Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 69

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  • fwei

    angel <3 🙁

  • lucy

    as much as i love george and man man together, but lets all be honest though, bo hai is actually more suitable for man man, he cares so much more etc..

  • hope

    cAN someONE Please TRANSLATE THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN bU fAN AND mAN- Bo Hai- Man Man as well Victoria Bo fan conversation. I was kind of saddened about Bu Fan and Man Man. It seems that they had broken up. Not sure but that’s how interpret their actions. 🙁

  • 呂美雲

    if bu fan and man man break up in ep 70 i think i will not likes this story! scripwriter please! make the story so bu fan and man man didn’t break up! and made victoria back to US ! last 5 ep made a wonderful story! i think the most taiwan movie i like is only “love now”!

    • hope

      I am really hoping bu fan and man man end up together…HAPPILY MARRIED & BE SUCCESSFUL IN THEIR CAREER.

      • 呂美雲

        yes, i hope they can happy ending without any brokeup! and i hope ep 70 they didn’t brokeup! and yesterday ep already made me cry!

  • Aussie

    BuFan(character) or the -scriptwriter , you should learn this song… By Marlisa Punzalan “I will stand by you”. (Fight together and stand together)


    • SmileHopeLove

      (thumbs up!) Great thought!


      • Susi Tjhai

        Nice song…. But in episode 70 man man so sad :((

    • Aussie

      This song is dedicated to BuFan and ManMan
      (I will Stand By You)

      The hurt in your eyes will never disguise the sparkle lived there before
      And I know that you’re so much more
      Than you’re showin’
      The clouds in your head will bring it in tears but I will catch every drop
      Even if it don’t ever stop
      Cause you’re worth it, you’re worth it
      When you fight for every breath
      And the waves are overhand
      Let me lay your mind to rest

      I will stand by you
      When all of your dreams are shattered
      And your world is left in tatters
      When you’re lost we’re lost together
      I’ll stand by, I will stand by you
      If black is your brightest colors
      If hurt is your only lover
      When you fight, we fight together
      I’ll stand by, I will stand by you
      I will stand by you
      I will stand by you
      I will stand by you
      The war in your head will shoot you down dead
      So don’t even try to win
      Is it worth it all in the end
      I don’t think so
      Try to embrace the lines on your face
      The story of who you are
      Cause I love what I’ve read so far
      I mean it, I mean it
      When you fight for every breath
      And the waves are overhand
      Let me lay your mind to rest

  • stupid drama

    By the look, preview for episode 70, BuFan want to break up with ManMan. Because he loves ManMan toooooo much and do not want anything dangerous happen to her????? so he love her from FAR….. (took advice from the victor-lie)

    Plus the paper he took from the temple and victor-lie pump in some poisonous thoughts. Poor BuFan and ManMan.

    Why even the evil woman can get into BuFan car??? don’t you lock your car when you get into your car? that is common sense…. also my first instinct when victor-lie show me the photos, i will really question the motive behind. the motive is to break BuFan and ManMan and the “clever”Bufan actually bought into it…… what a disappointment. Well, who is the smart one that can rescue BuFan and ManMan now?????/

    maybe by breaking up with ManMan helps to show how much BuFan loves ManMan.
    Please do not repeat “Tiamo Chocolate (2012)” the lead actor and actress got together only at the last 1 min of the last episode.

    • Susi Tjhai

      Yap… It just a drama huahahahah but audiences hope so much ‘a happy Ending for Bu Fan and Man man ‘ ;))…. Please…. o/

  • skip again

    stupid again… waste time on nonsense!!

  • Juli
  • Sweet

    The storyline is getting bad….. Why the sudden down turn …. By making Bu Fan backing out from the relationship…. Should have focus on Victoria giving up on her scheming ideas…. If not for the main actors and actress – George Hu, Ai Fei and Kun da, think i would have stopped watching this show. Its not engaging anymore.

    • agree

      agree x20000000

  • SayNoToIdolWorship

    Hate to break it to you guys but there’s no 月老. If he exist he’s a F______ drunk. 本劇純屬虛構!

  • XiauPai

    end this drama soon , don’t make george hu’s perfect mark down because of your lame story!!!

  • guess

    Thanks for all comments. Save my time

  • Lynn6

    So where is this storyline going? I thought the drama is heading towards closure. Breakup at this late stage between Bu Fan and Manman and Guang Yu and Chian Chian?
    Bo Hai is so genuinely caring towards Manman, even if Bu Fan said it is him that asked Bo Hai to go and comfort Manman, he looks “jealous”

    • ManMan&BuFan

      Yeah…. Poor BuFan when he saw BoHai touch his girl friend/wife head. He looks really jealous. If I am BuFan I will jump out from the car and say “hands off”

  • alora

    So sad..

    From what I gather from online discussions, Bu Fan is bowing out, what with the recent incidents and V’s influence. Man Man is low in spirits, fueled by V’s influence too. Not only Bu Fan did not affirm or encourage her, he said some hurting stuff and walked away when she needed him. Very sad. It appears too from the previews that Bu Fan is initiating a breakup and Bo Hai is furiously going to confront him.

    I don’t understand why the plot has to go the breakup way when it’s just a few more episodes, where is the happiness? Someone suggested that perhaps this is
    part of Bu Fan and Bo Hai’s ingenious plan to make V let down her guard and show her true colors. I really don’t know, I don’t like how it’s going all the same. Sad, no motivation to catch up on the episodes again.

    • dissapointed

      thanks for your explanation, I will skip the next episode and will watch the last episode.

      • alora

        There are another 5 episodes due to the extension. The recent weirdness in plot may be due to the sudden increase in episodes at this late stage.

  • myls

    Finally here…