Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 52

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  • shangwen

    WHr is the latest episode???

  • jfiwoe

    His mothing is just messing up his relationship with her by doing all these things….poor guy..

  • kdfowe

    COME ON mom stop deciding for the angel 🙁

    • few9oi

      *she keeps doing the dirty work and that’s why her son keeps dying

  • Guest

    I want bohai and man man:(( he sacrificed sooo much for her I think he deserves all the if he didn’t break up with her she would have still loved him.and the break up was cus he loved her too much.sooo I think the original old bf should be the one sighhh.i want bohai.

  • lulu

    bo hai’s mom’s acting annoys me so damn much
    her voice and everything – –

  • PrincessMaknae

    I think Bu Fan and Man Man are much better suited to each other. They have true love plus the intrinsic desire to help each other to grow to their full potential. Man Man is a very smart person who really hasn’t had anyone help her to realize this and push her to reach her full potential, until Bu Fan. She is a much stronger and independent person because of Bu Fan. Bu Fan has always been so independent, strict, and rigid, until Man Man. She’s pushing him into realizing his caring and loving of others needs to also allow for spontaneity as well as letting others help him. He needed to be able to be more dependent on his loved ones. It was so one sided on his part that there really wasn’t the closeness that loved ones should share to be a really caring and loving family. Bu Fan would just shut out his brother and father making them feel useless in his life. Bu Fan is now in a give and take relationship with his family…the side benefit, he is able to fully care for and fully love Man Man. Their love for each other goes beyond just the romantic side because true love helps each other to grow to their full potential. They really do compliment and complete each other.

  • 呂美雲

    曼曼不管怎么半 你要選擇不凡!你要在他的生邊。你不要關懷破海的媽媽!他是壞人!真是!他要做破海幸福可是不是這樣子!不是破海說過了嗎!他會讓新愛的女人幸福!破海也說現在曼曼跟不凡在一起,可是我們會做朋友嗎? 就对嗎? 唐女士

  • Susi Tjhai

    唐女士 !!! 曼曼 愛的是不凡。。。

  • Bingo

    when Bu Fan come to visit ManMan, he should just help ManMan to put everything back to the luggage, move her to his home. End of story 🙂

    • guess

      Yes you right, the story happy ending 🙂

  • Lynn6

    I like Bo Hai .. he is really playing the role well and suits him .. being kind, easy and carefree!

  • BF&MM

    When ManMan’s mum said, there is someone looking for you, the mum should actually say “ManMan, your husband BuFan is looking for you” Awwwww…..
    when BuFan saw the rings on the desk, he cover himself very well. Although not too comfortable and a little bit confronting, but he manage not to show it in front of his wife.

    So happy to see them together again. Miss seeing BF&MM together. But, wish there is more interactions.

    Bu Fan is so happy to see ManMan wearing the wedding ring he gave her ring on their wedding, the smile is a winner smile 🙂 Well done ManMan.

    Look forward to see how ManMan give BuFan a sweet surprise birthday celebration for BuFan. Please let it be a very happy birthday, they have been through so much in such short period of time.

    Ms Tang, please do not disturb ManMan and BuFan. Please do not use ManMan’s innocence to interrupt her relationship with BuFan.

    • Clearly

      no matter what Ms Tang trying to offer, Bu Fan can do better than that. He doesn’t need Ms Tang help. ManMan, do not sacrifice your love and trust you have build up with BuFan; you are much more clever than that. Be tough ManMan, be wise to pick up the bad intention Ms Tang has.

  • Bu fan ❤️ Man man

    Now i dislike 唐女士 she is so bad she wanted to broke up the relationship of bu fan and man man . And i hope rebbecca will 流产 .

  • ~

    I sure hope Bo Hai’s mother doesn’t do anything drastic to fight
    for her son’s happiness! And finally we have a Bu Fan/Man Man bicycle
    date, glad that Bu Fan says he will support whatever decision Man Man
    makes, as long as she is happy 🙂 During the meeting, Bu Fan saw Man Man
    wearing his ring and he smiled hehe. From the preview, it seems like Ms
    Tang is trying to use Bu Fan’s career as a bargaining chip to win over
    Man Man :O

    On a side note, I must say Qian Qian is
    probably one of the most tolerant people around. The way she handles
    things with Rebecca, really wins my respect. (Hah and I find it amusing
    that she came prepared with everything so Rebecca failed to make things
    difficult for her)

  • Pomom

    Bo hai mom is a bitch z