Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 41

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  • fejoi

    omg HE ‘s STILL ALIVe

  • veo

    There is rarely a woman like man man who treats her boyfriend like an idol.I think this story like a comic not real, bufan character more real because mostly taiwan drama the man lead too kind and perfect, i feel pity for man man she look like a maid than a girllfriend for bufan, when at bufan home she was always cooking and qian qian never help.

    • alora

      Ermm that’s cos it’s her paid housekeeper job, and Qian Qian can’t quite cook yet… Tho I wonder how long more she will continue this job.

    • alora

      I’m glad to see Bu Fan helping her this episode. That’s not so characteristic of him, so I think he’s making effort.

      • BlinkBlink

        I notice that too. Keep up the good job Bu Fan. Help your girlfriend more.

    • fejoi

      yeah frikin tradition 🙁

  • Soo ying

    I think I starting to hate Man Man now! I feel pity for Shi Bo Hai

  • Cheng Alice

    Actually man man’s acting has improved compared to the beginning of the show..still looking fwd with her and bu fan… Jia you !!

    • Strawberry

      ManMan & BuFan…… Jia You!!! Jia You !!!


    I love the relationship between Bo Hao and his dad they are like two overgrown kids always fighting playfully with each other!!

    I remember someone commented on one of the very early episodes saying Shi Bo Hao might be comatose and the real red string is actually between him and Man Man so if he doesn’t complete his mission and break the red string (mistakenly tied by his boss) between Man Man and Bu Fan then he will die. So technically Bo Hai and Man Man are the real fated lovers!!

    I REALLY WANT SHI BO HAI TO WAKE UP it’s just way too sad for him to be wrenched apart from Man Man because of the car accident :(( I know Bu Fan is the main lead and as much as I love him I feel like Man Man has more chemistry with Bo Hai. Though there aren’t many flashback scenes between Man Man and Bo Hai but each time there is they just evoke such a sweet, warm and coupley feeling. Bo Hai seems to treat Man Man like his entire world and treats her like his princess. Not than Bu Fan doesn’t treat her well but there is this gap between them, he is always superior to her and puts her down (jokingly of course). Bu Fan and Man Man seem to lack chemistry and they seem more like really good friends rather than a couple in love.


    • a

      haha yah I posted that guess..

      Anyway you can think of it this way:
      Shi Bo Hai & Man Man were destined lovers but fate interfered and now..
      Bu Fan & Man Man became fated lovers
      (Basing this on chinese’s definition of destiny & fate)

      Cause fate started to move the moment Bo Hai’s ‘confused’ ghost was noticed by Bu Fan and led him to meet Man Man. I think if not, Bo Hai was suppose to be in coma for at least a few years (2-3 like now) so that his mother will get to know her, he wakes up and they married.

      • ROYLOVE

        haha you have such great foresight!! yes that is true i think man man and bu fan might be the fated ones now because their fates wouldn’t have intertwined had angel bo hai not asked bu fan to break up with man man on behalf of him and caused a chain of events that led them to get together

    • YESYES

      I still prefer BuFan with ManMan.

  • wtf

    …. rebecca’s spy cam

  • sd

    after 41 episodes and i still dont ship man man and bufan. they just dont give me the chemistry i felt while watching other leads in other dramas


      It’s just “Manman” ‘s acting. Her facial expressions, movements and speech are just too expressive… Too ‘not real’.

      • Suin

        Totally agree.

  • Vicky Chan

    Nice to see that bu fan and man man enjoyed each other company! ^^ finally the kiss between both them, its quite long and bu fan didnt notice that bo hai walked past.. having some mixed feelings in whether bo hai should wake up.. at some point, i wish he will wake up and at another point, i wish he will not wake up.. but i guess things will be different if he wakes up and not able to remember what he has did when he is an angel. haha, two brothers dinner date! ^^ guan yu keep calling man man, da sao (: cant believe that the rilakkuma soft toys are from rebecca >< she is really scary.. hope man man's mum will be okay!!

  • alora

    I enjoyed BunFan and Fan Fan’s time of chatting. Bu Fan is not fair, did not tell Man Man about his past girls. I remember he told his bros that he never fell for anyone so I guess he doesn’t think much of them. Still not nice and totally his usual not telling Man Man when she asks. Can’t believe he trapped himself into being called stupid. 🙂 Scene at Bu Fan’s home was cute, Bu Fan so annoyed with his bro and Man Man so embarrassed. While waiting for the taxi, Man Man was so sweet and earnest telling Bu Fan her thoughts and hopes. Glad Bu Fan did so too though his was brief. Sweet he asked her to depend on him more, and wants her to keep chasing him always. Wow today’s long awaited kiss was a pretty long one and at an unexpected moment. They are finally progressing!

    Preview: Bu Fan ran so fast I think to help once Man Man dad called about the mum fainting. He looked very flustered and anxious. Bu Fan, Man Man, Bo Hai ended in the hospital because of her mum. That’s how Bo Hai saw his physical body and probably Man Man too later since Bo Hai mum is showing her Bo Hai’s proposal ring. Dreadful this last one, I do not like, she must be hoping Man Man will help Bo Hai to wake up. Poor Bu Fan, what is he going to do??

  • Twdramafan

    Love the two couples, Bu Fan with Man Man and Bo Hao with Xin Ping. They are both cute in their own ways. One is a playful couple and the other full of innocence.

    Hope Bu Fan can help Shi Bo Hai out. but things will be complicated if he wakes up from his coma. While he probably won’t remember what he did while he was angel, Bu Fan will and his conscience will give him pain,

    This show is interesting in that while there is sweetness during the kissing scene, Bo Hai’s heartache at the side tugs the heartstring. Not the conventional Idol drama plot.

  • anon

    I’m so confused. If Bu Fan has been in US and just come back to Taiwan, where was Shi Bo Hai and Xu Man Man? Were they all 3 in the US or Taiwan 3 years ago? Did He Bu Fan go to US after he gave Xu Man Man the Happiness Voucher? Is Shi Bo Hai’s spirit roaming in Taiwan while his body lies in the US or are both in Taiwan? Did Shi Bo Hai’s spirit ask He Bu Fan to break up with Xu Man Man for him? If He Bu Fan and Xu Man Man fall in love, will Shi Bo Hai’s spirit return to his body and awaken from the coma, or will his body die and spirit go to a resting place? Will Shi Bo Hai’s mom scheme to keep Xu Man Man in Shi Bo Hai’s life even though he doesn’t wake up?

    In the beginning we all assumed Shi Bo Hai was dead, but now we find out he’s in a coma. So sad. Three years.

    I do like pondering on the scenario of fated love. If Shi Bo Hai and Xu Man Man had the fated red love string tied between them 3 years ago, what does this mean for He Bu Fan and Xu Man Man when/if Shi Bo Hai wakes up? If He Bu Fan and Xu Man Man never should have been in a love relationship and never would have been without Shi Bo Hai’s meddling between them, what happens now that they do have feelings for each other but aren’t fated?

    Good drama!

    • alora

      I believe everything happened in Taiwan and Bu Fan was based in US while shuttling between US and Taiwan for business and family reasons. Yes the spirit Bo Hai begged Bu Fan to break up with Man Man on his behalf. I am guessing Bo Hai will wake up, just whether he keeps his memories of the last three years of wandering spirit or not or maybe remembers later. It also looks like his mum is planning to capitalise on Man Man’s obliging personality to bring her back to Bo Hai’s side and help wake Bo Hai up.

      I wondered the same a few episodes ago. I hope Bu Fan and Man Man bound by their love will work together to overcome their unfatedness.

  • ;’)

    Xin Ping and Bo Hao are so cute haha. And I guess she decided to stay with Bo Hao after all, although its due to an unforeseen circumstance.
    And the dinner that Bu Fan and Man Man had with Guan Yu and Qian Qian,
    feels like a double date hehe ^^ Aww and he is encouraging her to depend
    on him more :)) The kiss was so sweet! Bu Fan wants Man Man to chase after him forever :’) But it looks like Bo Hai may die :'(
    Trust Rebecca to hide cameras in the toy… She takes creepy to a whole
    new level. Hope nothing will happen to Man Man’s mother!! From the
    preview, Bo Hai’s mother is going to show Man Man the ring that Bo Hai
    originally intended to propose to her with :O

    • LovYouLovMe

      I like the part where BuFan wanted ManMan to depend on him more.
      Extra point on that part 🙂

  • Anonymous