Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 51

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  • Alba

    I felt that Chien Chien is digging her own grave! Knowing how devious and bad Rebecca was, she still want her to keep the baby and give the baby to her. She is so naive and she didn’t even discuss it with her husband and father in law first before making such a decision. Something very bad will happen to them once the bady is born!!!

  • fewjio

    which episode did the fire accident happen can anyone tell me :(? pls

    • Fire

      Episode 45

      • fewjio


  • v

    man man and bu fan have followed the sacrament of marriage, 他们已经说我愿意 but why the marriage was invalid ( dont understand )

    • k

      i dont understand either… I was wondering the same thing. they already followed the sacrament of marriage, they just didnt finish the wedding, so the marriage shouldnt be invalid….

      • sweetcouple

        agree!!! BuFan and Man Man is already husband and wife.

    • alora

      I think it’s because they have not signed the marriage register which is normally done after the ceremony yeah? Or simply because the couple is pronounced man and wife after the rings are exchanged?

      • v

        You right alora, maybe the scriptwriter want make the audient currious, ha ha ha so the show gonna be long.

  • Z


  • Susi Tjhai

    不凡 曼曼 要加油。。。

  • Lynn6

    The focus of this episode is the reconciliation of Xinping with her mum … very touching and emotional. Yes, I agree that Shi Bo Hai deserves to live, he met with an accident and lost the love of his life yet he was so selfless when it came to “taking care” of Man Man. For once, we have Shi Bo Hai as a real person!
    Chian Chian expecting …?

  • hmmmm…

    Wasted one ep without bufan & man man …:((

    • WHYY

      Agree…. wasted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GreatCouple

    miss watching lovey dovey ManMan and Bu Fan together ….. miss ya

  • GoodTImes

    Miss seeing the lovey dovey ManMan and BU Fan together…..miss ya

  • WhereIsMM&BF

    No BuFan +ManMan together today. Very disappointed!! 🙁 🙁

  • BathTub

    ManMan, return the ring to Sze PoHai. don’t think too much. BuFan is waiting for you. Like BuFan said, the wedding is delayed and it is gonna happen soon.

    ManMan look really beautiful in the bathtub. BuFan suppose to have the honour to rub her back instead the mum is doing it today. Hope to see BuFan do that for ManMan soon 🙂

  • B

    I’m glad that Bo Hai was given a second chance to live!!! I’m happy for
    the mother-daughter reunion between Xin Ping and Yue Yi too. And I can’t
    believe the driving scene ended up to be Bo Hao’s imagination haha, I
    thought it would be real. As for Bu Fan and Man Man, they didn’t even
    appear together in this episode 🙁 But it was good that Man Man talked
    things over with her mother and the same goes for Bu Fan with his dad.
    There doesn’t seem to be much previews being shown now, but they did
    feature one with Bo Hai and his mother, he has been discharged and has
    returned home.