Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 58

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  • Weilin Auyong

    the girl who plays the role of victoria is damn unlucky… so many drama, her role is oways being a third party or someone snatching other man.. is there any better role for her.. is irritating to see her acting this type of role….

  • Z

    man man should just be with bo hai. He’s more capable of protecting her.

    • sally

      yes i agree with you too.

  • alora

    I’m still wondering about the red card and cafuné order from Bu Fan.. Is he expressing his disappointment that she has no confidence in him or herself, and asking for her to make it up to him? That’s quite a hard one for Man Man to catch right? The drama makes them miss meeting at lunch hour so they can’t fix things, the delay is agonising. And of course V has to come and hand the shirt at that time while Man Man is the only one in. I think the preview is just to make us feel Man Man’s hurt and confusion that she steps on the street dazed. Think they will clear things up soon. Bo Hai already wants to talk to Bu Fan about V matter. Please, drama, clear up the misunderstanding and finish off the V/Ms Tang scheme! There are other more important plot matters to pursue such as Man Man’s mum and our OTP’s marriage and life together.

    • WhatDoYouThink

      As a woman, i won’t feel comfortable if my boyfriend/husband is going out with his ex. Regardless it is Official or unofficial. End of story.

      It is not about confidence…. therefore if BuFan give ManMan a red card that is really, unreasonable.

      Very 不舒服 …..

  • ??

    Cafuné – The act of tenderly running your fingers through someone’s hair.
    How to say it??

  • wowsure

    she’s jealous about this?? she’s the one who beg that woman not to have abortion

  • guys

    Lao da’s test begin!!!

  • Lynn6

    Shi Bohai is so sweet … more than kind to help Manman out with meeting the customer. They dressed him better now and he looks good in a jacket. A slight change in script is not so bad .. they need to pro-long the drama I guess .. am sure Bu Fan and Manman will be together at the end. That Victoria woman always play this sort of role!

    • fastforward

      i think BuFan and ManMan love will be stronger at the end. But, don’t want to see them be together ( married) only at the last episode. Please 🙂

  • Minijessila

    Does anyone know plays Victoria? She totally looks like she had a nose job! So fake!

    • Veleneeee

      it’s lene lai (赖琳恩) lol about the nose job doe~

  • #$%^&

    一般人如果聽到了自己的女朋友”走路跌倒,吃東西咬到舌頭”,應該會馬上衝出去找她,看看有沒有怎樣而不是只打電話,不是嗎?對不凡感到very very very 失望!

  • Susi Tjhai

    烦死看到那个Victoria no more coment!!!! ggggrrrrrr

  • Preview

    So disappointed with this episode, I can’t believe Bu Fan left his shirt with Victoria 🙁 Preview has Victoria passing the shirt along to Man Man (and probably asking her to return it on her behalf), Man Man steps outside in a daze and nearly trips, which is when Bo Hai catches her.

    • Budapest

      Bu Fan might say something to explain and than ManMan might feel she has wrongly accuse them, she then might have to apologies the BuFan….. Why does ManMan always have to say sorry all the time. I really hope that won’t happen. if that happen, the script writer, please go jump and die.

      Bu Fan is just not sensitive enough……

      • guess

        Yes, man man always have to say sorry many times, maybe the scripwriter arrogant same with the bufan character 🙂 sad for gh must play that role it would destroy his images.

        • Budapest

          it takes a bigger person to say sorry 🙂 obviously ManMan has the amazing character to be able to forgive and say sorry. therefore if what you say is true, the script writer is a 小 人 that want people to down down to him/her all the time.

  • __

    失望…. to see ManMan being treated like that.

  • jj

    When bufan confess to man man look so sweet, bufan face filled with love and man man shyly looked bufan face so romantic, unfortunately almost close the last episode they no longer have the power of love so easily fall into the victoria trap.I just finished watch ai shang liang ge wo, the main lead have strong character so it is not easy to mess up their love, actually in early episode love charge cheque interesting and quite qualified as family drama but why almost close the last episode the story out of the line, hope the director realize and in the next episode or next movie more qualified jia you !

  • ilikebufanmanman

    If Bu Fan is a genius, how does he not protect himself and his relationship with Man Man? He should be smart enough to not be alone with Victoria for any reason. If it’s business related, he’s got 4 other employees besides Man Man and himself to use for dealing with Victoria and her company. If it’s personal, bring Man Man along, keep her close, and shower her with lots of attention and affection. That will stop Victoria’s plans cold, and it will reassure Man Man of Bu Fan’s love and loyalty to her. She wouldn’t be getting insecure because there would be no opportunity given to the other woman. I’m not a genius and can figure that out! But then, we wouldn’t have a drama, would we? I’m proud of Bo Hai! I hope he keeps being Man Man’s guardian angel and Bu Fan’s friend. They will need lots of help to stay together.

    • ???

      Exactly, also why would a CEO of Magic NOT make an appointment but interrupt BuFan and his employees’ meeting. No matter how big a business, there is simple rules, respect and don’t just walk in to “blackmail” to go out for a market survey. it is so obvious everybody know that. But Bu Fan still go out with her.

      also, BuFan 怎麼會笨到進V姐的房間呢,讓他有機可乘… I thought you told your brother do not let people have a chance to drag you around like Rebekah dragged 毛怪 and 蒨茜. BuFan you are now letting the ex dragged you around like Rebeka dragged 毛怪 and 蒨茜. OMG.

      Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye.

      不凡越來越呆,都走到別人的陷阱裡了越看越不爽. Too much 考驗 between 凡曼了.

  • Why

    Hate it when the ex kept saying ManMan laws like her. Just go away, you are disgusting.

    • Different

      ex-girl, stop saying ManMan and you are so much alike.
      ManMan is special to BuFan, and only ManMan can Cafune BuFan 🙂 🙂 🙂
      ManMan is kind, generous, innocent and loving.

  • Hair

    Cafune-the act of running fingers through your lovers hair.
    So BuFan want ManMan to do that to him…v

    • Cafune

      Cafune= Senses of intimacy and cuddling (chamego).

  • alora

    I’m utterly sad after seeing the screenshots and discussions of live viewers. Bu Fan fell into V’s trap and left his shirt in V’s room. How could the genius do that? Although Bo Hai helped avoid Man Man seeing unpleasant things today, looks like she’s going to be badly hurt by V next week when V passes the shirt to Man Man. Innocent Man Man will misunderstand. It’s a sinking feeling to pass the weekend.

    Scriptwriter, have mercy and stop tormenting Bu Fan and Man Man. Bring back the happiness and sweet moments of the couple and their family/friends.