Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 66

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  • Z


  • myls

    Bufan truely love sweet…

  • myls

    Exactly what did bufan told victoria during their office conversation that made victoria got angry over manman more?

    • v_koala

      Because, in the previous episode, bo hai told bu fan about what he discovered about the fake products that are already in their hands instead of being amongst the real make up products that are in the storage room. Victoria did that to make things difficult for manman thus in the office, bu fan told victoria to not destruct herself and her career by making things difficult for manman, and that the feelings between them is already in the past, so he told her to not make things difficult and not to do things that will harm others, herself and her own career that took her a long time to get that accomplishment.

      • myls

        Thank you for the translation… 🙂

  • myls

    You’re right.have mercy on bufan and afraid bout the dream of bufan..what will happen on tonight’s episode..

  • 愛就是

    月老 you should not punish ManMan and BuFan for the mistake you have done to put them together. 月老 got drunk and put the love bird together, now he just want them to depart from each other by creating some accident/ some other unnecessary tests. 月老 you should be punished, not BuFan and ManMan.

  • 30yr

    ManMan when you are in love with BuFan, you do not need victor-lie to tell you if you are worth to be BuFan or base how well you do in your career. don’t be influence by what she said, she is nobody to you …. especially she has evil plan behind her mind.

    Whatever she said doesn’t mean anything especially you know she has been trying to destroy your relationship with you lovely BuFan.

    You are nearly 30 years old, you should be old enough to know what you need to take into consideration and what not. Hope you look better in the next episode….

    Script writer, have mercy on ManMan and BuFan character, thank you!!!! don’t write like Victo-lie.

  • hope FOR the BEST

    this episode was overpowered by the stupidity the scriptwriter try to portray in ManMan…..well you have succeeded….. people hate this tv show now.

    I wonder the scriptwriter hate 袁艾菲 as a person, therefore the overpowering stupidity is overwhelming that the audience cannot enjoy BuFan warmhearted love for ManMan in the end of episode 66. What a shame… and sad….. what the waste

  • 冬冬


    • *&^%$

      or we should say “**&&^% scriptwriter….

  • 11.50pm

    In the dream The window frame felt down, ManMan manage to avoid it, what about BuFan…. Is he gonna be ok….? Oh dear! Please let both of them be ok….

    • Susi Tjhai

      I hope so….

  • alora

    Sad that Man Man was written to be so foolish today. Is it really necessary to make Man Man go through such downtrodden moments? Yesterday Guan Yu, today Man Man. Glad that Bu Fan is understanding and affirming Man Man.

    Perhaps the nightmare is related to the black feather. Bu Fan must be feeling shaken over it!

    Dear scriptwriter, today’s episode has gone off track. Please return to us our light hearted, happy show. Please use the extension of 4 episodes wisely (not 5 as earlier thought).. To close the loose ends and give satisfactory outcomes. NOT scheming and foolish behaviour. Now I really understand what George Hu felt that the characters had changed and he didn’t know what he’s acting. Yuan Ai Fei must feel the same. 辛苦了, 加油加油!

  • jj

    I wonder why most of the drama taiwan female lead look stupid and naive, it’s just a simple story about a mate, love and family but nearing the end of the story, the scriptwriter make the story so so complicated.

    • GG

      Well said JJ.

      Overall it is a very disappointing episode I would say.

      But have to thank George Wu and 袁艾菲 for doing a good job in the given role. Good job mate. I hate the fact that the script writer can make a person so stupid and …. and make audience lost their desire to watch.

    • Shan

      It’s annoying they have to make Man man a dumb ass today! Really dumb. Shame on her not learning from past experience.

      Well, if they’re not dumb, and if there’s no car accident, heart attack, cancer, pregnancy… etc, then there’s no Taiwan drama. Actually there’ll be no Korean and Japanese or Mexican drama…and the list goes on.

      • jj

        You right shan :)but I still love Taiwan drama, because I can learn Chinese language from the drama.

      • ShanShan

        ha ha ha…. do you mean the scriptwriter is dump….. ha ha ha ha ha

    • 冬冬


  • 自信

    ManMan, be strong and persevere,have confidence

  • TogetherForever

    BuFan is really smart, in the first minute of part 3, he can sense ManMan has something that she is not telling him. Genius!!

    It was so funny ” you want me to rub your forehead” ManMan say “no, I want a kiss” ha ha ha

    Bu Fan you are such a darling, so loving towards your ManMan !! Like the part where Bu Fan get the ring for ManMan too. You are the only one that i will put on the wedding ring. All i care and love is you ManMan!! yay ManMan, you have to remember what BuFan tell you.

    PLEASE stop letting victo=lie play with your mind, can someone help ManMan to see that.(script writer, can you please stop making ManMan look so stupid Thank you)

    OMG the dream is so scarry!!


    XinPing and BoHou say “I love you” again.

  • Winner

    ManMan had fallen into the booby traps designed by the evil woman again. She didn’t learn from the Japanese business man which was introduce to her…… trail set up by V. The frustration part is ManMan still falling into the same type of traps, very irritating to watch. victor-lie really need a big slap on her face to stop. BuFan Bo Hai and ManMan, I know you will have a way to punish this crazy person.

    ManMan, you do not need to proof anything to Victo-lie. You are already a winner, remember. Human like to find trouble when there is none. Can someone, like 劉薏芝 p;ease help ManMan to see herself as a winner. I hate to watch how ManMan being drag like a “stupid” fool. don’t like that at all.

  • Victoria claims that she has given up on Bu Fan for good, but she doesn’t seem like the sort of person who gives up so easily… Hah and sure she hasn’t for sure!!! Man Man really needs to learn how to say no to Victoria, she shouldn’t have taken up the suggestion to be in charge of Magic’s proposal and other collaboration matters, or kept it secret from Bu Fan. But at least Bu Fan didn’t scold her this time, he was just angry with what Victoria did.

    The good parts of this episode are that Bu Fan gave Man Man a forehead peck and offered to make her coffee to recharge and stay awake 🙂 And that he brought her out to buy rings after her whole Magic fiasco and feeling inferior. But does Bu Fans dream foreshadow something bad? :/

    In the preview, didn’t manage to catch everything but I think Bo Hai came to Le Tian. Bu Fan’s dad scalded his tongue (?) and Bu Fan came to find Bo Hai, but Victoria seems to have seen them together/overheard their conversation.

    • Trustyourself

      ya, i like the part where BuFan give ManMan a kiss on her forehead and didn’t scold her for not telling him about the traps set up for ManMan.
      BuFan you are super good boyfriend. LovYa.

      ManMan, please do not do anything stupid to make your boyfriend worry, like BoHai said in the other episode.

      BuFan love you, when you say you love BuFan too, please show it by trusting that. I know you are a smart girl, you will understand this, the dearest ManMan.

      • ???

        it feels like this episode to design to make ManMan look really bad and stupid….