Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 74 The End

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Tipster Rednimer

    After watching this i have been attract to ma tong. .he so cool and bo hai also i like his foolishness hHaha


    I still prefer george hu with annie .. they look more match..
    i not so like man man


    LOVE CHEQUE( omg his fluent english with his baritone voice.. i love it)
    CHARGE ( seems simple)


    Did bo hai died again or the scene he wearing the white shirt is before he became a human again or wat?

  • Theresa Saw

    Finished watch the drama “Love Cheque Charge” Love both characters “Bu Fan” and “Man Man” acted by Yuan Ai Fei. Both characters are very well acted and are very alive. Keep up the good works. If minus the character of “Victoria” and a better ending storyline the drama would be perfect. Waiting to watch both of you work together again in next project. Merry Christmas!!

  • :DF

    woops miss the fourth part I thought it was bad ending

  • jiwew

    THIS IS THE ENDING OH SHT…is there a sequel…looks like one?

  • Bored

    Man Man = She looks an overly tired little Orang Utan with ADHD. She jumps around all the time, whether walking or running or riding a bike somehow.

    Bo Fan = A boring man with only 3 minutes patience. He terrifies his colleagues all the time with no reason. If he is not working, he speaks English where no one cares, or sits in his Eames lounge chair or eating his meals. Then he keeps wondering why he fell for Man Man.. Still, he can’t seem to find the answer.

    Bo Hai = Part time angel, part time human, part time Sherlock Holmes. His only hobby is to experiment the life threatening ‘black feathers’ effects on Bo Fun and Man Man, who happen to be the people he cares??

    Dad = He talk to an over 30 years old TV apparently still works

    The Brother = His life is run by 2 women, losing his head along the way, no wonder he sits in the corner.

    Bo Hao – Eats cakes and stays slim

    Xin Ping = Eats cakes and stays slim

    Victoria = She is cool, female Bo Fun before he became stupid after he hangs out with that ADHD family.

    Madam Tang = She should cut off Bo Hai’s credit cards to force him to work. Else he is playing God, Sherlock Holmes. Too much time on his hands. Afterall, he slept for 3 years, so full of energy.

    The rest of the people, blink, and you forgot who they are.

    Summed up the 74 episodes.

    • veo

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha you are so funny

    • lililala

      lol XD

  • Geekifychic

    I can’t say I enjoyed this drama It had light happy moments often in the beginning but about half way though the happy parts became few and far between. I will say I am glad Victoria and Rebecca didn’t get there ways but the writers made me totally indiffernt about ManMan and Bu Fan actually being together.I’m not surprised that Bo Hai is a angel again. It’s not uncommon in asian drama’s for people to be laid up for days with a cold because they got rained on a little or fell into some water. So him falling down a hill being unconscious all night and then walking to the wedding venue instead of being rushed to the hospital all make him having passed on very plausible at least in the setting.

  • Lovable Lindy

    At first I thought the ending was a little disappointing too but as I ponder on the ending I think we’re missing the subtext. I believe Bo Hai is the main focus and the relationship is secondary. Bo Hai was given a 2nd chance cause he was being tested by the gods. In order to be a diety one must know the true acts of selflessness. Once he found it he became a god.
    I don’t think Bu Fan is an idiot. He just handled things as expected. I don’t agree with it but different people deal with things the best they know how. He’d rather burden himself and look like the bad guy than to hurt his true love. He’s already dealt with the grief of killing his mother. If it wasn’t for Bo Hai, Bu Fan wouldn’t of even believed in superstitions cause he’s a realist. But if some natural being keeps spouting about how you are going to endanger the one you love if you keep on with the relationship you start to believe it. I feel empathy for Bu Fan’s character. You can see how hurt he was by saying those awful things to Man Man. He underestimated her strong will and determination to fight for her love cause she knows what a good hearted person he is. Plus she’s so confused. It just came from left field. How could they be so in love and about to get married one minute then the next minute split up! If I was in the same situation as Bu Fan I’d probably give up someone who I loved if it would keep them safe.

  • Ting

    Lynn6 The Rebecca issue was finished in the last one when guanyu and his wife showed her the video of her arguing with the real father and told her to leave because guanyu wasn’t the father.

    Also, if you caught the park scene there’s a time skip mentioned… So between the wedding scene and the end where you see angel Bohai 3 years have since passed…

    • hope

      didnt noticed the 3 year after part.

  • Twdramafan

    Did Bo Hai die from his injury from the roll down the hill? Poor guy! All the suffering for others’ happiness. He is a good and responsible cupid.

  • missy

    I also think Bo hai pass away again and didn’t survive.. if not he wouldn’t wear the angel clothes again. sad and rushed ending.

  • Bored

    BO Hai spent all his time obsessed over Man Man and Bo Fun. He does not seem to need to work but spending all hours to accomplish a meaningless mission, spending his old mum’s money on his obsession.
    On the other hand, Bu Fun portrayed as super intelligent, constantly telling his workmates in English whereby none understood but too afraid to tell him. Then he became dumb and weak after he hung out with Man Man.
    The end is a union bases on a woman idolizes a man. Will it work?

    • hope

      Goes to show that even a super intelligent individual can be so thick-headed when in love. As for Man Man she might not be a genius but not dumb. For Bu fan Man man love for each other… I think it is deeper than we realized. It is definitely. going to work.:):)

  • Z

    The ending is pretty disappointing… Too rushed

  • 笔笔

    这一定是台湾八点档本土编剧写的吧。烂透。牵强的结局。而且结了婚又如何,难道不知道台湾离婚率很高吗? 白痴。
    坦白说GH 和迅猛龙不match啦。

  • poor idea

    不凡对曼曼说 我到现在做过最蠢的两件事, 第一件 没跟我爸坦承我妈的事,第二件没跟爸爸谈分手的原因, 可能 会有第三件 哦。曼曼你要心里准备哦。bad story line, poor idea

  • jasmine

    How come i dont see any subtitle?helppp

  • S

    Was there a hole in manman’s dress in the wedding scene? That dress is not nice at all.
    Ending too rushed.
    Why did bohai become an angel again?

    • guest

      He was just wearing white, doesn’t mean he’s an angel again.


    omggg literally so mad at the ending BO HAI ENDED UP BECOMING AN ANGEL AGAIN GRRR the whole point was for him to get a chance to live, now it seems like the purpose of him “waking” up was to be the Man Man and Bu Fan’s “matchmaker”. Again I don’t like how their happiness is contingent on his life!! Man Man and Bu Fan can still live happily ever after and Bo Hai can have his own too why did he have to be an angel again grr

    • guest

      Don’t think he died or become an angel. He was simply wearing white and standing somewhere high to look down. That doesn’t make him an angel or ghost.

      • guest

        don’t think he would wear his white angel outfit again for no reason unless he became an angel

        • Veleneeee

          well said (Y)

  • Lynn6

    Very ordinary ending .. for such a long drama, could have been better written. Shi Bohai has simply sacrificed too much .. to the end .. he loves Manman, just look at his face notwithstanding the fact that he has given her up to Bu Fan.
    Did we see Guangyu’s wife pregnant .. when did that happened? Rebecca’s baby loose end not clarified. Oh well, hope GH’s next drama will be better!

  • 万 岁

    Well done BoHai…. not because of you the ending will be very different for the foolish man.

    BoHai is there hero in this episode….. ya ya ya !!!! 万 岁 !!!!!

    • 万 岁

      and the foolish man is of course – mr BuFan

      • poor idea

        Agree with you, like bufan father said genius become idiot

        • guest

          I like the dad, very blunt, very honest. True to himself. No pretense.

    • guest


  • Sob Sob…

    Such a rushed ending. The story line was good from start but towards the end it’s a real disappointment though Bu Fan with Man Man in the end. 🙁

    • Susi tjhai

      Agree… Ending too rushed. ( Btw thankyou so much ;)). Hope next drama will be better )

  • Finally

    why is bo hai yue lao student again?!

  • Ep 74 (Last episode ahh!)

    Bo Hai arrives at Le Tian and asks Man Man why she didn’t object to
    the marriage; he refuses to let Victoria get married to Bu Fan. In his
    car, the blackbox sudden turns on and then off. He wonders if it’s a
    sign from 老大 to investigate into the earlier accident. Victoria
    discusses the wedding arrangements at Bu Fan’s house, 何爸爸 doesn’t accept
    the suit that Victoria gives him as a present,
    nor does he intend to attend the wedding. Victoria tries to get Bu Fan
    to convince his dad to come so as to make it more realistic. Xin Ping
    leaves for Paris, Yue Yi and Bo Hao come to send her off. Bo Hao gives
    her a personalized return air ticket, saying that she can return anytime
    she wants 🙂

    Bo Hai confronts Victoria about her role in the
    accident when she tries on her wedding dress, claiming to have found
    evidence of her involvement in it. They relocate to a secluded area to
    talk. She inadvertently admits to her misdeeds, and asks Bo Hai for the
    evidence and to pretend nothing happened so they will both get their
    happy endings. He eventually hands it over, only it’s actually fake and
    that he used it as bait to get her to confess since he couldn’t find any
    evidence, and of course he recorded the entire conversation on his
    phone. Yay Bo Hai 1, Victoria 0!!!

    Victoria tries to
    snatch the phone from him, but accidentally pushes him so she rolls down
    the slope and loses consciousness. Man Man returns the dowry to 何爸爸 but
    he refuses to accept it, so she leaves it with Bu Fan along with their
    ring. Bo Hai finally regains consciousness and sends a text to ask Man
    Man to head to the wedding no matter what. Guan Yu and gang all chip in
    saying they would help break apart the wedding for the sake of Man Man’s
    happiness (as well as Bu Fan). Bo Hai painstakingly climbs all the way
    up the slope and Victoria’s secretary later reports that she found no
    trace of him or his phone.

    It’s quite funny but other than the
    pastor, the wedding was only attended by 何爸爸 and Victoria’s secretary
    haha. Man Man arrives with her gang, but rather than breaking it apart,
    she gives them her blessing. But at the last minute, Bo Hai makes it to
    the wedding and struggles to get the truth out even though he is badly
    injured. He plays the recorded conversation loud and clear, and at that,
    Guan Yu and Bo Hao drag Victoria away. Even up till this point,
    Victoria is still adamant that Bu Fan belongs to her LOL.

    Hai manages to get in a few more words, saying that the mishaps that
    happened to Man Man were probably meant as a test of their relationship
    only and not that they were forbidden to be together. 何爸爸 now knows why
    Bu Fan broke up with Man Man and chides him for his actions. Bu Fan
    finally says he is willing to be with Man Man irregardless of what comes
    in their way. Man Man scolds him for being so foolish and he swoops in
    for a kiss haha.

    Bu Fan later says that the 2 most foolish things
    he has ever done is to not come clean with 何爸爸 about his mum’s accident
    and second is resorting to a fake marriage to force Man Man to get over
    her feelings for him. Man Man says she will never ever forgive him, so he has to treat her nicely for the rest of his life.

    Hai has assumed his role as 月老实习生 again!!! Some time later, Man Man and
    Bu Fan spend a date outside with Man Man practicing her English I
    think. Then he hands her a book, and she flips to a page with the cheque
    and her ring. She finally accepts them and just when a ball comes
    flying their way, Bu Fan catches it in time. Bo Hai says in voiceover
    that 月老 doesn’t really forbid people from being together. As for Guan
    Yu, he presents Qian Qian with flowers and a ring but she rejects his
    proposal haha. (I think she is pregnant!) Xin Ping comes back to visit
    Bo Hao too.

    Well I’m glad that everything still turned out fine
    in the end, and Bu Fan and Man Man get their happy ending. It’s been
    quite an experience watching this drama from start to end 🙂