Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 42

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  • fewfewe

    love the angel <3 especially this character's story line

  • FindMeHere

    Would love to see how Bu Fan get jealous, that will be really nice to watch 🙂 🙂 :0) he hheee heeee

    He is always too proud/superior over ManMan. Let his heart feels how much ManMan meant to him will be very romantic.

  • Vicky Chan

    luckily bo hai thought of bu fan when he saw man man’s mum fainted.. when bu fan reply bo hai, i guess man man will be quite surprised.. luckily man man’s mum is okay! its a bit sad to see how bo hai talked to his mum about their relationship.. the part where bo hai’s mum gave the ring to man man, i feel scared to see that part.. dunno will man man know that the woman that she received the ring from is bo hai’s mum.. bu fan really startled when he saw bo hai is lying on the hospital bed.. i think bo hai wanted to explain but he dunno where to start.. in the preview where bo hai’s mum tell his son where she will try all ways to help his son when he wake up, i hope it will not happen but i think it might happen as there is quite a few episodes to go.. i really hope it doesnt happen.. nice to see the interaction between bo hai and bu fan.. i hope this interaction will last and not become a bad way..


    It is interesting to see Bo Hai did not have a smooth sailing relationship with his mother which kind of parallels Bu Fan’s situation where Man Man has helped both guys release their inner conflict in some way. Man Man gave Bo Hai the warmth and love of a family that he did not receive from his mum and she helped free Bu Fan’s guilt of thinking he was directly responsible for his mother’s death. Man Man has had a deep impact on both guys lives. It was so rare to see Bo Hai speaking so solemnly to his mother with a mix of hatred and longing but I’m glad because it makes his character more three-dimensional.

    I do hope they explore the love triangle without the meddling of Bo Hai’s mother. Crazy forceful intervening mothers seems to be a norm for dramas but I really hope they won’t go down that route but it seems likely. I think if Bo Hai woke up he would choose to give Man Man and Bu Fan his blessings because it is his nature to be so kind hearted.

    I love the camaraderie between Bo Hai and Bu Fan, I hope the love triangle won’t affect their friendship!

  • veo

    I think bufan have a sixth sense, but why he only could see bohai ,, if bufan can see others ghosts, especially when in the hospital should be interesting ha ha ha.

    • Angel

      This is not a ghost story, therefore the script writer is not going to have more ghost character in this series.

  • alora

    The comic relief in today’s episode: Man Man’s dad’s face-off with Bu Fan. I was especially tickled by Dad’s “I did not!” 我沒有, it sounds just like Bu Fan’s “(I) did not” 並沒有 – the same responses when unwilling to admit something, so alike! I liked Bo Hai’s “losing something makes you treasure it more”, I think this writer likes to use words of others (Bo Hai, Bo Hao, Guan Yu) to “teach” Bu Fan. George Hu portrayed very well the hesitation, trepidation, internal struggle to pull the curtains aside to reveal xxxx..
    Preview: Madam Tang is obsessed with love for her son and wanting to fulfill his dream.. Scary! Oh no, she said she would get rid of anything that hinders her son’s marriage proposal, which is a declaration of war on Bu Fan! By handing the ring to Man Ma, perhaps she is trying to “reserve” Man Man for her son. That look of horror on Bu Fan’s face when Man Man told him it was Bo Hai’s proposal ring! He sure has reason to looked troubled so it was good to see the couple smiling scenes.

    I see both Bu Fan and Man Man have severe eye bags, they must be suffering from extreme lack of sleep not helped by the weather turning colder. Also the stress of the just-in-time filming, that rooftop scene was just filmed as both guys just shared their photos some hours before the episode! Stress of memorizing the scripts on the day itself, scripts being only ready on the day itself. Admire their professionalism and effort in portraying their characters. Hope George Hu, Yuan Ai Fei and the rest take good care of their bodip

    Yesterday’s episode and previews left me with a lingering melancholic feeling. Today’s made me feel worse about what is to come. I miss the days when I finished episodes with a smile on my face.

    • alora

      bodies :-p

  • Twdramafan

    And the plot thickens……

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode for the development of the story between the trio, bu fan, man man and bo hai.

    • Snoopy

      More of ManMan + Bu Fan will be greatly appreciated

  • Pick a name

    It is getting very interesting

    Bo Hai mum will do whatever to help her son to get ManMan back. Bo Hai mum looks like a lioness caring for her cub. Pounced anytime she felt her cub is being threaten. Be aware Bu Fan, she has the calibre like you, Bu Fan ….. not easy to handle. of course ManMan is worth it 🙂

    In the preview Bu Fan questioned why Se Bo Hai mum give ManMan the ring but won’t introduce herself as Bo Hai mum….. I have the same question too. Why?

    I still prefer to see BuFan and ManMan together.

    • alora

      Like you said, she’s a smart one, probably strategised the best way to hook Man Man in without her knowing. Man Man is so trusting and easily touched. I think the mum partially did it to shake Bu Fan as she surely knows he’s intelligent enough to get any hidden messages while Man Man has no idea.

    • Twdramafan

      I presume Bo Hai’s mum is still not certain that her son will pull through so she does not want Man Man to know about it until its necessary.

  • Stunning

    2 seconds interactions between ManMan and Bu Fan only. Maybe yesterday the scriptwriter has use most of the ideas …. therefore this episode became exceptional quiet between 2 of them ??

    ManMan look very nice with the white pants and blue top. Matching with BuFan. Both look stunning. 🙂

    • alora

      Yes, please give us more OTP time, dear writer. It’s too cruel to give us seconds/minutes of interaction.

  • !!

    Good thing Bo Hai was smart enough to inform Bu Fan that Man Man’s
    mother fainted! I wonder if anyone witnessed the scene where Bu Fan
    passed the water flask to Bo Hai, it would have looked as if it was
    floating in the air xD OMG Bo Hao took the wrong parcel HAHAHA I can’t
    believe he gave Xin Ping lingerie :’D Most epic moment in this episode
    haha. Bu Fan is really nice towards Bo Hai now, even helping him to
    visit the hospital and offering to pass any messages on to his mother.
    But alas, both of them now find out that Bo Hai is lying unconscious in
    the hospital! What will happen then? In the preview, Bu Fan looks a
    little conflicted? And Bo Hai pacing around on the roof, not quite
    knowing what to make of the situation…

  • alora

    Finally it’s out, yayy!

    I have been meaning to say this, kept forgetting. Since they became a couple, Bu Fan and Man Man’s clothes are so much smarter and even match each other well. I mean Bu Fan was already well dressed before, somehow his clothing became even nicer now, haha making him look even more 帥! The vests suit him. Anyone knows what brand of shirts Bu Fan is wearing? Come to think of it, perhaps it’s due to the colder weather, change of clothes season. Man Man’s clothes look too thin for the cold weather tho. No comments on Bo Hai as he wears his usual white outfit, or casual outfits from his pre-coma days.

    Now to watch…