Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換券) Episode 20

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  • みき

    Does anyone know the song in the middle of this ep that is sung by a girl, when BF asks MM what she wants for lunch and she gets up and leaves?

  • Taiwanese drama lover! <3

    Hate u man man!

  • Celina

    I have a feeling that Bo Hai is not dead, but rather in a coma. That is why he can touch things. And why the God was like, if you don’t do this you will “really die.” I feel like Bo Hai will return to the plot later. Like, Man Man finds out or something and feels responsible to be by his side.

  • 感恩

    Bu Fan is the – Road side Assistance + Boyfriend + Provider for ManMan 🙂 WOW

  • MIX

    Great episode… love watching BF and MM 🙂
    Good job

  • Cheng Alice

    another funny episode…..:)

  • loved the last part!

    “感恩…謝謝” favourite line of the episode, starting to see the chemistry between the leads. Looking forward to the progression of the plot (hope it doesnt get draggy where one of them gets into a life threatening accedent…)

  • alora

    Today’s episode is funny! Finally OTP dominates the screen time. Ahaha, Bu Fan is losing it! When is he going to apologise and get it over with? Looks like he’s falling deep. Isn’t the insistence on hiring Man Man as part time housekeeper fulfilling Love criteria number 2 about the possessive nature of love – he can keep her in his territory and safe. He even sent her home on the first day, and looks like he is sending her off as the show ends.

  • bonbon01

    it’s pretty obvious that the elevator is fake haha.


    Bu Fan + Man Man acting= thumbs up!!
    Very entertaining

  • Lynn6

    It is awkward for Bu Fan to offer Manman a job as housekeeper or cleaner of his home … this is not the way to help her although she needs money.

  • NICE

    enjoy watching this episode. .. Bu Fan was talking to himself in the escalator ” has it arrived the office level or still going?” and it is really that hard to say sorry…. ha h ah ahaaa. Man Man is really affecting BuFan 🙂 Keep going.

    The employees were suspicious of the hospitality towards them. Hilarious to see their reactions and worried about what is Bu Fan up to. Super cute.

  • Anonymous