Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 61

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  • fwine


  • Minijess

    This part with rebecca is just dragging out… Seriously enough already

  • dragonfly 23

    Bu Fan and Man Man act more like brother and sister than a couple in love. …still awaiting the chemistry between them…glad to see that the only thing helping out this show is George Hu…although the other actors are okay, he carries the show…hopefully this show will have a better ending. ..

  • alora

    It’s a pleasure and relief that each V tactic is quickly resolved between Bu Fan and Man Man, and their relationship progresses and deepens, hooray! The morning after the drunken rampage is so cute! Bu Fan is so reassuring to encourage Man Man to Believe in herself!

    I like the matching casual outfits and oh oh, Man Man dad is so not pleased with Bu Fan again..

    As for V insisting on going with Man Man for the field/market survey, I believe it’s yet another opportunity for Man Man to grow. Previews show Bu Fan educating on being ready for such work. Good thing she brought Bu Fan’s courage on her palm.

    Guan Yu mess, I can’t believe so much time dragged on this, sigh! SKIP!

    As for Bo Hai, I believe he has discovered the conspiracy between his mum and V. Even better if he found the rings in her bag. Noted she left her bag and phone in the car at the moment V was messaging. I guess he’s back as our believed guardian angel.

    Looking forward to the next episode..

    • Oops..

      Bo Hai our beloved guardian angel for Bu Fan and Man Man

  • 幸福兌換券

    曼曼必须有自信心 OK. You can do it :)do better the the Victo-lie simply because you are sincere, loving,kind and selfless.

  • FUN

    好好笑!! 天天 asked 姐 姐, where were you last night” that was hilarious. Dad wanted to chop the person who made you not able to come home into pieces….. when BuFan was there 🙂

  • 臭男生

    Dad said “ManMan don’t be shy, you can stay here one day, two days and forever ” . Wait, where is the ring and is the wedding. Look forward to the wedding 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • 勇气

    BuFan is really smart, he knows not to make his lovely ManMan get jealous. He will suffer more if she gets jealous again.(he will be very sad too, because it hurts when ManMan is not happy)
    The best part is, BuFan was not angry after what ManMan did that to his books and shirts, but so give her the “Courage” ….

  • ManMan&BuFan

    love part one especially 🙂 Super love!!!

    BuFan said to ManMan “can you remember what you did last night” than ManMan asked ” did I do anything to you, BuFan?” BuFan sigh “too bad you didn’t do anything to me that is why I am disappointed ” that was really really cute.

    Eventhough you didn’t do anything to me, but you did something to my stuff. The books and those shirts …… ha a haa ha haa Man Man and BuFan are so cute together. Love ya 🙂

  • YY

    HAHA in her drunken stupor, Man Man doodled on Bu Fan’s books and kissed his shirts so funny xD Her look of mortification after realizing what she did is just priceless.

    I’m glad that Bu Fan is doing the right thing by getting Guan Yu to step in as the representative of Le Tian for communication with Victoria on collaboration matters, sending Steven to pick her up from the hospital rather than going down personally. And when Victoria threatened to withdraw from the collaboration, that Bu Fan was willing to accept it shows how important Man Man is to him, more than the company and his career 🙂

    In the preview, Bu Fan seems to be teaching Man Man something at her house – maybe this will happen after he sort of reprimands her? Bo Hao passes Xin Ping the ring too.

    • Rainbow

      I really respect BuFan for his love for ManMan and dignity he has 🙂 Well done script writer for restoring BuFan image in the TV Show.

  • gh

    Can someone please kill both R & V. Such an eyesore to a wonderful drama.

    • BumbleBee

      Agree: tous ensemble enlevés

  • Susi Tjhai

    courage believe in yourself
    so sweet sweet couple !! love keeps going !!!!!
    love this episode

    • accepter


  • CY