Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 68

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  • linda

    lol i love george, but honestly, I’m definitely more interested in guan yu, qian qian and rebecca’s story. man man and george’s story just seems to be dragging not leading anywhere.. with both annoying characters

  • 洗 香香

    Man Man, please bring BuFan to 洗 香 香 like what you did with BuFan in Episode 43. BuFan was worried, 恍 神…..but you manage to help him to see the hope 🙂 He need your strength now 🙂 🙂

  • hmmm非常沉 重

    this episode 非常沉 重 , 不娱乐 especially it is coming to an end plus was Friday(weekend) when it was aired…. how irresponsible

  • bitch vic to lia

    WTH with the scriptwriter…they love vic to lia so much that she is still here after a week !!! so frustrating , the only drama of san lih that i will skip before it ends coz the answer to whether bufan and man man will be together is still not positive for me…i lost my patience waiting for them to be happily married !!! george and effie ..great job in this drama am sure they were frustrated too ….hope to see their co-operation in the future!!

  • myls

    Helo everyone..can anyone pls translate for me..what did bufan and bohai find out at the temple regarding the small paper thing? And what did bufan say while manman was sleeping at his room holding the small paper? And he crampled the small paper, why? Thank you in advance…♡ 🙂

    • :-)

      sorry myls….. too frustrated /dissapointed to even think about it. you just have to skip that bid. ok… hopefully the next one will be better and it better be…..

      Ask “san lih” to help.

      • myls

        I understand u…. me sad of this episode..

    • alora

      This episode is so heavy hearted, I don’t have the heart to watch it yet. I already feel downcast after seeing the posts here and on the official facebook. You may want to check that out. The translate button helps.

      Sufficient to say that Bu Fan is shaken and entertaining thoughts whether he and Man Man are really suitable?!, something rather off character for his confident, rational and genius person.

      • ???

        i am with uou alora…

      • myls

        Oh so sad alora…tnx anyway.hope to see a confident bufan tonight..

        • myls

          I guess there’s a reason why the bufan character is genius..maybe in the next few episodes..he will reveal more of his ingenuity to protect his relationship with manman..and maybe, just maybe bufan will go to the temple and make a negotiation with Lau da?!!!! to let him and manman be together forever…Well, just a thought..eventhough no english subtitle..still having some positive vibes..being bufan’s character a “problem solver” 🙂

  • ilikebufanmanman

    What is going on with this drama? Where is Man Man’s family? Since the parents returned, Man Man’s family has practically been written out of the show. I thought the point of bringing Man Man’s parents back from vacation was to deal with her health crisis. It would have been interesting to see that. Instead we get Victoria. Why? The scriptwriters could have had plenty of drama for Man Man and Bu Fan without introducing her. Make her go away! She isn’t necessary since Fate is working against them. There would be plenty of angst without bringing back the “ex”. We’ve already got crazy Rebecca to deal with.

    • quess

      Yes agree, maybe Victoria and Rebecca is famous artist in Taiwan so scriptwriter not confident ?

  • gh

    Yes Man Man, you must keep up with those positive attitude and take all that happens as a test from god. Now is your turn to protect Bu Fan. Only you can help Bu Fan to restore back his courage and trust in love. What awaits for both of you at the end of all those accidents will be an eternal love & happiness.

    • HV Hope

      yes ManMan, please protect your BuFan…. he needs your strength and love to go through this. Let’s hope for light at the end of the tunnel.

      BuFan & ManMan fighting 🙂 have hope 🙂

  • Lynn6

    Please dont drag the drama .. I like Bohai’s character but even so it is not realistic for him to play guardian to Manman and not do anything. It is funny to see how Bufan communicate with Laoda …
    Well..everyone is waiting for that wedding to take place .. looks like the rings will be 3rd time lucky for the couple

  • fwieo


    • ha ha ha

      ha ha hah…. don’t be so mean, it will be a torture for Bo Hai… he deserves someone better. He will go back to USA after this is done, find himself a lovely ManMan no2.

  • couple

    Feel really sad to watch BuFan can only admire how his brother and his wife interacts in the kitchen as husband and wife.

    Please let BuFan and ManMan can enjoy cooking together, doing things together at home, living together soon.

    • George Hu Fan

      Very sad and angry that such accident occurred. VERY Frustrated indeed. Is Victoria behind the falling glass door as well? It looked as if she was trying to ram her car to Man Man. I hope she gets caught and goes behind bars. Wicked woman – change her name to “Wicked ria”


    I think next episode is ManMan turn to restore confidence in BuFan 🙂 🙂 yes both of you meant to be together!!! Perfect Match!! Look forward to see them get married, helping each other, growing together, belong to each other.

    BuFan i know you are worried about ManMan, remember you still have an enemy to fight. Put on your guard, to protect your relationship with ManMan.

    I am so glad to hear BuFan’s dad said ManMan is my daughter.
    victo-lie you are the ex-girl. Hah ah Haaaa. Well done!!

    Again, BuFan and ManMan didn’t make any mistake, it is 月 老 you should be punished. for drinking, and for not doing his job. Same thing goes to the ceo of Magic, should be punished for wasting time on plotting and hurting business partners. She really need to be jailed and be exposed. Someone who has clear mind please help to expose this…..thank you !!!!

    • exposed

      Glad to hear BuFan dad said: ManMan is my daughter in law
      Victo-lie you are the past ….. over…. ex-girrrrfriend

  • jj

    smart people like bufan can be lose logic and believe the fate, finally he decided go back to America together vic, to be continued part 2 and the title change sadness cheque charge, to be released next year.

    • accountability

      how sad…….. failure of tv show !!!! who is accountable for this?????????????????????????

      • jj

        Just kidding

  • myls

    A love like bufan and manman….despite all the obscles will triumph at the end…

  • myls

    I pity manman and bufan..they really want to be together as husband and wife.but it seems fate doesnt want them to be together..what could be the next thing a genius like bufan do for him to be with manman will be waiting patiently next week…night everyone

  • Possible

    坤達 you saw victo-lie outside the hotel room. she even dare to ask 坤達 to help her to work together with her. What the……F(*&

    she said this will help four of them to be happy….. really??? it will make 4 of them depress especially who ever ended with her, the big bad wolf. I have to say 坤達 is a softy, if he is a little stronger like BuFan, he will tell her off.

    坤達 also saw victor-lie outside the police station, he should have heard what victor-lie said, “I won’t make it any easy for the lovely ManMan”. He should tell BuFan victor-lie has something to do the the accident. please someone smart please come an help BuFan and ManMan.

    Please restored the confidence in BuFan and ManMan the cute couple 🙂
    love ’em!!

  • myls

    Just finished watching…I wish i could understand what happened when bohai and bufan went to pray to la dao..whats the meaning and content of the smallpaper that bufan got..please let them be together bufan and manman..

  • :(

    Victoria has moved out of her hotel room to make it difficult for Bo Hai to keep tabs on her… And now she is using Bu Fan’s weakness against him by purposely causing the car accident. Just when will you stop? >:( We have just two more episodes, just let Bu Fan and Man Man get married already!!!

    • :(

      *Oops not two more episodes, seems like the series has been extended till 74 episodes. But hope they won’t make the plot draggy because of this :/

  • Cloud36

    Sigh! When all these will over? See already very frustrated. …

    • Jes

      Yes, you are right. Me too feeling frustrated esp seeing that 讨人厌恶~ria. In the preview 茜 also getting annoyed with 官于’s attitude towards that Rebecca. Think nothing happy going to happen in the next episode… All going to squeeze into the the last episode and give us an abrupt ending… So disappointed

      • &^%$#

        seems like they are going to repeat the “messy” part where everything happen together…… hate this tv show.

        I was so nice….miss those lovely moments!!!

        Why of Why

  • myls

    Yes..the best!

  • SR

    Best Taiwanese drama 2014 this season 😀

    • Susi Tjhai

      Agree….. ;))

      • myls

        The best ever! Eventhough manman and bufan have problems…forever for them will soon come…