Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 62 fixed

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  • foiew

    ANGEL <3333333

  • alora

    I’m thinking why Bu Fan came to Man Man’s place, definitely not to teach her Japanese though he ended up doing that. I think he was worried and upset she didn’t come clean about how she was “bullied” by V and down about it. So he wanted to come over to comfort her and encourage her?? This is only the second time that he has popped up at her place unannounced so he must be very concerned, ok third if you count the time he was caught by her dad!

    What to do during the weekend wait but to re watch the last two episodes and listen to the sound track.. George Hu’s 說不出我愛你 is really tailor made for Bu Fan, the lyrics speak like Bu Fan. Why why is it so difficult for him to say the three words?? I chuckle over the leaving his phone on 24 hours for her to call him, how frustrating for him she’s not even doing it during the waking hours :-)))

  • 你是我的….

    bufan just married man man to get reid of miss V!!!! screenwriter pls let us have a few episodes of their married life…^^

  • Susi Tjhai

    thanks for fixed ep 62 . *o*

  • AC

    The girls should go for Bo Hai, a real gentleman, genuinely kind, and who is always impeccably dressed (even as an angel).

    Man Man is fidgeting and nervous all the time with Bo Fun but happy and natural with Bo Hai.

    Bo Fun = Nil , Bo Hai = 1

  • alora

    Oh dear, the show is getting heavy hearted again. Please, Script writer, restore the light hearted style of the last 3 episodes, accolades for those! Love that so much.

    Bo Hai is sweet to return as the secret guardian angel for Bu Fan and Man Man. I really dread to see V plotting to hurt Man Man after the deal is signed. Please resolve this quickly like all Bu Fan Man Man issues. Hope Bo Hai, Bu Fan and Man Man together can easily outwit V’s schemes. I feel Man Man’s sincerity and persistence in adversity will move V and convince her without a doubt why Man Man is so special and cherished by Bu Fan. I hope the process will be focused on how our characters grow and deepen their relationships with each other, their family and friends rather than on the scheming/hurt/self doubt/negativity.

    8 more episodes to enjoy and savour, look forward to them! Keep warm, rest well and 加油 to the whole 幸福兌換券 team!

    • 无聊

      That’s true alora…
      it has been good for the last few episode, scriptwriter/director of tv show please do not ruin the good momentum!!!

      don’t waste the great afford you have put in. You brought back the audience, now towards the end you just have to bring the down. we do not want the ex(s) story. Especially Victo-lie. 很恶心, 浪费我的宝贵时间, 喜欢娱乐,不喜欢嫉妒,伤害其他人的 tv show. Thanks. 前情人很无聊.

    • George Fan

      I think Man Msn will be well groomed by Bu Fan to handle the business dealings not only with V but also with other business partner with confidence and courage. In fact there will be feud between V and Man Man and Man man will be the victor by her own efforts without Bu Fan and Bo hai’s help. I hope the Magic will find out V misuse of power and sack her, putting an end of her career in Taiwan.
      George keep your support for your loved one. Keep smiling

  • myls

    What did bufan told victoria at the office? So sad i dont understand..

    • aloraa

      First he said, didn’t she already indicate she was not going to work with their company. When she said she had changed her mind, he told her to talk to Guan Yu who’s the liaison and the right level and experience for working with Magic. Her final words before preview, what are you afraid of, today I’m here as Magic CEO not as ex girlfriend.

      • cutiepie68

        Thank You !

      • myls

        Thank you for the translation…

  • myls

    Victoria go away! Bufan you have to marry man man asap! Though i dont really understand what theyre saying..i still keep on watching every night..can someone pls translate to english there conversations..thank you in advance ♡ i just love the story bufan manman bohai is so breathtakingly sacrifices for bufan and manman..thats the true essence of love..a truely good friend to bufan and manman and a guardian angel…

    • alora

      Which conversation in particular? The ones between Bu Fan and Man Man? Feel free to ask whenever you need.. 🙂

  • myls

    Bufan and man man be strong to each other! Fighting!

    • 1314

      Yes …. Agree !!! BuFan & ManMan 1314 win 😉

  • Wei Ming TheResistance

    can you fix the video
    i’s missing so many part

  • jj

    Really dont understand why man man must learn the Japanese language, if later met clients who speak French, later she had to learn the French language again, be your self man man , why bufan and man man still postpone their wedding ?

    • Pretty

      Zzzzzz….. Come on script writer stop putting off Bu Fan And Man Man wedding. We want to see them together as husband and wife sooner than later. Pretty please please…..

  • qqqq

    Part 2 三分钟.. part 3 没声音 🙁 麻烦修修一下~ 谢谢!

    • Susi Tjhai

      yap… why ???? :((

  • 我爱你

    So touching to see the part when Bo Hou gave the ring to XIn Ping. it nearly make me cry.

    ALso, he said ” 我爱你” to Xi Ping. nice!

    I don’t think i have seen that between BuFan and Man Man especially they nearly got married. That is very very strange.

    • quess

      Yes agree, finally bo hou said love to xin ping very touching, still wait bufan said love to man man.

      • Saranghae

        Waiting for BuFan to say
        我爱你 to ManMan!!!!

  • There is a part with sound without image.
    And another part with video without sound.
    What’s going on???

  • Superb

    What a lovely surprise….. BuFan is there to the rescue again.
    Last time he came was with Vitamins, this time is the tuitions 🙂 🙂 🙂 What a superb boyfriend.

    ManMan, remember you still owe BuFan a kiss when he delivered the vitamins…. you still 欠他 lip tight kisses !!!

  • 爱征服一切

    BuFan is very sweet, he knows the witch-toria will do something bad to his lovely girlfriend. Thank for your call BuFan 🙂 to make sure your lovely girlfriend is ok. Unfortunately she is not even though she kept saying she is ok…. 委曲.

    But I think the more the witch try intimidate ManMan and BuFan. The more ManMan and BuFan will love each other more.
    witch-toria will 吐 血 and die, dig a hole for herself.

    • Fighting

      SSS In the preview witch-toria said “after they sign the contract, it will be start of ManMan nightmare”…. Such an evil woman. Can someone please just take her away. Such a waste of time””,… hv this character.

      Script writer don’t bring back the annoying storyline. Thx.

      • guestguest

        Witch-toria always say man man is like her why bu fan don’t like her but man man? So here’s the difference ur always destroying something to get what u want but man man is always learning n improving herself for the better. Bitch please!

        • DoneDone

          Well said !! Thumps up!!!

  • :)

    Aww Bo Hao passed Xin Ping the ring, saying it represents his heart and love for her 🙂 Bo Hai tried to cheer Man Man up by dressing as a panda and giving her smiley balloons, so nice of him to keep looking out for her. Guess he decided not to return to the States after all? (And later we find out why: He saw Victoria’s message to his mum and decided to stay behind and protect Man Man) So touched by his gesture! Language guides and all.

    I feel that Bu Fan’s anger towards Man Man is justified, because he is worried about her and doesn’t want her to suffer because of Victoria. But at least they talked it over and Bu Fan taught her some Japanese phrases.

    In the preview, Guan Yu sees Rebecca with the mysterious guy. And the Le Tian employees celebrate over a meal at Xin Ping’s cafe, maybe because the deal with Magic is sealed? I knew there had to be a reason why Victoria chose to work with Le Tian 🙁

    • Celebrations

      her evil plan will not prevail… because 博海 will be the guardian angel and BuFan the smart one will not let that happen. Whereas ManMan may use her determination to work things out…… yayyyyy

      Look forward to see how her evil plans fall.

      Script writer, please let this part short and don’t dragged it. Thanks !!

  • Panda

    BoHai is the panda. He is always there for ManMan.

  • Lynn6

    So Shi Bo Hai did not leave for the US? Bo Hai truly loves and care for Man Man .. he is really good with his role in this drama even if he is not the lead actor.

    What happened to the sound in Part 3?

  • *&^%

    I hate to watch witch-toria pretending to be 机车 and treat ManMan like dirt. Who do you think you are, with bad intention and looking horrible. Don’t try to behave like BuFan, because you are not.

    Just leave ManMan and BuFan alone. As a CEO, you should be fired because you are mis-using the given authority for personal gain. Wasting time = company money.