Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 59

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Tipster Rednimer

    Whats the meaning for cafuné?

  • wueij

    these two funny main lead actors hahaha

  • GG


  • ewjiofw


  • fewweoi]

    說中lo。。的確是月老牽錯綫 XD bahaha

  • Lynn6

    By far, Bu Fan and Man Man shopping for clothing together today is one of the more natural and happier scenes together! Too many distractions in the way for the main couples just to drag the drama!!

  • Rebeka&Victorai

    Rebeka baby’s real dad will be exposed soon, please take Rebeka with you whoever you are.

    However, we are still waiting for someone to claim Victorai…. take her away to far far away, no man land. So that she can’t harm anyone ….. Ha ha ha.

  • Z


  • Ben

    KY really stupid for being manipulated. Damn if this situation happens to me. I will say to her. Sorry I don’t recognize this child which is out of sin and no love Hence it’s to you to keep or abort it is non of my business . To choose to abort it that’s your sin and not mine. However if you choose to keep it. That’s your problem not mine. Furthermore I will accept the child you choose to leave the child after you give birth. But whatever happens from now on till birth is nothing to do with me. Until DNA of the child is confirm. Then I will consider what to do with the child. Sorry for being so mean. I need to protect the heart of the woman I love.

  • Susi Tjhai

    Cafune Hugs ;))

  • George’s Fan

    I think Qian Quan is superbly tactful and brilliant. Really admire what she did. I think Bu Fan will help expose that the baby is not his brother’s.
    In the meantime, Bu Fan you have to be cautious to handle the V lady. She will manipulate you and cause Man Man hurt. However I think Man Man will finally gather enough guts and confidence to confront V. That would really make Bu Fan proud . Am still waiting for Bu Fan and Man Man to say ” I love you “” to each other. And I think they will in the last episode. Sigh…. Pls don’t torture us with the wait……

    Love you George ,,,

  • alora

    I’m happy Man Man came clean and told Bu Fan about V being behind both the shirts and the concert tickets. Together with Bo Hai’s warning and his prior understanding of V’s personality, high intelligence Bu Fan should be on “high alert”.

    Sigh, will he still make silly mistakes like get caught in a compromising situation in front of Man Man? He might, given what George Hu himself shared on Saturday at his EP signing, that the show has changed halfway through, the characters have changed, and he no longer knows what he’s acting??!! It’s on you tube..

    To all the cast and crew, it’s been such hard work filming this live and I see that everyone’s trying their best to portray their parts well, so thank you and 加油 for the final leg!!

  • cloud36

    I think I can predict the next few episodes after today Victoria’s fall. Because she hit her head behind onto the door knob and it will cause temporary blindness, after that Bu Fan will pity her and kept accompany her whenever she requested. Man Man pity her too and gave Bu Fan to her… Unless the director can think of something different…. I doubt so….

    • alora

      🙁 that’s true. Seems like the likely thing to happen, and I SO dislike that kind of noble idiocy! Please scriptwriter, noooooooo!

      With Man Man’ personality, she will definitely push Bu Fan to take care of V while feeling upset at the same time.

    • jj

      Iam skip some episode, because bored but i think your predict maybe right 😉 couse some drama like this no creatif

      • Angry&Funny

        I nearly felt from my chair,….. because what cloud36 said might come true…. it will be hilarious yet angry to watch. Why would the script writer repeat “Tiamo Chocolate” =2012. The ending of the TV show was extremely horrible and bad.

        Wake up script writer / director of 幸福兌換券. do not repeat Tiamo Chocolate 2012

  • hmmmm…

    victoria & rebecca can live together !!! They r both same same… Lol
    Awww bufan & man man so sweet & cute today … Tomorrow dont know what will happen , bufan pls dont go alone .. Bring man man with you!!!

    • hm

      the hugs was exceptional 🙂 🙂
      ManMan, who is gonna protect you after BoHai left. Worry for you ManMan,

      • hmmmm…

        Yes yes especially the hugs…:))

  • CopyofTiamoChocolate

    This feels a little bit like “Tiamo Chocolate” back in 2012.
    This woman who is now Victoria was Vanesse Wu ex, she was using all those technique on Xi En too. Got injuries, make others feel guilty, annoying + annoying etc….

  • BlueSky

    What ‘s the matter with the 何 brothers. Both ex are crazy…… both their wife are suffering from the torture of the triangle relationships…… 何父親, please help ManMan this time to get rid of BuFan ex. However, i have to say 蒨茜 is really good today, ManMan please get some tips from 蒨茜 to handle the mad woman who is so annoying and disturbing your boyfriend.

  • ManMan&BuFan

    this tv show is one day happy, one day sad. It feels like tomorrow is the ex needed attention. BuFan, please be wise, do not go to the hotel especially it is night “a smart person do not make mistake twice” so hope you will remember not to make the same mistake … do not go to the ex. if the script writer need to show the kind side of BuFan, please still maintain his “genius” side by taking his girlfriend ManMan along.

    • commonsen=se

      Common sense!!

    • stop

      If ManMan is singing Karaoke with your dad and can’t come along, bring Bo Hai along also can.

  • NYC

    The kind of things Bo Hai always does for Man Man – looking out for her safety, ensuring she doesn’t get hurt. Man Man is really lucky to have him and Bu Fan caring for her.

    Awwww Bu Fan and Man Man got couple NYC pullovers at her request :))) I’m glad Bu Fan brought her out to shop for clothes, she cheered up considerably after that. And Bu Fan got his cafuné too! (A hug)

    Wonder who is the guy that came looking for Rebecca. It’s good that Bo Hai warned Bu Fan about Victoria…but will he really distance himself from/be wary of her actions? I hope he won’t pick up her call!!!!! But I have an inkling he might 🙁

    In the preview, Man Man sings karaoke with Bu Fan’s dad! Yue Yi is happy that Xin Ping has been accepted into Le Cordon Bleu and Bo Hao walks along the road dejectedly (post break-up scene maybe?) But omg the break-up was so sudden :O