Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 57

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  • Blossom Kcat

    I am really grateful for all of you guys who make a short description of each episode.Please, if you are kind to translate their conversation, it would be great, for us who don’t understand a word of what they are saying. I do appreciate your comments and enjoy them a lot!Thank’s so much!

  • alora

    Look at Bu Fan face when he questioned who gave the bike, and when Man Man guessed it was Bo Hai. Not happy. Glossed it over but can’t hide that discomfort. This guy really is one kind, it seems he has so far only given Man Man one ton of eustoma on the road, and the outfit for the Magic launch (kinda work related, I don’t consider as a real present). I don’t count the proposal items too. Haha, he ought to be ashamed of himself for not giving his special Man Man more thoughtful gifts like Bo Hai.

    I’m rather confused by the concert ploy.. If they had left for dinner together before the concert.. If Man Man’s phone had not died and Bu Fan hadn’t left to search for her, things would have been easily communicated with Bu Fan after she arrived. What were they hoping to achieve? Did they hope Bu Fan would watch the concert on his own, probably seated beside V, while getting angry with Man Man? Good thing Bu Fan was so sweet and their relationship grew stronger. How did Ms Tang hope to break them up without hurting them, doesn’t make sense at all!

    It’s really dreadful that Ms Tang kept Bu Fan’s ring in the same box as Bo Hai’s proposal ring. Is a wedding ring so important in Taiwan that it can delay a marriage from continuing? Bo Hai, please discover the scheming soon and continue the Cupid work!

  • myls

    I love bu fan and man man..theyre so cute together..

  • Together

    Great chemistry between BuFan and ManMan. Instead of leaving, BuFan actually turn back to look for ManMan at the piano concert. That is very sweet!!h
    When BuFan first saw MaMan, he asked “why didn’t you wear a jacket?” So worried she got cold. Instead of asking her why didn’t make it on time…..

  • 宝宝

    BuFan please picked up the evil plan the two women plot against you and ManMan. Get rid of them….. your ManMan is too kind and innocent, she won’t know how to play this game.

  • Leedwin Alison

    what?? the ring is on the Bo hai mother’s.. oh no!

  • lovey

    BuFan : ManMan, you have me you won’t feel cold 🙂 (:

  • Sweets

    Love to see how Bu Fan and Man Man cares for each other. Keep it up Bu Fan!!! Hope that two evil women will be discovered soon!!

  • confidence

    Man Man always seems scared Bu Fan will get really really angry at her whenever she’s late, she should know by know Bu Fan will not mind as long as she is safe. I feel she is really scared Bu Fan will leave her or something whereas I feel she’s more comfortable around Bo Hai. I think Man Man really needs to build her confidence and stop being so insecure. I mean she started feeling insecure on the function night where Bu Fan performed with Victoria. I felt it was a bit preemptive to feel insecure and down just because Victoria requested Bu Fan to play the piano with her. If she’s more confident, Victoria won’t have a chance to ruin their relationship.

    • BF&ManMan

      Ya lo, ManMan you should know by now, BuFan really care about you and you are the only one for him. Please do not underestimate yourself.


    ANGEL LOOKS SO GOOD IN A SUIT!! Also Bo Hai and Man Man interactions were so cute today esp their phone conversation!

  • Susi Tjhai

    ;)) 我就知道:没有曼曼 不凡 不會自己進去聽音
    跟我想的一样 啦啦啦啦

    • YAY

      Well done BuFan 🙂 such a lovely boyfriend.

      • Susi Tjhai

        Super sweet lovely boyfriend *o*

  • Saranghae

    so glad to see BuFan being such a lovely boyfriend today. I hope he will always be super sweet to the lovely ManMan. Care about how she feels and be sensitive to her needs.

    He said in the past when people said he is cold blooded, he don’t care about it. But when ManMan said that, he is very sad, and it affects him. That shows, ManMan’s comments is very important to him and whatever she says affect him too…. very special person in his life 🙂

    It seems in the preview the ex is going to BuFan office while they have their morning meeting. {they should have locked the door so that the mad woman cannot come in}

    The ex took BuFan out and looks like she is playing tricks to get BuFan to hold her near the fountain – 很恶心 . ManMan, you have to trust BuFan, he is yours, ManMan.

    Again, “victo-lie”, hands off BuFan and go away. your plan will never succeed. No matter how much information you have on ManMan.

    Can someone please expose Ms Tang and the ex? The truth will always prevail over evil. Thank you.

  • Bicycle

    Bo Hai is so nice to fix Man Man’s bicycle for her (and even
    buy her one as a gift later on). And I’m glad that Bu Fan and Man Man
    made up quickly 🙂 So the piano concert tickets were Ms Tang’s idea… :O Ms Tang called up Man Man to accompany her to the
    hospital, making her late for the concert. Luckily Bu Fan didn’t enter
    the venue and instead tried to search for her, which he eventually did.
    (Plans thwarted!) And Bu Fan is really sweet, knowing that she probably
    caught a flu waiting out in the cold for him, he brought Vitamin C and
    flu medication right to Man Man’s doorstep :’) Preview has Victoria
    appearing at the office again, I wonder what she plans to do now…

    • /:&$);

      I just want Vic to leave. Don’t want her to be around…

  • funnypie