Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 72

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  • fuck you

    i somehow want bohai and manman to be together. he just cares for her so much it makes me wanna cry but bufan is hot asfuck

  • fuck you

    I’m so fancy you already know I’m in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo

  • fuck you

    bacon is love bacon is life

  • fuck you

    i love bacon

  • fuck you

    fuck this show

  • fuck you

    fuck you

  • fuck you

    fancy as fuck

  • koolkid

    just noticed xing ping’s eyes : right big left small lmaoooooo haha

  • missing the laughs

    this sucks. i don’t mean the whole series though, its just that this show is getting such a bore after all of the lying and shit. why can’t bufan just tell man man about the whole situation and sort it out afterwards. i use to tremble at the presence of bufan & man man. they were so cute together. but now all i see is shattered & complicated relationships. not for them both but others too. I miss laughing at the funny little things at used to happen in this show. yeah probably its just a way to develop but it’s getting such a bore & so sloppy. but how many episodes exactly tho??

    • missing the laughs

      that used to happen*

  • iojefw

    thanks angel HAHA

    • few

      did he draw on his passport for few omg XD

      • iojefw


  • Zero rating

    So tired of BuFan and Victoria….

    ManMan, just leave him, too annoying to watch. After watching ManMan being treated so badly. I just don’t have the heart to see her getting push away again and again. lost interest to them together…… Start a new life ManMan. You don’t need him. Like BuFan he said (last part) ” What is so good about me that let ManMan wanted to be with me so badly” ……. so sad BuFan don’t event know about why she loves him.

    Can only say this tv show rating (after the ex-girl friend some to the picture) is 胡来 and 奇怪的坏, after watching 不是好滋味, 感觉呕吐 really really bad taste tv show.

  • BoHai&ManMan

    ManMan, looks like Bo Hai is much better man for ManMan.

    So caring and always there for ManMan. Just get married with the rich and handsome BoHai. Let BuFan cry…. regret.. ha ha ha

  • noooo

    just saw a photo of victor-lie wearing a wedding gown….. in Siao Kao Facebook. Does it mean BuFan actually bought her thoughts and m@rr13d her….. NOOOOOOOOO……

  • Lynn6

    Yes, too many loose ends to tie up if there are really only 2 episodes left. Probably rush ending although not really necessary for a long drawn out drama like this. Well, Bu Fan is hurting inside (we know GH is good with his expressions) but Bo Hai is hurting too .. see his face in pain when he sent Manman home after releasing the balloons.

  • Twdramafan

    Thanks, Bo Hai for the passport doodling. Have not had a good laugh for many episodes.

  • 宝宝


  • alora

    Glad to see the preview shows Bu Fan finally coming clean on what’s going through his mind, and telling Man Man why he is doing all these. How he’s willing to stay away from her and not be by her side but he doesn’t want to lose her completely (to accident or incident). Finally Man Man understands he left her because he loves her. How could it take so long for Bu Fan to share his true feelings?

    There’s no way this is going to heal up between them fast. I guess there is going to be some kind of time jump before the final reunion in the last episode on Monday, and perhaps a teeny glimpse of life together. Just very sad that the show has changed track towards the end. So many loose ends not tied, what about Man Man’s mum situation?

    • guess

      Yes, too long for Bu fan to tell man man why he left, wasting time and I think the drama just focus about the fate so another issue not important such as man man mother .

  • ilikebufanmanman

    Go, Bo Hai! The best part of the episode was the doodled passport! ha! I miss that part of this show. I miss the triplets! When I think what this show could have been before the introduction of nasty V, I want to cry. We already had a story line with a conniving, deluded woman. We didn’t need 2 of them.

    Hopefully, nasty V leaves the show tomorrow. Bu Fan is not the least bit interested in her, so I don’t think he will cave into her manipulation and do the marriage fake-out. Only 2 episodes to go!

    I think I’ll go re-watch the doodled passport part. Loved that! Bo Hai, you’re our hero today! Give the man a cape! ha!

    • fingerscrossed

      i am with you…. let’s hope the script writer is as smart as you.

      Because the script writer can be 没 大脑

  • youthinkso?

    如果最後結局是曼曼和博海我也接受了,不凡這樣的處理方式very hurting,Extremely sad and stupid 讓人看了真心寒~?我懷疑了~if he really genius!!

  • susi tjhai

    Good job Bo Hai kkkkk … 何爸爸 很开心 兒子走不了!!!

  • BuFan&ManMan

    BuFan, I know you are much more smarter than that. Don’t fall into the trap (Hell) that Victo-lie had set up for you. If you even consider her suggestion to get married with someone other than ManMan…. it will be a terrible mistake. I wonder why even you ask if victor-lie has any idea to let ManMan leave you. Ohhhhh hhhhh NOOOO. Do you even trust victor-lie?????? Remember how evil she could be. Can you see yourself even consider saying yes to this ridiculous plan. It makes me cringe, have nightmares….. that is really disgusting….. yukkk yukkk yukkk.

    Awwwww,I have to give credit to BoHai, he is extremely smart…. he has taken over the genius status from BuFan this episode…. thumps up!! Even Quan Yu wanted to get help from Bo Hao……Love that very much, ruin BuFan passport and give BuFan and ManMan more opportunity to be together. Balloons too 🙂 well done BoHai…. this is the only lighthearted part we have seen after many long-suffering episodes.

    Also, can someone please expose victor-lie…. and so irritating to see her have that winning smile. Poor ManMan suffer so much and so long. Very unfair.

    Please save more room for BuFan and ManMan. Please !!!

    • ??

      On the other hand i guess the suggestion to get married might wake BuFan up knowing there is no way he could get married anyone other than ManMan. ????

  • Hope for the best

    The whole thing is so unfair to ManMan. I really hope BuFan will be frank with ManMan and compensate her for all the pain and hurt he costed her…. please show more love and compassion to someone never give up on you. Appreciate her and treat her well.

  • Ep 72

    何爸爸 visits Qian Qian and apologizes to her for having to put up with so much thus far. Mysterious man hassles Rebecca for money again, 何爸爸 drops by and sees an extra pair of shoes outside her house but does not see whom it belongs to.

    Bu Fan apologizes to dad that he is leaving so soon. Guan Yu and Bo Hao watch while Bu Fan packs his luggage (he has a momentary flashback to when drunk Man Man kisses his shirts). Xin Ping and Bo Hao practice writing letters to each other, so cute!!

    Man Man practices some English phrases when Bo Hai calls her to suggest that she stop Bu Fan from leaving the next day. Of course reciting what she learnt overnight is no use, but in a last ditch attempt Bo Hai snatches his passport and runs off. Victoria gives chase but Bo Hai hides in the males toilet. She eventually gets it back when he comes out, but alas Bu Fan can’t enter the departure hall because…Bo Hai doodled on his passport photo. HAHA very smart move x’D

    何爸爸 is bemused to find out that Bo Hai could come up with such a tactic but is happy that Bu Fan is staying after all. Back in his room, Bu Fan gets a call from Bo Hai to open his windows. He sees the balloons that Man Man release into the sky. One of them lands in his room, it reads: “Don’t break up with me please?” Bu Fan broods over a can of beer when Victoria drops by to offer up her “brilliant” plan of getting Man Man to give up – her suggestion is for the both of them (Victoria and Bu Fan) to get married :/

    In the preview, (Man Man visits Bu Fan’s house) 何爸爸 winks at Man Man, Bu Fan looks at them and wonders what they’re up to. Qian Qian finds Guan Yu at Rebecca’s house and she leaves angrily.