Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 63

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  • fewjieow

    HAHA ANGEL runnn don’t let them see u

  • GoodIdea

    不凡 you need to get an apartment next to your dad 公寓, because the wardrobe might be too small for both of you , plus if you have triplets the room will be too small for 5 of you ….. ha ha ha !!!

  • ILoveYou

    Bu Fan should say to ManMan ” Bonjour Sa va , Je the aims.”

    ManMan should reply “Bu Fan Je te aims aussi”

  • Stephen

    Stephen is hilarious: 有人想抢 走我的曼曼

  • alora

    The last line for today’s episode. The way Bu Fan said “don’t you think you’ll stay often at my home in future?” was so suggestive, I’m sure Man Man will turn beet red.. It’s so funny, she has no idea why he asked whether more wardrobe space is needed, or why the space ha anything to do with her volume of clothes. So strange huh, these two were nearly married and Man Man still so shy and clueless. I guess perhaps it’s all for the better that they had more time before launching into married life. They haven’t even done up Bu Fan’s room or considered the new furniture or space for Man Man’s huge clothes collection. Was Man Man going to move into her marital home with her very small luggage and shuttle to her parents’ place to change for work in the morning?? Anyhow it’s clear that Bu Fan can’t wait for his marriage and life together with Man Man to begin.

    Bu Fan is so subtle with words while Man Man doesn’t read between the lines. He said she should just have left the shirts at her place. I counted, they were 5 shirts, all blue in colour. According to him, so she could think of him when she sees the shirts. She couldn’t see the need as she sees him daily. Could it be just for his convenience when they are married and stay over at her parents’ place?

    What fell from her bag is that traveller’s cheque with Bu Fan’s promise to marry her before she turns 30. Now that the big Magic deal has been signed and the days ticking to Man Man’s birthday, it looks like Bu Fan will expedite their marriage perhaps with new rings? Cute, Bu Fan eating supper probably noodles cooked by Man Man after their bedroom furniture chat. Practising married life already.. :-p

    • A-DreamComeThrough

      That is so true. I was thinking about the same thing too. if it is not for the incident, ManMan and BuFan would been living together as husband and wife, probably ManMan already pregnant with triplets. And now BuFan realise the cupboard space may not be enough for his wife…..

      However, like you i am really happy to watch the last 5 mins of the lovely couple, …. hope to see more of them together next week, wedding ring, living as official husband and wife, interactions with ManMan father in law, BuFan Father in law, ….

      BuFan is really good, in the last 5 mins, he brings out the love for ManMan and showing us through his emotional how he want ManMan to share the room with him as his wife. Watching her and living in his imagination!!

    • myls

      Thank you for the translation..

    • myls

      Im so exited with tonights episode..hope to hear wedding bells soon…

  • YouCanDoIT

    曼曼MUST REMEMBER 薏芝的話,對Victoria要有戒心.

    Friendly, but tactful and smart to handle victor-lie. Please do not fall into any of her sneaky booby traps.

    • heart

      True, ManMan, even though Le Tian had signed contract with Magic…. but always remember 薏芝 advice. Never ever suggest your boyfriend to do anything with v without you around and be always be alert. do not fall into the trap. i trust you will good ManMan.

  • 你是我的….

    i like george and 艾菲 combination, acting is so natural….love it !! super sweet too…

    but lol for george yr forever female lead is….how? not against even not too fancy but i always think they will have different lead to match in each drama….

    very waste as this drama , male and female lead can be a great one but just blame the screenwriter and becoz of him not pairing with Miss A all the criticism on fb really sad and ppl were against it esp female lead !! george and 艾菲加油 this is gonna end soon!

    • LovYouLovMe

      Yes, they are getting more natural together. Good job George and 艾菲.
      Like both of you tooooo 🙂

  • thankyou

    博海 you are soooo good to ManMan and BuFan … thumbs up.

  • 甜蜜

    Awwwww….. the last 5 mins is super duper sweet.

    BuFan enjoy watching ManMan hanging his shirt for him, – will you do that for me in future… ManMan say “yes” without any hesitation. Lovey dovey!!

    What do you think we need for our room…. BuFan you are in -directly asking ManMan to move in with you !! BuFan is very cheeky… ha ha ha. lov ya.

    Just get married with ManMan, than she can stay with you together forever!!

    甜蜜!!! 結婚,再來個3胞胎…

    • alora

      The last five minutes are very sweet yeah! Scriptwriter, why only the last 5 minutes, we have only 7 more episodes, please give us more more OTP sweetness. I think Bu Fan needs to be more direct with Man Man, knowing very well that subtle hints won’t work on Man Man, they are just to make us viewers go ahhh..

      I see George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei look very tired, super eye bags, oh dear.. Do hang in there, hope you get some much needed rest in between takes. 加油! It’ll be over soon, sad for us viewers but a great relief for the hardworking cast and crew.

      • alora

        Thank you script writer, I’m grateful, for ending off the week on a sweet and happy note so we can have a good weekend while anxiously awaiting the next episode :-p

        • AnxiouslyWaiting

          look forward to watch the beautiful couple – together forever.!!! Episode 64 to the last episode, let it be a heart-warming and light hearted ManMan & BuFan show. Thank you script writer/director.

  • ^^

    At least Bo Hai wasn’t noticed by anyone at Le Tian! The employees celebrate at Xin Ping’s cafe, and Xin Ping is wearing the ring that Bo Hao gave her as a necklace. They then share a couple moment with the rest staring at them in their own little world haha. Bu Fan then reaches out to hold Man Man’s hand aww too cute 🙂

    Yi Zhi is spot on in predicting Victoria’s ill intentions and warned Man Man against her. Bu Fan couldn’t keep his eyes off Man Man and just stood there happily watching her hang up his clothes in his closet ^^ I guess Man Man’s not the brightest bulb she didn’t get what Bu Fan was hinting at haha but it’s about time they made some progress, we are left with 7 episodes!!!

    In the preview, Man Man is digging into her bag and some contents fall onto the floor. (I think there was a notebook and something else) Bu Fan was fiddling with Man Man’s ring too!

    • Handbag

      very curious what ManMan was looking for …. love the interactions between them !! Is BuFan gonna ask ManMan to be his wife next episode !!!! I really hope so.

      • Susi Tjhai

        Yap next ep 我也希望 不凡 :曼曼 做我老婆吧 ,(^_^)
        嘻嘻嘻。。。so sweet

        • Handbag

          YEs YEs Yes 🙂 Be my wife… together forever!!!!

  • BuFan&ManMan

    Another secret admirer send gifts to ManMan, different type of languages reference book !!…… BuFan are you worried??

    BuFan was holding ManMan hand at the Cafe while the rest was watching Bo Hau and Xi Ping. That action shows the warmth and love that cannot be described 非常 温 心. love that!! Well done BuFan!!