Love, Now (真愛趁現在) Episode 01

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  • eska

    George Hu is totally awesome in this drama. Falling in love with him. As a General Manager in , he is Cold and hot tempered, all of his employees are terrified of him. He cares deeply of his family and is very protective of them. Hm.. great chemistry between this cute couple( George Hu & Annie Chen)

  • Bavaria19

    Hahahahah what a funny scene,does anyone know this drama in English subtitle? I don’t even understand Chinese or Mandarin Language.

  • any

    george hu too handsome for annie chen!

  • jamie


  • sss

    oh i hate dailymotion!

  • guifan

    i didnt know george can dance quite cutey… want to see his happy n cheery side more!! also in summer fever!! support summer fever too!!

  • hate when  they use daily motions i like youtube insted

  • Jetblackheart

    omg george hu acting fierce and angry and serious is soooo not him hahaha. he normally so happy go lucky and funny and cute :O

  • May

    胡宇威 looks like Wu Chun now..

  • XiYa

    uhhhh….are they using the same office as 錢振武律師 from 真愛找麻煩?

  • Gtorukawa

    Can’t watch!! 🙁 the link is not fonctionning

    • human

      same here:( 

  • 胡宇威帥到爆!

  • emily


  • Blueberrycheese

    Think it’s gonna be like inborn pair!:D WHOOOOO

  • “只要我決定做的事,都值得“
    Sounds cheesy, but kind of sweet to be honest! 

  • Mei

    George Hu <3 such a cutie

  • alme

    What’s the song title from 46:40?

    • Fall


  • Mr.——Ms.

    how is the show going to continue when they are married so fast…… speaking of 80 Eps…..

  • Jwje

    wow 進度好快! 
    不知道接下來會怎麼發展!!! 很期待!!

  • Love dramas :)

    我觉得比 恋爱38°C 还好看一点 ! <3

  • wee

    haha… they went to the Philippines!

    • Guest

      Boracay is a popular spot for Taiwanese actually besides Bali cuz it’s close and cheaper than other places like Guam and Palau.

  • Guest

    天阿! 還看不到十分鐘我就愛上胡宇威了!!! 好帥 <3

  • Yes

    劇情有點誇張,但演員似乎選得很不錯! 應該會看下去喔!

  • Georgie

    annie chen looks so much prettier with make up and contacts on

  • Whenpigsfly937

    George Hu here is so different from the other characters he play!

  • george hu is such a cutie! omg both the male leads are such eye candy <3 

  • Ssdfsfsdf

    this is kinda predictable. Once I saw the evelope saying she had cancer, i think it’s fake, made up by her family cause shes such a workaholic and needs to enjoy life. 

    • sadly most dramas are predictable 🙁 george’s character just so happens to be the successor of a rich company so it’s the poor girl meets rich guy story again

  • Anon123

    I wished this wasnt a 80 episode drama. The past two, I had to forced myself through it, skipping around the eps. I love love love VanNess Wu but i still wasn’t able to get through Ti-Amo chocolate. feel like the thing with such long dramas are theres too much family concepts intact and it gets draggy to unncecessary extents. 

    • omg same I find it hard to watch 80 episode dramas 🙁 halfway through inborn pair i started skipping through the episodes… same with tiamo and sweet sweet bodyguard 

  • Lila

    Why does SETTV keep doing 80 ep dramas? I really want to watch this because of George Hu and Harry but I doubt I’d get past the first few episodes knowing the drama’s that long.

    • Guest

      i reckon it’s getting aired from mon – fri and so it’s gonna be rly tiresome + too troublesome for making a short drama

      • emily

        It’s mon to thurs 🙁 

  • Whenpigsfly937


  • Love

    胡宇威好帥喔 <3

    • Happy

      以前在炫風管加時就很喜歡他! 一起看下去吧!

  • 請問每天都有嗎!

  • AHHHH 007 (Bobby Dou) is here!! <3<3 and the sick guy (Harry Zhang) from Autumn's concerto!! 


  • 哇!!好唷!!

  • Hazelwai


  • Love1998

    Thank you!!! Love you,sugoideas!!!!!

  • Youtubie98


  • Guest

    firsttttt yeyeye