Love, Now Episode 05

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Tipster Rednimer
  • guest

    I don’t understand why they keep showing hour glasses everywhere ugh

    • 123

      its a symbol for time

    • Guest

      cuz she was supposed to die in 6 months right? and he doesn’t know that it’s fake, so for him, he still believes that she’s going to die

  • i guess he’s the type to love at 1st sight. really enjoying this drama. didn’t expect it. the sister is a tadbit annoying. anyone know if someone is subbing this drama? 

  • QQcute_92

    whr ep 6 ???

  • Booo

    i think the sister is a little bit crazy when she force  her brother to remove the wedding ring and don’t allow George to see his so call wife…. even if her younger brother got married before her what’s the problem….. 

  • Guest

    i dont understand why george loves her so much? why does he like her?? what was their past? 

    • yeah i dont understand either… i think it’s cause she lent him a pen during their college exams… but it doesn’t make sense to me how he can be in love with her JUST because she lent him a pen 

      • Guest

        yeah a little bit confusing plot line, but i still love george 🙂 

      • Asterix

        Actually I find it strange too when I watch the first few chapters. I don’t think anyone can fall soo in love because of a pen.

      • guest

        some guy confessed to me after I lent him a pen too. We broke up. LOL.

    • GUEST

      its love at first sight. 🙂

    • Guess

      i went to episode one to try to find the answer thinking there is something that i missed. Like you said, it is the pen …….. and love at the first sight. 

  • Pig0821

    George Hu is sooo goooooood looking <3<3<3

  • YTYT

    nicenice ^-^ how i wish i lived in Taiwan and could watch there earlier /:

    • Guest

      You might find live streaming sites by just using google.

  • Popcorn

    Does anybody know what brand of ballet flat shoe is the main actress wearing???

  • lalalal

    great drama. what dramas do u like better.sweet sweet bodyguard,inborn pair, autumn concerto,or love now

    • Lisbeth

      Inborn pair, got me so addicted.
      Love now, also gives me the same enthusiasm s inborn pair…..
      Why it only airs 1 hour every mon – thurs……
      The waiting is almost unbearable….. ><

    • Jennifer


    • AUTUMNS CONCERTO!!!! then sweet sweetbodyguard 🙂 

  • Guest


  • want to see next ep when they meet eachother o so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • West

      looking forward…… exciting 😉

  • moko


    • Lisbeth


    • Hao


  • Cornsoup


  • ck1Oz

    Episode 5 – pass. Tomorrow looks better. Thank goodness it’s a Mon to Fri drama otherwise ep 5 was a total disappointment.
     I thought this drama wouldn’t have the shrill females. I was wrong  ” my poor ears “

    • Yunyochang

      Unfortunately, this is a mon-thurs drama:((

  • Guest

    Thank youuu!

  • Guest