Love By Design (必勝練習生) Episode 02

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故事在講述有著童顏外貌的女主角-李淑芬,因慘遭解僱,信用卡又被刷爆,在一連串陰錯陽差的誤會下,不得已只好隱瞞自己已經34歲的事實,假扮成25歲的菜鳥,進入服裝公司工作, 也因此找尋到真愛以及實現當一名時尚設計師的夢想。

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Tipster Rednimer
  • ew

    her sister is annoying..

  • Daniel

    This drama is funny!!

  • xxx

    柯有倫 really can’t act. He isn’t suitable for the role.

    • Hambot

      i thought his previous roles were always okay but in this one it just seems really unnatural.

      • C.k. Cheung

        I am not watching it because of him