Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 60

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  • Always

    nice to see Bu Fan thank his dad for helping him and his brother to solve the ex problem. his dad is so gracious and smart. lovely father and son talk.

    ManMan and the father in law chat is really lovely too. Especially at the Karaoke, ManMan said “it is very sad/uncomfortable to see your boyfriend being so closed with other woman. Than the father in law said to spend more time at the karaoke, and let BuFan run around looking for ManMan. ManMan being the kind/softy decide to go to BuFan house and wait for him instead. Even when she was sad, she still think of BuFan.

    it is ok to feel unhappy ManMan. No body can ever accept the boyfriend or girlfriend being hug/close with other. Unless you don’t love your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Susi Tjhai

    曼曼喝醉满可爱 嘻嘻嘻嘻 (*o*)

    • VeryCool

      you are forever mind 🙂 盖章 Bu Fan belong to ManMan. Classic.

      • Susi Tjhai

        I hope so

  • 你是我的….

    oh love this episode….laugh die me! bufan & man man cute and matching couple!! They paired up well and have the chance to explore their chemistry…well done!!! Hope to see more of their sweet sweet moments for the remaining of the show …a family maybe triplets haha…

    • Rainbow

      Agree, heart warming and super cute. Look forward to more of lovey ManMan and BuFan together forever.

      Bufan is super nice as a boyfriend today, understanding and protective. Keep it that way.

  • Sweety

    Anybody know what is the song title when xin ping said 分手 to bo hao? Thanks

    • Susi Tjhai

      song title “無誤”

      • Sweety

        Thank you susi 🙂

  • XiauPai

    Really love man man’s acting .. so nature .. bu fan must protect man man from that “sick woman” make her feel that man man is one and only for you like man man said “you are mine !! won’t let other to have you” hope you also could told man man like this but not while you drunk ^@^ .. i wish this film will ending after man man and bufan have children ,, wanna see both of them care their children.. and bufan today you are very great while you trying to run after man man .. SO MAN !!!!!

  • George’s Fan

    I love this episode. Now we see more chemistry between Bu Fan and Man Man. Very heartwarming. Make me wanna watch more!!!
    Bu Fan – make your stand with Victoria. just tell her you have NEVER! NEVER loved her before .
    And please tell Man Man you love her dearly

    Yep, I want Bo Hai discover her mother’ s unkind intervention
    Victoria please go back to US.

  • Sunflower

    Bu Fan was teasing ManMan, she thought it was Rou Rou who was trying to disturb her sleep, but woke up to see is her boyfriend : ) 🙂 🙂 ManMan must be shocked/shy!! Looking forward to episode 61. Fingers Crossed, it is a nice one.

    Thank you script writer for improving this tv show. Light hearted, comedy and love.

  • ilikebufanmanman

    Thank you scriptwriter(s)! For once, no matter what situations our 3 couples are facing, so far you’ve managed to keep them together through it all. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope you keep it up. No matter what comes up in their fate, may our three couples stay by one another’s side through it all.

    • Sunflower

      Agree … thumbs up!!

  • Lovey

    BuFan and ManMan = lovely couple 🙂

    BuFan body language was so obvious that he doesn’t want to be at the hospital to visit the ex. He has his hands folded through out the time he was there.

  • 给你赞

    So good to see the genius BuFan is back. Really glad he told the ex sternly that he hurt even more if ManMan is hurt him. That is super sweet. 给你很多赞!!!

    Good on you BuFan :0)

  • alora

    What a happy episode! Yes, this is the way, thank you Script writer for hearing us and bringing back the light hearted, happy drama we love. Cute Man Man placed her mark on Bu Fan to claim her stake. Also the scenes of Man Man with her FIL.. so sweet. Now just waiting for Bo Hai to discover the rings in his mum’s drawer…

    • alora

      Rejoicing so much in Bu Fan Man Man, I forgot the sad part of Bo Hao and Xin Ping made sadder by 解徫苓’s 無誤.. Hope they reconcile soon.

    • alora

      I enjoy very much the late night chat between Bu Fan and dad. As they discuss about how their other half is the jealous type and a great deal of trouble to handle, they both are smiling broadly and chuckling to themselves. They love it so much that their other half is so jealous and would not trade it for anything!

    • alora

      I’m so tickled to see the preview shots of Man Man leaving her mark on Bu Fan’s magazines, clothes and other belongings. The room looks a wreck and she’s still hiding under her blanket trying to make a big mark on the bed.. Hahaha

      • guest11

        where do you get to watch the preview?