Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 64

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  • jfiweo

    LOL POOR ANGEL …milk + rice ball but SHE THINKS VICTORIA Gave IT TO HER *facepalm*

  • fewjio

    HAHAHA 前男友

  • fewjio


  • Dana

    You guys that are spot translating are great. Thank you so much!!

  • 你是我的….

    super like bufan & man man interactions, conversations , natural and not over!! Can’t wait for them to start a family together … bufan quick go get a set of new ring!!

  • alora

    The parts I loved best were the two meals, Man Man cooking for Bu Fan, and Bu Fan cooking for Man Man. The simple day to day moments are the most precious, and the conversation and interactions the sweetest and most memorable.

    I’m afraid I don’t like how the plot still revolves around Victoria’s schemes. I can’t see where she’s getting with these “nightmares” for Man Man. The cheque is so cliché. Oh please Scriptwriter, wrap up Victoria’s part quickly and don’t let it drag.

    Man Man giving a kiss as a deposit was cute, she asked him to claim the rest when he came back, haha what rest! Bu Fan was like, where did you learn that from? She claimed it was from the person who was speaking.. 🙂

    Now what I’m curious is what Bu Fan was about to say when he called her Xu Man Man and she cut him off with a kiss. What do you think?

    From the previews, Bu Fan appears in scenes with Guan Yu hot mess and with Bo Hai. Goodness, poor George Hu’s filming already looked heavy in the recent episodes, it looks tougher as the show goes towards the end. Take care of your health and 加油 to all cast and crew!

  • Susi Tjhai


  • jj

    Please scriptwriter cut th3 part of vic, she not important, she just a quess star right?

  • myls

    I did’nt understand their conversation.just seing their body language make me happy already and i enjoyed watching..
    what did bo hai wrote to manman?
    Anyways…just finished watching ep 64…i love bufan and manman…

    • alora

      Sorry for not writing as I was busy arriving in the States. I’ll treat you next time we meet to make up. I know you are serious about work but do take care of your health and eat regular meals. Your personality is too kind so in work if you encounter those who want to take advantage of you, please harden yourself, fight for your rights. Don’t let those who care for you worry. Also, life is short, be good to yourself, and let others be good to you. Lastly wish you and Bu Fan a happy life together soon!

  • myls

    What did bufan told manman while manman was eating noodles?

    • alora

      Very long noodle conversation…

      Silly girl, if I had known I would have prepared chilled noodles. He took the bowl and blew cool the noodles. Man Man protested as his dad and bro are around. He said, dad is resting while bro has his own little world. Oops, bro came out.

      Staring at Man Man, why did I ever go out with such a stubborn woman?
      You told me not to act like a hero, accepting help is not a sign of weakness. To do stock take alone in such a large store room!
      I thought I could do it if I spent more time.
      Not possible even if you spent three days and three nights.
      I didn’t want to let Victoria look down or me or think I couldn’t even do a simple stock take task.
      To look for 10 boxes of defective products in that big store, is like looking for a needle in a haystack! Moreover quality is Magic’s own responsibility, how could they let you search for it? Don’t you realise Victoria did this on purpose?!
      Please get rid of your “social worker” character. Learn to say no. I insist!

      • Forgot last bit

        These noodles are delicious. Could I have another bowl? Go cook for me now..

        • myls

          Tnx again for translating 🙂

      • myls

        Thank you alora!

      • myls

        Tnx tnx tnx alora…

  • kiss

    so good to see BuFan told vic off “ManMan and I will take care of her mom, it has nothing to do with you” and do not do anything behind my back. It feels like a smack on victoria face…. yah hoooo. Good Job BuFan!!

    Ilike the surprise kiss from ManMan to BuFan at the end 🙂

  • Guardian Angel

    Bo Hai… looks like your love for ManMan is not any lesser than 3 years ago.
    He is always there to be ManMan’s guardian angel. Thank you BoHai.

  • together forever

    The storeroom is so dark and quiet, poor ManMan was all alone. The persistence ManMan was doing all she could to find the reject products. Thank god you have a super loving BuFan to rush to the rescue, otherwise you might stay there the whole night looking for something that is not there. Bad Bad victor-lie.

    What amazed me is ManMan still didn’t realise victor-lie is messing with her…..
    ai yuh yuyhhh -even when she saw the milk and rice she thinks victo=lie got her assistance to deliver it to her. how innocent. no wonder BuFan have to be super protective towards ManMan.

    The part where BuFan cook and fed ManMan noodles was heart warming. love that part.

    Quan Yue pretend to not see them was so cute too.

  • 冬冬


    • Really

      but those guys in the office was just looking and never offer to go with her. Therefore as the wife/girlfriend to the company she has to go. I would the boys in the office is partly to be blame too.

  • loveBIRD

    ManMan said to BuFan” i don’t want to remind you to eat your meals, but rather make sure you eat your meals on time, ” sweet…… ManMan you can only do that when both of you are married, you will be with BuFan 24/7 and you can make sure he eats his meals on time 🙂 🙂 ok!!

    Look forward to the new pair of rings for BuFan and ManMan…. make sure you get it tomorrow ok BuFan. A must

  • lovebird

    Bu Fan is such a protective boyfriend towards ManMan 非常非常恩爱 today 🙂 love em !! He said to victor-lie “you better pray ManMan is ok” that was really strong.

  • ABC

    I found it quite amusing that Bu Fan and Man Man’s forehead kiss was thwarted by a rumble in his stomach haha. It’s cute that Man Man still keeps the cheque out of sentimental value, and it’s also nostalgic because look how far they’ve come since Episode 1! Bu Fan also decided they would both get new rings 🙂 HAHA the lady passer-by referred to Bu Fan as Bo Hai’s ex-boyfriend mistakenly xD

    I can’t believe Victoria left Man Man on purpose in the warehouse alone all day without food!!! Had a hunch that Bo Hai was behind the knocking too, but too bad Man Man didn’t eat what he brought since Bu Fan came looking for her. Bu Fan fed Man Man her noodles and they subsequently got caught by Guan Yu haha 😀

    In the preview, Rebecca comes knocking to look for Guan Yu and he pulls Bu Fan over to deal with her instead. Bo Hai and Bu Fan are talking too, so I guess he made his presence known?

    • should continue

      That’s true, the rumble shouldn’t stop the kiss ….. that is not on!!!!
      He should just continue to kiss her!!

  • TQ

    Thank you for uploading