Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 53

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Alibaba

    Good luck to BuFan in becoming the next JackMa – Alibaba founder 🙂

  • genuis

    hope ManMan will do really well at the “Magic” reporters meeting. BuFan had provided training prior to that, ManMan you will be alright, look forward to see you looking beautiful and confident!!

  • MM&BF

    Love to watch ManMan撒娇

    BuFan will alway succumb to it 🙂

  • Green

    BuFan, you have to 爱ManMan,照顾ManMan. She really care about how you feel just by watching how she said “sorry”.


    First time BuFan buy a present for his wife….. a dress other than the wedding ring!!

  • eniegr

    nooo angel noo 🙁 come on LoL I want more scene…of him

  • 呂美雲




  • Minijessila

    I cant believe the woman who plays bo hai’s mum won some awards for her acting! Her acting is terrible. She played the role just like how she acted in first kiss with annie and george even though the two mothers are completely different. Her acting is terrible!!!?

    • fjiwoefwe

      come on don’t judge her acting just because her role is acting as a ‘bad’ person

  • ||

    It’s good that Bo Hai and Man Man can still get along well as friends, and I hope things maintain the status quo. I’m glad Man Man declined Ms Tang’s offer because she believes in Bu Fan’s capabilities and that he will work hard to achieve his goals! (Love is not an item/good that can be traded up so easily for something else) Man Man is so thoughtful to prepare Bu Fan’s birthday cake using healthier ingredients and excluding those he dislikes. Yay so happy that the couple managed to spend some quality time together to celebrate Bu Fan’s birthday 🙂

    From the preview, I wonder what Bu Fan said to Man Man over the phone that made her drop what she was holding haha.

    • MM&BF

      Look forward to see the progression of the cute couple – ManMan & BuFan!!!.

  • xoxo

    They look so relaxing,comfortable and lovely sitting on the sofa in each other’s arms. Beautiful 🙂

  • WeddingRing

    ManMan has been wearing her wedding ring, I wonder when is BuFan gonna start wearing his???

    • alora

      I’m wondering the same. Who has Bu Fan’s ring? Maybe he is waiting for her to put it on for him.. And It’s not occurring to the at times dense lady?

      Anyhow I’m so glad this is a feel good episode to last the weekend till the next one 🙂

  • BirthdayWishes

    BuFan’s made a wish on his birthday: 执子之手,夫复何求 =

    May your wishes do come through, BuFan 🙂

    • alora

      It’s beautiful! Is it a famous poem?

      • alora

        Wow, it is.. Found it. From《诗经·邶风·击鼓》 so beautiful

  • alora

    So glad Man Man made it clear to Ms Tang.. Hope she will listen to her son and stop trying to get Man Man back for him.

    Also how lovely to have the little twosome celebration in the office.. Sweet! Simple and meaningful, something to treasure indeed. Bu Fan is so right to appreciate the special time with Man Man and her gesture of love in preparing him a cake with her own hands. And the threesome drinks together, 3 true friends!

    Haven’t watched yet, just savouring the pics and snippets at the facebook page.