same selfish behaviour twice. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Craycray!

    Why isn’t there a preview today?!? And the one in the ending credit was like nothing :O now gotta wait for like the LONGEST three days d

  • AL

    I think QM now realizes how much SD really likes YR and is causing him much anxiety.  QM will probably continue to stir problems or confusion between SD and YR for his own benefit to try to capture YR’s heart.  I am hoping Cai Rong will somehow come into play here with QM and maybe they will hook up.  I just think QM doesn’t truly love YR the way SD does…he is just use to having her around to take care of his mess….and maybe he is not ready to let that go. 

  • CU

    Can we just leave out YRs sister and DaMouths singers part? Their only purpose is to drag the show and the sisters getting really really annoying always coming up with dumb ideas and falsely elevated self confidence… idiotic dreamer

  • Leigh

    Both SD and YR have dark sides, mostly from having to deal with the world…they are not like that with their families…And Sd was upset because of the misunderstanding, but wants so much to make changes for the good…YR hasn’t shown her dark side to SD, yet…what is it about this pairing that has all of us going gaga…

  • Guest

    Love George here and in Summer 38*. He has gotten so good in his acting. He is perfect with Annie here and very natural with GuiGui too.

  • >.<

    While I am all about Shi De and Yi Ru…I gotta agree with dad. Shi De lacks 包容心, it is going to be painful to be with him. You gotta learn all his 地雷 and make sure you don’t step on them. Or he will go dark Shi De on you.
    On the other hand, I am actually not fond of Qi Ming, despite the popular opinion.
    I Wasnt too annoyed by Shi Yun before…but her whininess is really starting to wear my patient thin. And I do think something is odd with Yan Kai.

  • MJ

    I must give my thumbs to the scriptwriter, director and actors/actress to this drama. First, the story is not really predictable. I mean I know where its going, but not really as what I thought, and I really enjoy all the parts (except SD’s sister part, i skip all of it). And the director did an amazing job with part 3 and part 4 of this episod. Starting from the moment YR hit QM (the scenes were very natural), YR’s face when she realized SD was watching her beating up QM, and the bridge scene where George carried Annie so manly…It is a scene that make viewers (esp.women) love love it 🙂 and in real life, George learned martial art when he was at US, so he’s very athletic and could carry Annie easily! Usually, in scenes like this, they didn’t show the leg of the actor bcoz I think some of them could not carry the female lady like George did to Annie. So man!

    • pearl

      wow martial arts o.o

    • Very man indeed. I was “squealing” very girly-like when I was watching that scene.

  • Ring

    Cute…… SD is sooo lovely and was extremely excited about the so call “date” with YR … not able to sleep the whole night
    like SD being so determine to love YR even though he witness the violent side of YR….. brave man thumps up 🙂 …Also, he was just thinking of YR when running to her on the bridge, showing genuine concern about her welfare….. sweet 

  • Guest

    You know how Yiru’s dad said Qi Ming is always there for her to ‘abuse’ when she’s angry. Which is true but that’s because she always have to pick up after his mess and she’s used to it as she grew up being very independent having to look after her sister and family. All these while, Yiru has been supporting Qi Ming. With Shi De, she can be a ‘girl’ because he wants to be her support and to do all he can for her.

    Ah excuse the essay haha i caught carried away after seeing ShiDe save her! 😀

    • Twitt

      Well said….. very good theory too. I like it YR can just rely SD and be loved by him…… beautiful

  • moko


    • pearl

      i feel like in a way, they are similar characters cuz both want to protect the woman they love; shi de is just more adult and business man like vs ah kuan who is more country boy teen like. It is weird how he and guigui can be the perfect couple and he and annie can be the perfect couple at the same time XDDDD it’s kinda weird to see him so in love w/ both woman at the same time XDDDD haha I try to imagine him as an unknown twin at the other side of the taiwan jing men island lol XDD

  • Hi

    Last part is sweet thou shide nt able to give the flowers to her… Anticipate the upcoming episodes wif Yiru accepting shide wif qiming obstructing!!! Now gonna wait til mon… 🙁

    • The flowers he picked were really nice…I’ll take it! HAHA jk ;D

  • Kly6223

    yah…..shi de so man…i like it……….

  • makichan

    no preview ??

  • ck1Oz

    Man the mother/grandmother asking for direction was unexpectedly really funny.
    Surprising though didn’t expect Shi De’s courting to be more difficult than anticipated. CM is quite a different 3rd party. Not sure if he’s helping or obstructing.

  • Christyyork

    end of part 3 is hilarious

  • shi de so sweet <3

  • Angelis14


  • lol

    yay! thanks~

  • Cherry Luk

    =] last ep for the week before the long weekend…

    • Jonshantheo

      Ya.. got to wait three more days for the next ep.. gonna miss the couple…

      • pof

        and that the preview in the end of the last ep of the week? Gosh, they should give us a little bit more for waiting that long long :((