Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 65

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  • fewij


  • yesyesyes

    I want to see ManMan and BuFan wear their ring and be husband and wife….. thumps up!!!!!

  • love

    BuFan love for ManMan – 有 一 点 霸 道

    Bo Hai love for Man Man -苛服

  • Susi Tjhai

    ^_^ cute

  • alora

    Today’s episode only left me an impression in the starting.

    I like Bu Fan talking it out with Man Man about his worry, jealousy and hurt about Bo Hai. He was so mean to tease her into showing her love for him. Wonder what she did in the end, whether she pleased him or not. I think that he is pleased just seeing her so frantic to show her love for him! Why didn’t he claim the remainder of his reward that Man Man promised?

    I also liked the bromance and how they are going to join hands to strike back. Seeing V’s black face in the preview, they must have struck well. A little nagging fear though that V is smart and should have figured out Bo Hai has been following her. Oh dear, beating the grass has alerted the snake! So now V may be making new schemes with Ms Tang, knowing Bo Hai is there. Perhaps this is the new calamity that befalls the couple.

    Too much time wasted on Guan Yu mess again, and why are they making Guan Yu so dim?

    Heard there’s a week extension of the show, 5 more episodes. Wonder what the reason is. If it’s to give a more complete story with nice tying of loose ends and satisfying, happy moments, then yayy.. If it’s to give more time to the V schemes and Guan Yu hot mess, then no thank you, please don’t drag it any longer! George Hu, Yuan Ai Fei, Kun Da, thanks for working hard, I can see you are really tired and trying to hang on to the end, 辛苦了!

  • 在一起

    When ManMan said “Bo Hai is like my family” then BuFan said ” we did’t get married,and we didn’t manage to become family, but now you treat BoHai like your family….. “, Bu Fan was so naughty to tease ManMan 🙂 🙂 and wanted ManMan to do something to show she loves him…. cutie pie.

    BuFan said he knows ManMan treat him different compare to BoHai, but he is worried because BoHai is always so nice, supportive of ManMan. When you mentioned about him your look make me feel so jealous. I feel a little hurt !
    (i like this part especially)

    BTW BuFan, we haven’t heard you and ManMan say “I love you ” to each other.

  • WeddingRing

    Look forward to see ManMan and BuFan wear their wedding ring together and be husband and wife tomorrow.

    Pretty please please scriptwriter / director!!

  • ^^

    Bo Hai has really done A LOT in his capacity for Man Man! Even though they won’t end up together, it’s good that she continues to find out what he has done for her 🙂 Bu Fan now knows what was going on between Victoria and Miss Tang!! On a side note, Man Man didn’t write down her appointment with a client on the calendar. Uh oh, will she forget?

    HAHA the part where Bu Fan asked Man Man to show how much she loves him (without kissing or hugging him) is so funny xD Guan Yu looks hilarious acting lie he is pregnant too. Oh no what does the black feather represent? Please don’t let something bad happen :((

    In the preview, Yi Zhi visits Man Man at the office. Victoria is seen leaving Bu Fan’s office room looking displeased. Bu Fan and Man Man bought their rings 🙂

  • Saranghae

    不凡爱逗 曼曼,他们两人 一起 超可愛 !!! Especially when he pretend to be jealous 🙂 🙂 love both of you…. ManMan take care of your BuFan’s heart, he may be macho outside, but needs a lot of love and attention 🙂

    希望看到他们在一起的更多. please do not let anything happen to ManMan and BuFan,,,,,不想黑羽!! 谢谢!!