Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 54

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  • fewfew

    yess…I think the angel is not going to America…but stay here and be a guardian save this couple from that victoria

  • fewfew

    nooo what’s with that victoria popping out.. of nowhere

  • Z

    博海好像比不凡跟关心曼曼 :/

  • weddingring

    in part 3, while ManMan was trying to give BuFan seafood and didn’t realise is has allergies, BuFan said – don’t worry, you are my girlfriend, not my nanny…. How weird, if not for BoHai incident, they would be husband and wife. Weird…. weird, to hear BuFan said – you are my girlfriend….. a little bit ridiculous. ManMan where is your ring??

  • alora

    I feel a little downcast like Man Man. So soon after Bu Fan’s birthday sweetness and friendship comes the ex girlfriend high flyer. Poor Man Man feels inadequate, she doesn’t quite comprehend Bu Fan adores her genuine, unaffected heart. Bu Fan, please hold her hand tight and close, and reassure her of her preciousness in your heart. My guess is that Bo Hai will hang around longer to help the couple. Really hope Ms Tang will not “collaborate” with her.

    George Hu, Yuan Ai Fei, Kun Da and the whole 幸福兌換券 cast and crew, thank you for the tough work in the cold weather and long hours filming live. 加油!

  • vina

    oh, victoria looks so ugly in my opinion compared to Man Man…. Not really match with Bu Fan. sigh… how can someone be so perfectly handsome……..

    • George Hu Fan

      You are right… Man Man has a gentle sweet innocent look. And of course Bu Fan has such a gorgeously charming smile but in this episode he was obviously nervous and uncomfortable at the reception.
      I believe the scriptwriter inject all trying situations to allow the Bu Fan and Man Man relationship to grow stronger. For Man Man she will gain confidence and strength and that would make Bu Fan proud

      I hope there will be another such formal function later to allow Man Man demonstrate the new found authority of kind confidence and not feel odd and inferior

      • why oh WHY

        I don’t understand why ManMan has to prove herself all the time. 太累

    • lina

      I agree that victoria looks ugly. But I think that man man is so so only. not pretty either. Shes just gentle.

  • Susi Tjhai

    曼曼 好厲害打飛鏢 哈哈哈。Victoria 前女友而已 ,曼曼 妳一定要又自信!。你們一定會等到辛福的

    • limo

      i agree, she is just the ex. Nothing other than that. So don’t feel intimidated.

      • Susi Tjhai

        Yes yes yes!!!!

        • limo

          不凡, 快点安抚曼曼就像当初曼曼给你信心一样

  • lovebirds

    cute to see BuFan and ManMan chatting on the phone, they are cute together 🙂
    when ManMan wanted to put down the phone, BuFan begged to continue. Super sweet 🙂

    ManMan looked very beautiful tonight.

    • lisa

      i think man man should be with bo hai. he cares so much for man man seems more then bu fan does. her and bu fan are from 2 different worlds. Not saying that he should be with victoria again. but man man just does not belong in bu fan’s world. too high class for her.

  • UJ18

    Is this Guan Yu going to give up his love and be together with this Rebecca???

    • joann

      I hope not. I really like guan yu and qian qian together. they are such a cute couple. qian qian is so nice. she’s really pretty too.

  • v

    I think the story out of the line, why the scriptwriter make the story so complecated?
    Man man is ok, bo hai still waiting for you!

  • MM&BF

    I like what Yue Yee said –

    1) “find a man who is willing to pay a price to be with you”
    2) “Find a man who dare to write how much he love you on Facebook”
    3) “find a man who is willing to let you know everything about him”
    4) ” find a man who is willing to let you hurt(bite) him, yet still loyal to you”

    Than this is the MAN for you.

    I have to agree, 是元介 will be a good boyfriend/husband, XingPing is lucky.

    But ManMan, your BuFan…. hmmm hmmm is a little worrying. Also, at the reporters meeting BuFan didn’t even introduce ManMan to his ex-girlfriend that ManMan is his girlfriend/wife. He admit it only when they were playing piano on the stage when the ex asked him. Sad Sad Sad….. good luck ManMan, I feel for you. You too deserve to be loved like XinPing too. No wonder you are lacking confidence.

    ManMan you are beautiful and smart 🙂 Go girl you can do it. Don’t be intimidated by the ex. She might speak english and that doesn’t mean anything. That is Taiwan. Therefore, mandarin is good. She might know how to drink wine and eat cheese. IN no time you will be catch up, so don’t be sad ManMan.

    Be happy of who you are, and know that’s why BuFan love you. BTW, have he ever said that to ManMan??

    • I love You

      Don’t think Bu Fan ever say “I love you” to ManMan.

    • LOVE-IS

      that’s true, when a man loves a woman, he is proud to introduce you to others regardless where and who …… BuFan, do you love ManMan?

      ManMan, I love you just the way you are 🙂
      You don’t have to change a thing. You don’t have to run after me. I am always here for you 🙂 that is love. I accept your strength, I accept your weaknesses, I accept you stupidity and love everything about you. Also I know why i love you. Because you are sincere, loving, caring and faithful + you are beautiful inside out.

  • i hate victoria !!

    In this show i hate victoria and Ms tang.
    They wanted to broke up bu fan and man man’s relationship.

    • goAway

      victoria, go to china or india. The market is even bigger. Don’t stay in taiwan too long.

      • Susi Tjhai

        Yay ! Come to my home @indonesia wkwkwkwk. ;p

        • guess

          Yes agree, and the story become indonesian sinetron wkwkwkwkwk

          • Susi Tjhai

            wkwkkwkwkwkkw it so funny

          • funnybunny

            that is sooooo funny. Although i haven’t watch any indonesian sinetron…. i can guess what you are talking about 🙂

            Omg that is hilarious!!!!! ha ha h haaaa ha ha ah

    • hahaha

      you can also go to Australia, because you eat cheese , drink wine and speak englishhh

  • hmmmm…

    I think ms tang is the one to arranged victoria to be here in between bufan n man man .. Eventhough getting interesting but man man gonna loose her confident! Wow they have to go through so many stages to be together forever? Hope not the last ep!!!

    • dfbg

      please don’t let that happened mr/ms script writer…. it will be boring…….

  • cloud36

    Sigh! Can imagine the story line already…. Must be Man Man upset and slowly feel inferior and Bo Hai feels heartpain for Man Man and wants to win her back. And Bu Fan’s mum sure trying to use the girl to get Bu Fan… The story going to drag till last few episodes then get together 🙁

    • Green

      nooooooo !!! don’t be the last episode……..

  • Magic

    HAHA Bu Fan said that Bo Hai may lose out to two people in darts
    because Man Man is good in that xD Later on when they were talking on
    the phone, Bu Fan guessed correctly that Man Man was trying on lipstick
    haha. It’s so cute that he is afraid that she is too pretty that some
    other guy will steal her away ^^

    Although it kind of turned out
    quite the opposite because *dun dun dun dun* Bu Fan’s ex Victoria (Cheng
    Le Xuan strikes again haha) makes an appearance at the Magic press
    conference. I know we probably could have seen this coming, but oh well
    just kind of reluctant that it had to be so quick because the drama
    barely moved on from the Bo Hai/Ms Tang bit.

    Now it’ll probably be Man Man’s turn to feel insecure about their relationship 🙁
    Anyway, from the preview, Xin Ping’s car ends up in the path of an
    oncoming truck so Bo Hao goes to her aid. There is a scene with Guan
    Yu/Qian Qian/Rebecca and also Bu Fan walking Man Man home after the press conference (they were sharing an umbrella, Man Man looks a little downhearted.

  • Anonymous