Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 67

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  • SUz

    Bo Hai is more deserving he is always supporting & caring for ManMan from afar. This is true love …..

  • Ben

    That bitch. Still don’t give up the evil thoughts to spoilt the couple

  • myls

    Helo everyone…may i please know what did bufan and manman told each other after they got out of the shop exchanging rings outside the building? I just a while what sweet things bufan told manman 🙂 thank you

    • :-)

      BuFan said”I am afraid you might run away, therefore I will use this ring to tie you down” than BuFan put the ring on for ManMan.

      Than BuFan put his hand out and ask ManMan do the same to him. ManMan than put the ring on for BuFan. He was enjoying the moment. BuFan said: with this we are tied to each other forever 🙂

      • myls

        Thank’re so kind.. 🙂

  • LoveU

    BuFan want to 成为一 家 人 with ManMan… can’t wait 🙂 🙂

  • LoveU

    Really want to see BuFan and ManMan get the registration done smoothly today …. no more delay thank you!!!!!

    Love is not by saying it only. it is also appreciate and take good care of ourself so that our love ones do not worry about us 🙂 well said ManMan’s mom.

    • myls

      Yes..i want them to be husband and wife already…cant wait..

  • Sweet

    Although i enjoy watching the sweet warm exchange between BuFan and Man Man, the show is getting too long winded… Sigh

  • Geekifychic

    They have made the conniving second females way to evil and plentiful in this series for my liking. To have 2 different woman determined to destroy these men’s relationships is just really tiring at this point I’m trying hard to not drop this series because I like George Hu but they really need to finish off Rebecca and Victoria soon.

    • hope

      I agree. I really wanna see Bu fan And Man Man finally have to settle down.

  • je s

    Hello…..Victoria, Bu Fan 是讨厌麻烦,他更讨厌你!!再说只要是喜欢的人带来的麻烦 就不是麻烦 反而觉的能够帮到她是幸福的。Bu Fan 不用看到你,光是听你的名字就是麻烦

    • Lily

      Well said Jes!!

  • Sigh…

    Take too long, kind of sick! Going to skip couple days.

  • XJ

    This evil victor-lie… You’ll nvr get ur victory… Karma awaits…
    Rather watch the brother n re bad ca side waiting to find out the Bb nt his.

    • yaya

      well said XJ 🙂

  • Husband&Wife

    so sweet to see BuFan so eager to be ManMan family member, “i can’t wait” want to see them finally get the registration done tomorrow, pretty please please please!!!!! scriptwriter/director please don’t drag anymore. Otherwise our weekend will not be very happy. Thank you!!

  • 你是我的….

    Bufan & man man why cannot register now.. ? Lol don’t tell me they only get married on the last ep.. After waiting anxiously every ep.. Scriptwriter dont fool us…!!

  • support

    Me and BuFan didn’t have any problem, BuFan doesn’t think i am a problem and he even said he likes to face the problem with me. …… good job ManMan at last you are able to stand for yourself.

    Boooooo Hoooo victoria…. just go away

  • TieTogetherForever

    The wedding ring is only once in a life time, this ring help me to tie you down with me ManMan. Awwwww that the awesome BuFan!!!!! Well said.

    After ManMan and BuFan wear the ring, this represent ManMan and BuFan tie together forever, never let go 🙂 🙂 lov it!!!

    Don’t think you are not worth it ManMan. It hurts a lot when you think that way.

  • Priceless

    Aww Bu Fan decided to buy the ring that Man Man liked because his love for her is priceless and that he likes whatever she likes 🙂 And they put it on for each other! But OMG Bu Fan’s dream really came true, Man Man lost consciousness after pushing Bu Fan away and landing on the floor but apart from a hand injury she is fine thankfully.

    Bo Hai visits at the hospital and Bu Fan told him about the dream he had. Bu Fan is re-thinking through everything because Bo Hai once told him that their fates were wrongly tied together and he is worried for Man Man’s safety after this incident. Bo Hai assured him that their love will triumph over all odds (I really liked what he said too: We can’t choose who we get to meet in life, but we get to choose who stays) And evil Victoria overheard their entire conversation, she’s thinking of using Bu Fan’s weakness against them :/

    More wise words from Man Man’s mum as well: Sometimes protecting yourself (from harm) is a way of showing someone how much you love them too. I’m glad Bu Fan decided he wants to register their marriage asap!!! But Victoria overheard him when he came to Bo Hai’s hotel room to tell him about his plans. What will her ultimate plan be? >:( Bu Fan asked Man Man, “Let’s get married” in front of a tall Christmas tree ^^

    I the preview, Bu Fan talks with his dad. Victoria watches someone walk away/stands holding an umbrella (?)

    • What the!!

      well done mother, if ManMan can understand earlier and know that will make everything easier for herself. I am so glad ManMan and her mum had a pet talk 🙂 before the evil woman came…… good job mum.

      about the last part, victoria must have created a trap again, but this time not ManMan, it could be BuFan that got caught.

  • LockHer

    The Taiwan mental health institute please lock victor-lie up. Throw away the keys and never let her out. it is for the best of everyone, especially to the precious couple ManMan and BuFan.

    What makes her think BuFan will want her again….. yukkkkkkk