Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 43

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  • Vicky Chan

    bu fan and man man is so sweet together when they walk to bu fan’s car in the car park! (: bu fan see through man man’s thoughts and that shocked man man.. bu fan has been asking himself of whether to break the news to man man.. i dunno if bu fan break the news to man man, what will happen.. >< bo hai was asking bu fan why does this happen to him.. he looks so anxious and that makes bu fan also anxious and keep telling him to calm down.. at that time, i am thinking if its something got to do with bo hai's soul, is it or not? hmm…

  • AF

    Nissan did a good job on placing advertisement about versatile space for Nissan Tiida car boot. Good advertisement.

    • Murano

      I think Bu Fan has Nissan – Murano TI 2014

      • AF

        It’s Nissan Rogue not Murano.

    • v

      Aggre, i use nissan car too.

  • SY

    perfect match ! bufan n manman !


    poor angel 🙁 screw the…

  • fjioew


  • few

    i think he will still die 🙁

  • Aries

    How exciting!!!! BH’s boss is 阿公!!

  • loving the drama

    Rebeccas insane. how did she set up the camera though, asking a locksmith? i dont want to see what she does next, cant we just write her dead or overseas…

    • alora

      They are in the bears which were congratulatory gifts for Qian from her colleagues for her promotion. How she got them to the colleagues… ?!!

    • George hu fan

      The camera is hidden in the Bear’s eyes. They should have just put the Bears somewhere away from the bed.

  • BumbleBEE

    ManMann + BuFan = together forever

  • a

    hmm anyone thinks there is another spirit that was nearby Bu Fan when that book fell? Felt like its a warning for him to read up and be prepare for what might be coming

    • alora

      Had a bad feeling about that too. It must be the 月老 just like the bicycle chain snapping and his phone battery going flat on their first ever date.

  • Twdramafan

    l should clear my car boot. Found a new use for it today. Lol! …love how natural and comfortable bu fan and man man are with each other. The scene of the car with the city as back drop is lovely.

  • alora

    Bu Fan said Everything is written on Man Man’s face. He’s the same, when he’s happy or sad, it’s all written on his face. They are similar in this way, both honest and straight forward. He even asked himself twice today whether to tell Man Man now about Bo Hai. What is different is that Man Man is more easily persuaded to share her feelings while Bu Fan keeps it in and tries to solve things himself. Oh yes, the car wash date is the cutest! Every time 丁噹’s 我不以为 plays during their special times of having fun together – sparklers after BBQ, tandem biking, car wash. I love to see Bu Fan with that broad smile. Did I see correctly that Man Man initiated her first playful kiss? Today’s PPL for the car is strong. Boot is so spacious it can take lanky Bu Fan and his girl. Sweet to see them leaning on each other and the look of comfort and bliss on Bu Fan’s face. He asked for repeated assurances that Man Man would be with him ALWAYS. So thoughtful of Man Man to follow up in text message with picture to boot. Too short-lived his delight of the fire message on that big building.

    • Saranghae

      you are right, ManMan can’t help but give her boyfriend a kiss on his cheek 🙂 what a sweet girlfriend. Bu Fan, take good care of her and do not let her go no matter what.

    • alora

      Dear me, I must have dozed off at that last sentence. I meant, too short-lived his delight in the text message… Man Man’s selflessness and thoughtfulness warmed Bu Fan’s heart no end, look at his face.. I can only say these two understand each other’s mood and body language well even though they do not know everything in the other’s hearts and thoughts.

      • Faithfullyyours

        i suppose if one party is not showing much/sharing their feelings, the other party have to be more forthcoming. ManMan is doing a fantastic job by giving him the assurance. Bu Fan is just starting to heal from the past 25 years hurt/buried all his feelings. He is learning to trust and learn to lean on someone. I think that’s why he kept asking ManMan is it “forever”.

  • phuong

    that rebecca is so crazy leave them alone!

  • Aries

    That car scene was ways too cute!!!

  • 10th

    Depending on each other is also a way of showing trust and love for each other 🙂

  • alora

    I jumped the gun and watched the preview before the show. I think the two roads are a test for Bo Hai. I am sure he will choose to sacrifice. My guess is then he will wake up, have a new lease of life. Really curious how the writer will manage his memories after waking up. I’m hoping Bo Hai mum will not do any bad stuff to Bu Fan, please.. I hope she can get peace and healing too, which I believe the tight person to lead her on the path would be Man Man.

    Thanks to all for sharing comments, I enjoy reading them as part of the show! Now to enjoy today’s episode..

    • alora

      Oh dear, right not tight -.-

  • FUJI

    ManMan knows if she kept asking her boyfriend he will not tell her his problem, at least the washing car trick works. The starting point to close the gap between two of them. BuFan knows whatever happen ManMan will be with him and same thing he will be by ManMan’s side to support her. The texts she sent and the picture was assurance for a stronger relationship.

  • Lynn6

    Manman’s car looks small from the outside but can fit both of them in the boot.. really cute to see them together!


    When BuFan and ManMan were in the hospital car park, the way ManMan hold Bu Fan’s arm looked so lovely. At a glance, she looked like a pregnant wife.

    If I am Bu Fan I will be really unhappy if my girlfriend help to care for the ring.

  • abc


    • cba

      when there is camping or outdoor activities, I can see people sitting at the car boot, or changing diapers at the 4WD boot is pretty convenient…. but for 谈恋爱, that is pretty cool idea too!! Well done script writer

  • Forever

    ManMan +BuFan : you said because i have you, therefore you will always be by my side ….. You have me too therefore I will always be by your side forever and ever….. fly kiss !!! WOW!!!

  • Car Wash

    HAHA Bo Hao posted the question in the wrong chat xD And the funniest thing is that Man Man did the same after him hahaha. Aww the car wash date is super cute, and also after that when they sat in the car boot :)) 老大 finally makes an appearance! I wonder which choice Bo Hai will make, maybe the latter? Sacrificing himself to allow Bu Fan and Man Man to be together. And in the preview, Bu Fan and Man Man have another cute couple moment 😀

    • Wow

      What maybe….obviously he will sacrifice himself.because they are the lead so it’s already very obvious what choice he will make.i don’t like how mainstream shows always does this without making a twist to the plot.its always so obvious what will happen in the end even if they pose this kind of interesting problem in the storyline.only movies will have this kind of twist.

  • George Hu Fans

    so fast! (Y)