Long Day’s Journey into Light (出境事務所) Episode 13

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在台灣,平均每四分鐘,就有人離開親友,出境往另一個國度。這是一群處理我們親友出境事務的工作者,在看盡生死之後,如何面對自己人生課題的故事。 圓福生命禮儀集團,是殯葬業在國內排名第三的企業,在競爭激烈、長時間工作勞累、人員流失嚴重的情況下,招聘了一批已有丙級執照的新人,希望盡速培養出在第一線工作的禮儀師,能在全省競爭激烈的殯儀市場中,取得領先地位。這一批分發到圓福生命三處的新人中,最受矚目的是曉恩(黃姵嘉 飾),她能說善道肯學耐操還仗義執言,只是仗義執言這項專才並不合適禮儀師這個職業;第一天上班就與家屬起了衝突,讓曉恩的直屬長官紅牌禮儀師阿聖(吳慷仁 飾)頭痛不已,兩人就此衝突不斷;心高氣傲的曉恩,即使與同事不對盤、被長官痛責、對酗酒的父親失望,對這個行業也沒自己想像中的熱誠,但為了家計,決定咬牙做下去!

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Gogo..life

    I’m cringing so hard x.x WAAAAAAAAAAH

    Good drama though : D

  • jtlt

    This is hands down the best drama of 2014-2015 that I have seen so far. Plot, acting, casting, direction, soundtrack (love the accordion), everything seems so wonderfully crafted. Even the opening song and graphics are so fitting with the comedic yet sombre undertones of the show set in a funeral home. The beauty of it is that half of the show is in Hakka language. Which makes the emotional scenes even more raw and hard-hitting. Each episode has such tight writing, it is able to make you both laugh and cry. I would put it in the dram-edy category, a mix of melodrama and comedy. All the actors and actresses shine in this show, not just Chris Wu (although he does have a very commanding presence here).

    Love the portrayals of Johnson and Mai Xiao. And Tian Jie and Xiao En’s dad.

    I would promote this show to anyone who’s watching any Taiwanese dramas right now. This one is a cut above the rest. Definitely a series I will re-watch when I have the time.

    • Kayla

      yes the male and female lead have some real good chemistry too. chris wu has done a great job playing his role, as always 🙂