Lion Pride (獅子王強大) Episode 16 The End

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  • ohx

    here’s my honest review.
    personally, i think that qiang da, qiang wei and xiao tie did an especially great job in this drama. si de definitely needs to keep it up with her acting! Other than acting skills, i am really impresssed by their choice of ost for this drama! my favourite is no other than the soul trader! However, my greatest concern is the plot… i am not sure if it’s just me but some scenes are honestly too cringey and the fact that the writer chooses to have xun shu involved in a car accident is just too cliche and upsetting. it’s like every other typical dramas out there – killing off one of their supporting characters through car accidents :< i'd rather see scenes where they show how qiang da and xun shu resolves their issues or how qiang da chooses to forgive xun shu while he serves his sentence . Killing xun shu is ust too cruel too…anyway, the bromance between xiao tie and ah fei is just superb! hehe i love their bromance chemistry!

    • dramaqueen

      Yes, I agreed. I love to watch the inspector and the main actor. Their bromance relationship is admirable.

    • Sylvie Huang

      the ending of Xun Shu seems to be a cliche after first time watching. But after watching it couple times, I suddenly realized that sometimes we all need a turning point of life. It’s like a switch to our life without this hate will continue going on, and Qiang Da may have no chance to resolves his issue with sun shu because of his unsettled soul. If you ever watched it thoroughly, you would find out not until the couple minutes of the ending part ,did he finally forgive his uncle. In addition, scripts are co-work of all team members revolve with this drama their writer and director has no entire power to control this drama. On the contrary, the TV company is more powerful over it.

  • Lynn6

    A good ending for the 2 couples but sad on the part of the death of the “uncle” who brought up QD and was the killer of QD’s dad …

    I like what QW said to QD in one of the scenes in the finale .. we live to love/care for people not hate …