Love, Now Episode 13

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  • Anonymous

    I think either one of them is actually going to be really sick in future episodes…

  • Leigh

    George Hu is 6′ tall, Annie is really tall!  Love them in this drama….

    • Bhing

      Annie is 5’9”

  • omg tomorrow’s episode~~ yiru is really a fast forgiving type of person i guess unless they’re going to make yiru get revenge on shi de? im pretty sure they wont but how is it going to be 80 episodes? but anyways really enjoying this drama and summer fever~~<33 thank you sugoi for posting so quickly every day~~~

    • Cherri

      for now who cares how they will make it to 80 episodes. i can’t wait tooo see the following episodes of those two being sweet. if she got revenge on him, i would be really tired of them and their cold faces. 😀 maybe she will get pregnant lol

  • ohmygod they’re so cute :DD <3

  • muizhu

    I am so glad that Shi De finally realized that he misjudged Yi Ru. Under all his anger and hatred he is still in love with her; even though, he kept denying it. But I felt the truth was told on a blur from aunt. It feels like he didn’t believe what his aunt was telling him. Maybe George should have giving a little bit more expression instead of his straight face.
    I also thought the box magically appear was kinda odd. Although, we all know he couldn’t throw that box away because it is their precious memories together and the bond of their relationship. Anyway, they should show at least a small clip of him regret throwing the box and went back to get it. Now it just feels how did it magically appear again. 
    Can’t wait till tomorrow episode looks like he will make up with Yi Ru (nice!) but my devil side felt that Shi De deserve a little bit of tourture after all the suffer he put Yi Ru into maybe not revenge but at least some more begging for forgiveness or even how he plans  more sweet moment of how he try to get her back.

  • Rosa Ng

    明天那一集看似甜蜜 但是看到嚴凱不真實的示好 跟預告奕如太爽快的釋懷 心裡面毛毛的 >w<"

  • Guest

    Li Weiwei the actress who plays the sister of George really needs to get more acting lessons… she is a huge handicap to a great drama.

  • MJ

    I really like Annie’s personality in this drama. Today’s episode is good. Lots of YiRu – Shi De on screen. So far, I like YR, SD, her dad, her sis, his mom, his auntie and old grandpa working at her office. I dont like the female doctor and his grandma, LOL . Sun Qi Ming is okay, as long as they dont give him too much screen time.

  • kk

    can this serious be shorter? i wanna know the ending badly LOL

    • Lisbeth

      If this can be another inborn pair, please don’t.
      Inborn pair got 80+ episodes and i even feel sad when it ended.
      I would like to see more of George and Annie together as long as the story doesn’t drag.
      Until now the pace is good……
      Thank you scriptwriter…..

      • muizhu

        Does anyone know if the scriptwriter are the same as the one for Inborn Pair?

  • shitshitshit

    the old grandpa at yi ru’s work is so cute. <3 pretty good acting too. better than the doctor pwahahah

  • Artaire

    Just love the confrontation between YR and SD, at least SD realize that he misjudged her and trying to patch up. He’s really in love with her or else he won’t be doing all those stupid things and giving her a hard time. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. Both leading actor and actress are great.

  • missy

    Getting more and more exciting already ! can’t wait for it to come out every day ! 

  • LOL

    I got a feeling tat this drama wont go so long like 80+ episode…

  • Christy

    More scene of George and Annie , pls.. I almost skipped 3/4 of part 3 when the time wasted on the sister and the so called new found perfect boyfriend .
    Sun Qi Ming is quite adorable too. Alright to watch his acting .. 

  • Guifan

    from tomorrow preview, looks like annie is gonna forgive george… so nice of her! i was hoping to watch more “chasing and asking for forgiveness” scenes from george and annie to be smiling secretly kind… but well, is ok… i like 2 guys chasing for annie too =)

  • Guest

    hema/onco病房CPR率超高的, 這醫師高跟鞋還穿這麼高… 而且竟然還可以逼別人的病人出院, 真是個設定頗爛的角色…

  • jelly


    胡宇威超帥 !!

  • Jel

    totally fast and furious speed to upload the episode everytime~~ this drama is awesome!!! cant wait for the next episode!! George and Annie~~~ <3

  • LOL

    I love his bathroom sooooo badly!! 

  • wow.intense dialogue.i want more

  • ck1Oz

    Tricked again. Sigh. It’s tomorrow’s ending.
    Oh well, today’s episode was the best besides the shower kiss scene.

  • Fish n’ Chips?!

    How did Lan Shi De even resolve this misunderstanding?? Or did he even found out the truth?? Feels weird??!! But the fact that he 假公济私 makes me feel that he’s kinda bad, and the way he treats Yi Ru, even if she is wrong, he should treat her that way lor~~ I like Geoge Hu, but those scenes he start fighting with Sun Qi Ming or even scold Yi Ru in that office scene, he like have a develish face?!

  • love

    總感覺嚴凱不是好人 =__=

  • LOL

    Yay!!!! Cant wait for it to release every dayyy!!

  • Jiji

    Thank yooouuuuuu

  • Whenpigsfly937


  • Pink_princess6789


  • Lol..its me

    extreme uploading speed… superb….Thx 😀