Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 71

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  • fewiu

    angel ANGEL What are you going to do….next

  • Emely Cahyadi

    Is there anyone know the insert song that had a’shu fu ‘ in the lyric?

  • BoooooFan

    tonight poor ManMan is gonna be humiliated or humiliate herself again…. this time is at the international airport. Trying to speak Engle-lish….. wanted to follow BuFan to United States. Where did get this strength from???

    It really breaks my heart to see the kind of affords ManMan put in. But BuFan still not willing to share the truth for leaving. I find that extremely cruel. At least if she knows, they can overcome it together. Unknown reason is the worst and most painful thing.

    BuFan you are not always right, although you think you are genius. Like ManMan told you; your dad and brother never blame you for your mum’s death. (because of that you miss the love of your dad and brother for many years) now, you are making the same mistake, thinking leaving ManMan is the right thing to do.

    prepare yourself for a heart breaking episode again… BooooFan is leaving ManMan for real today?????

  • Guest

    This episode was testing my patience, the main girl became so annoying
    and I wish she just gave up and be with the other man. Have some
    dignity, man! It’s so un-watchable that I have decided to stop watching.

    • :)

      By watching a lot of dramas I can tell you that love cannot be forced! 🙂

    • GoodLuck

      this is what the show trying to project, her determination and deep inside her heart she knows her man pretty well the love is still very strong. She can feel it that’s why when you know there is something not right you will want to correct it. Especially BuFan is somebody she loves so much.

    • annoyance

      me too I cannot stand how dumb and pathetic the main girl is and how she keeps begging Bu Fan to take her back. Seriously, have some dignity and self-respect. I hate how the scriptwriters never bothered to properly develop the love triangle ever since Bo Hai woke up.

      • agree

        she’s the prime example as Bu Fan said 死缠烂打

  • jj

    in this story the most miserable is man man role, twice in broke up by fiance when almost married, if in reality rarely women like man man So steadfast but this is just a drama anything can be hope scriptwriter have mercy to man man role, don’t let man man suffer too long but I guess bu fan still leaves man man and returned to the United States, after a few months back again before man man 30 years old birthday and they were married 10 minutes before the last episode.

    • Fighting

      ha ha ha ha….. another Tiamo Chocolate(2012)???????

      水 水………. want a longer time for them to be together!!!!!!

      ManMan & BuFan – fighting!!

  • yes

    Good to see BuFan told the ex : 就算根曼曼分手 我也不會選你的

  • alora

    On another note, they are finally releasing the song 悲傷止步 by 解徫苓 with promotion videos by both George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei.

    This song is beautiful and so sad.. Like the way things are now both with the show and the community at large. The community is in anguish and despair, imagine how the actors must feel!

  • OoiOoiOoi

    何 爸: whatever decision you have made, there may not be a chance to correct it. You may regret for the rest of your life.

    BuFan, there will never be anyone who can love you like ManMan. there will not be anyone who can help you like ManMan….. you will not be complete without ManMan. Please do not go. Be brave at least you know you didn’t walk away, thinking that is the best for ManMan. But walk through it, not walk out of it.

    BuFan, when you lost your mum, it was sooooo painful that you buried yourself for 32 year. If you lost ManMan, your true love. This time no one have determination and love like ManMan to help you recover. Because nobody can love you like ManMan.

    It may take you another 32 years to forgive yourself/come out from that pain, by that time you will be 64 years old. Nobody want an old man.

    Also, if you let go ManMan, you life will be boring and may be bitten by Big Bad wolf (victor-lie). ha ha ha

    • 爱自己

      yup, especially a cranky old man !!

  • alora

    It seems today is the wrap up of filming.. Sad it is ending.

    Saw Xiao Gao and Steven post photos.. One with only Bu Fan and dad in wediing finery, but Man Man in ordinary clothes.. Wonder what happened.. Also a BTS pic of the artistes asleep in a banquet place. Last photo of Man Man with the 4 office guys squeezed in a car being filmed, no Bu Fan. It seems these are the final filming takes.. Does this mean this will end with a surprise wedding for Man Man?

    Looking at how things are still going with Bu Fan in blind denial and noble idiocy, seems that he will indeed fly off tomorrow for US. Do not like. Not looking forward to any time jump either. Looks like the sad state will drag till the end with only a brief reunion.. I hope I’m wrong.. Sincerely hope there will be an earlier reunion..tomorrow please.. Will Bo Hai reveal everything to Man Man? Will Bu Fan break down and come to his senses when Man Man tries to stop him at the airport?

  • Lynn6

    Not sure if this latest plot is trying to drag the drama or creating an unusual ending .. Bo Hai is such a great guy and he deserved to be together with Manman too if not for the accident. When both went to hit some balls and have a drink, you can see Bohai’s love and expression for Manman ..some great acting by Kun Da.

    What Bu Fan is doing is almost exactly what Bohai did in initiating a breakup with Manman 3 years ago. They continue to love her but not wanting to hurt her. When Bufan tells Bohai to “chase” or win back Manma, Bohai’s face is almost willing although he knows Manman only loves Bufan now!

  • Aussie

    Awww…. ManMan I love you:) you are such a brave girl ! full of determination and love. After your boyfriend BuFan treat you cruelly without any good reasons, you still dare to bring the love cheque to claim your prize…… i really solute you…. truly solute you….. such a warrior!!!! Good job.

    on the other hand, BuFan because of the love for ManMan he become weak, so weak that he choose to leave. Hope you can clear your mind and calm down to see that someone orchestrated the accident and this should be brought to justice. Victo-lie you should be jail. Poor BuFan and ManMan being played by the victor-lie. hmmmmm such a waste of time, when they could be happily ever after.

    All the best to both 🙂

  • Susi Tjhai

    曼曼加油….. o/

  • Ep 71

    Bo Hai punched Bu Fan for being so harsh towards Man Man (good knock some sense into him!) and later deduces Bu Fan’s reason for the break up. But this time, Bu Fan counters that he is not doing it for her, but for himself because he is afraid to die and survival is more important than love to him. (Who are you trying to kid?)

    Aww Man Man’s dad offered his shoulder for Man Man to cry on in future :’) Man Man presents Bu Fan with the cheque and forces him to fulfill it; later on when Bo Hai accompanied Man Man to hit some balls, we find out that Bu Fan neither accepted nor rejected it. BUT after thinking it through, he has decided to leave for the States :/ And to top it off, Victoria arrives and asks to leave together since she is planning to fly back as well.

    The ending scene has Bu Fan finally admitting the truth to Bo Hai, and that he just wishes for Man Man to be safe and happy, even if they aren’t destined to be together. Because of Man Man, he got to experience true love. And he learnt that love is about sacrifice and being selfless.

    In the preview, Bu Fan’s dad meets with Qian Qian, Bo Hao and Guan Yu provide some company while Bu Fan packs his luggage. Mysterious man comes to find Rebecca and Bu Fan’s dad spots a pair of shoes (probably belongs to the guy?)

    • TQ

      thank you 🙂

    • myls

      Thank you for the recap….

    • hope

      It’s so nice of you giving the overview of the whole episode. I wonder if there’s a hope for bu fan & man man. I really want them to end up together in the end.