Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 56

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  • Danny Liew

    i dunno y san li tv corp like always like to put Lai Lin En as starring ex…last time ti amo also same….

  • Hate Man Man

    OMG man man is over reacting at rebecca’s kid. it is not even her problem. not her family problem. she is so 雞婆. seriously hate her so much. she thinks she’s everything. plus bu fan only call guan yu into the office. why the F is she in there too? such a BiTc.H

    • Guest

      yes i agree. if it wasn’t for qian qian, the father of guan yu and bu fan didn’t even want the kid anyway.

  • Alicia Koa


  • Z

    Felt that Man Man was overreacting over the Rebecca matter. It’s time for Bohai to help Man Man and Bu Fan!

  • jj

    OMG! really do not understand just because the rings they dont get married? Unfair for you man man, horee yi zhi come back. Ma tong jia you!

    • Strange

      BuFan is not very sincere to get married with Man Man. Be careful, Bo Hai love for Man Man is still very strong. You forget how much u wanna get marred with Man Man?

      Or because the change of director / script writer has also changed BuFan heart?

      • broomy54

        what show have you been watching? Bu fan has showed consistently for at least 20 episodes that he loves man man… they need to be together, her time with bo hai is over, it’s in the past. if bo hai can accept it everybody else should too.

  • hmmmm…

    Omg how can man man trust that woman victoria? Bufan quick to rescue their relationship… They should get married asap!!!

    • alora

      I hope they don’t drag out this unpleasant business for long. Keep it short and done with. If necessary, Bo Hai step in to help. I hate to see how Man Man will be sidelined somewhere while the ex appears to escort Bu Fan at the event. I only hope these threats will hasten Bu Fan to register their marriage, forget about the lost ring excuse.. Their relationship is more precious than a ring, and can be sealed with another ring. There is no need to wait for a better timing, Man Man has worked out her feelings very clearly and returned Bo Hai’s ring, now is the time!

  • Susi Tjhai

    好开心看不凡和曼曼家人出至玩 (*-*) 。曼曼那么容易相信她!!!!

  • Doesn’t Make any sense

    ManMan the concert tickets is a booby trap. Victorai, is setting an opportunity for her to be with BuFan. She is so cunning, Oh Yuk!!!!

    ManMan being so innocent will be bully/tricked by her. BuFan, quick picked up that instantly and because u are smart enough to know all those are tricks set up by your ex.

    Why didn’t BuFan send ManMan to work anymore? And why didn’t BuFan go to the concert together with ManMan than they won’t miss each other….. What the!!

  • alora

    Sigh, I really don’t want to see the ex girlfriend befriending kind hearted Man Man and driving a wedge into her relationship with Bu Fan. Hope Bu Fan is fast and sensitive enough to avoid “danger” and protect Man Man from hurt.

    I want more OTP time please. It’s really too little and disjoint. Why waste so much time on Guan Yu mess?! Heard there’s a change in director(?) , maybe that’s affecting the quality..

    For the cast and crew working so hard, 辛苦了,加油!Especially our leads George Hu, 袁艾菲,謝坤達,hang in there!

    • alora

      I read from facebook, it’s a change of screen writer 編劇.. not director. Oh no, at this stage.. No wonder the storyline is not smooth and relaxed as before, I remember it was always light hearted and issues weren’t dragged out for ages, eg. Bu Fan and mum issue.

      Please, screen writer, for the last 14 chapters, give us the light hearted and easy to watch show that leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction and not dread!

      • ROYLOVE

        do you know why they changed screenwriters??

        • alora

          No idea. I just checked George Hu facebook where I remembered a post, I think the director left too.. 龔導 should be 導演 I think.. Poor cast and crew who work so hard and go through this. So tough, 加油!

          • alora

            I just read a review which mentioned they keep changing the scriptwriter.. * faint * No wonder the storyline has lost its original flavour and logic. Hope the cast and crew will be brave and hang in there!

  • “`

    Bu Fan, Man Man and her siblings look like one big happy family together :)) Hope that the wedding ring can be found soon. Nice to see Yi Zhi back again. What she said is right, Man Man make sure Victoria keeps her hand off your man! OMG
    hahaha I can’t believe Man Man came to work dressed like that xD

    And…Bu Fan and Man Man also have their first fight as a couple. And the issue at hand is a tricky one, because whatever decision made will hurt different parties. Like Xin Ping pointed out, both of their opinions (while conflicting), have their best intentions for the involved parties. If faced with such a situation, I would probably still go with Bu Fan’s opinion though.