Love Family (有愛一家人) Episode 71

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  • Geekifychic

    At this point i don’t think you ai’s ending will be truly happy, he went way to extreme for there to be a satisfying happy ending for the viewers. Shen ren was a great character all the way in till the last 5 episodes now i don’t even want to see the together he has put her through so much.

  • Sam

    After reading all your comments, I understand the story of this episode. In reality, I don’t think any woman can accept the person again who caused you so much pain even if he’s the father of the child your bearing. No happy ending for me! 🙂

  • amy

    why did I feel this episode the wan’s family wanted the child only? If wan shen ren wanted to cut off the relationship with you ai why he didnt want her to v abortion and instead he ask her to delivered the baby to him after the baby is born. he behaved so anxiously after the possibility of losing his child. and the wan mama only speak out after she knew she would v a heir delivered by you ai. disappointed with them

  • ken

    the other thing I wanted to point out tat ren ba (han yuan) has failed in his moral teaching on youai that no sex before marriage. 🙂

    • Tic tac

      If u watched previous episodes, u will know that Han yuan did teach his daughters no sex before marriage, but you ai is already in her thirties… How can he control her every moves?

  • ken

    I would prefer a sad ending. you ai going through all the insult and pain caused by shen ren arent she need to firm wif her fruatration towards shen ren? but seems like the story wil end wif happy ending tat suits with the title. typical taiwanese drama.

  • Sam

    I wish I can understand every word they’re saying:)

  • yl

    OMG! the mother finally said something to knock some sense into him…

  • Missy

    She actually go for checkup not abortion. Lol

  • Jessica

    Yeaahh..this will be happy ending..if sad ending it should not name as love family ><

  • Lynn6

    From preview, looks like a happy ending next week! Enough of sad episodes. Sheng Ren expects to be forgiven so quickly with that 5min apology speech!

  • cataleya

    Waaa…Why is she in the hospital? Huhu. Yah!!! Writers, I didn’t go through 72 episodes just for nothing. At least, give us a happy ending. 🙁

    • fefwewifuwj


  • Cheng Alice

    Dont tell me it’s gonna b a sad ending!!! ;(

  • Chloe

    Awww awww…. 😀 last episodes are so unpredictable

    • Anna yong

      I’m waiting for love family episodes 72 to happy ending
      When is coming ?