Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 70

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  • 呂美雲

    broke up!!???!!!! what happend bu fan!!? why you want to break up with man man!!! –” bad drama movie ever!!?? why the scripwriter made bu fan and man man broke up!!?? grrr

  • Ben

    stupidity of both men

  • hope

    I intended not to watch this episode since I have my final exam to worry about but…failed to resist by curiosity of what’s gonna happened next. Only to have my heart broken… Hope to see the sunrise after the storm…Bufan-ManMan will prevail in the end. KEEP MY FINGERS CROSS!!!

  • XiauPai

    why bufan leave her without explain.. this is not his type !!! poor man man .. maybe this is your love destiny .. hope george hu won’t have a chance to cast such this bad drama again.

  • sabrina

    I feel like they pushed the drama part right to the end of the series not allowing it to grow. instead they added in alot of victoria trying to get bu fan but failed, this break up thing should have happened at least 5-6 eps back so that the series has enough time to insert a wedding but it looks like this thing will carry on till ep71 and they reunite in ep72 and that’s the happy ending… i just really wanna see bu fan and man man back tgth again!!! :'(

    • ring

      Yes agree, no weddIng just happy endIng, but still curious about the rIng on bohai mom.

      • EndsWell

        i really want to see them together as husband and wife and some other lovey dovey interactions. Not just in the last 2 mins…. yay they decided to be together…. that is a very very lousy ending, lazy good ending, not innovative.

        If you watch ” Tie The Knot / 媽咪的男朋友” the ending was really well written. end extremely well.

        • hope

          lovey dovey interaction could probably very limited. As i understand both the main lead are into different individual relationship, they might limit to just a certain extend…JUST A THOUGHT!!!

    • hope

      they originally said that this drama could be 70-80 episode. This might be the reason why they are dragging the victoria-rebecca storyline hoping to add more drama or something. just hope they can accomplish whatever they’re trying to accomplish.

  • skip again


  • Lynn6

    The script writer is really keeping us in suspense to the end … most of us did not expect the storyline to change direction at this late stage but I guess it keeps us watching and wanting to see the good ending …

  • alora

    Sob, my heart is broken!

    Think Bu Fan is suffering the most because he is holding it all in, plus it’s his first and only true, all consuming love experience. Silly noble idiocy and our genius has lost his wisdom in the depth of his love. I really don’t know how they could face each other at work. Man Man is so brave.she has the advantage of having prior experience with being broken up by Bu Fan, not to say that it would be less painful.

    Please fix this fast someone, scriptwriter, Bo Hai, Bu Fan dad, Man Man dad!! Expose the villainess and reunite the OTP! Guan Yu, I have no interest, it’s dragged TOO long.

    • Hmmmm….

      Can understand why he pretend to be cold but the thing is he doesnt appear to be sad when no 1 is around…

    • myls

      I agree with u alora….

  • Susi Tjhai

    Hei !!!!!! What going on ?????!!!!!!! Berak up!!!!!! Oh my Godners ggrrrrrr

  • ilikebufanmanman

    Of course it’s going to happen. The OTP must break up at least once in a drama to prove they have true love, but I was hoping this would be an exception since we’re so near the end. I don’t know what he shouted at the heavens, but I cringed at that part. Victoria is not why he is retreating. It’s his battle against fate and he thinks Man Man is in danger if they are together. He thinks the higher powers are against them, and according to what Bo Hai has told him, they are. That’s the interesting thing about their love story and why Victoria is not necessary.

    Man Man was brave. She texted him those cute pictures that night and had courage to face him at the office the next day. There’s no way I could do that!

    Bo Hai must be essential to their reconciliation or else why would they have brought him back from the coma. He isn’t pursuing her and pleading his case that he’s her one true love, not Bu Fan, so his purpose must be to bring about the reuniting of the OTP. He’s got a short time to be successful. Bo Hai, fighting!

    Since we had 3 different love stories in this drama. I was hoping at least one would tell the story of love that stays together through it all once the lovers found each other. I guess I’ll have to keep waiting for that story to be told in another drama.

    I’m trying to think what event will get Bu Fan back to Man Man since he’s so decisive in character. What happening will break his will and cause his love to override his fear? How will the red string of fate issue be resolved in their story? What will bring Bu Fan “to his knees”? He hasn’t broken yet. So little time to wrap it up. Cheers to the screenwriter(s). Work hard and do it well. Fighting!

    • Hmmmm….

      He will get back when he knows it’s Victoria’s doing

    • myls

      …you’re right actually..eventhough the latest 2 episodes suddens me..still keep on watching..coz for me..this is a different kind of love story…when the character bufan knows he’s battling with fate..and seems that heaven doesnt allow him and his beloved manman..its just that im curious on how they will resolve the fate issues..The catch is…how can anyone battle with fate in choosing happiness and love..are u willing to sacrifice your feelings by letting go of your love?or keep on fighting for your love..but how?….

      • myls

        The red string of fate so interesting for me…i guess a beginning of the story bohai told bufan..bout the red strings not meant to tie manman and bufan..BUT i guess since accidentally manman and bufan got tied with the red strings of fate..and that they have eventually connect and fall madly inlove with each other..when bo hai told bufan to cut with a knife the red strings..he coudnt becoz for me even at the beginning in a short span of time..i think their love surpasses or more than enough to battle with, im so excited tonight what will happen..fighting! Bufan and manman..

        • hope

          it would be very interesting to see how the fate issue be resolved in the end… In an others point of view.

  • cloud36


  • quess

    Sad for GH must play the role, happy for kun da you have the nice role and sad for script writer you are very selfish not hear complaints of the audience, no matter how good a TV show without an audience useless, right?

    • gogo

      agree with you “quess”

      I wonder why is the scriptwriter insist on making this a 残酷 故事. When it was promote as romance and comedy. 极 折磨 to watch i have to say. Clearly everybody hates the story lines. like some said, we will only watch this once because we are annoyed by it. Therefore we will not recommend anyone to watch….it’s like when you talk to someone ” oooo that show – love cheque, not worth watching” because it is heart breaking.

  • Aussie

    as expected BooFan choose to cave in …. broke off with his true love, ManMan.
    Boo Fan said to the sky, ManMan better be happier than when she was with me, otherwise I will not forgive you??? Well when you choose to broke off with ManMan, you took away the happiness. Because ManMan’s happiness, only BooFan can give. Therefore till you decided to come back…. her happiness cannot be restored, also you need her too. Otherwise you will be miserable like before.

    Next episode will be :

    1) BoHai hit BooFan for leaving ManMan

    2) BoHai accompany ManMan to some stress relieving sports

    3) BigBad wolf(VIcto-lie) come back to attack BooFan only this time BooFan doesn’t have ManMan as an excuse not to go marketing analysis with her. BooFan might play along to let ManMan loose hope in their relationships.( 哭 !! )

    3)QuanYu still happily helping rebecca with the another man’s baby, neglecting his own wife.

    4)hoping for the best for 何 爸 to help sort out the two sons. otherwise he lost 2 daughter in law in one episode.

    My request:
    please do not drag…. let ManMan and BuFan be together again soon, get married this time…….LoveyDovey!!
    Thank you.

    • BuFan&ManMan

      BuFan made a comment when he was driving past the crying ManMan…. now i understand to be together, sometimes love alone is not enough.

      OMG…. ManMan help you to come out from the darkness so that you can love you dad and brother, can receive love from them. Help you to live your life instead of living by yourself …help you to see the kind side of the human being. She is helping you to grow up too. You need her BuFan and she needs you too. Otherwise you will be cold as…

  • Omg what is with the drama plot now…I can’t believe Bu Fan chose to break up with Man Man 🙁 Without giving her a proper explanation for it too. Can we just fast forward to the ending already!!!

    Preview has Bo Hai accompanying Man Man in the batting cage, and Man Man presenting her cheque to Bu Fan (she probably wants him to fulfill his promise to marry her).

    • UviKentn

      i fast forwarded, but still very sad to watch …. did someone say it finishes on the Monday 15 Dec?

      • Yes

        Yes Monday 15 dec

    • alora

      My weak heart fears that Bu Fan would tear his cheque or ridicule Man Man in his bid to continue his self sacrificing noble idiocy! Man Man might return him the cheque in her attempt to “release” him from his duty.

      If this angst continues, our hearts might be too wretched to continue to hope… Please don’t torment our OTP, our hardworking George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei (they must be suffering with their characters since they are very into their roles) and us the audience. Light hearted comedy, please come back to us, shake off the heavy burdens!!

  • angel


    • Sowhat

      Yep, first useless comment.