You Light Up My Star (你照亮我星球) Episode 18

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  • j

    part 49:40 is so true, without dramas and idols, we wont have sweet dreams of future.

  • j

    hahaha, the director is the doctor!!! qu dao is so cute!

  • jtlt

    So sad that netizens are slamming this show. It is such a gem. Maybe a diamond in the rough, but I feel the need to just say here how awesome this show is to provide an alternative viewpoint to all the naysayers out there.

    Firstly, this show is emotionally intense. Of course a show that showcases the acting industry and it’s behind the scenes has to be messy. It involves highly emotional actors whose lives revolve around ratings and the acceptance of the general public and the media. It involves the complicated relationships of caregiver, friend and lover. It shows the struggle s of a mentally ill actor and a burnt out actress who has been mollycoddled since young.

    Not only that, it charts the paths of “nobodies”. Their obstacles to fame, in keeping the dream alive. Then it particularises the downfall of stars, as quick as their meteoric rise to fame.

    Second, I disagree that there is little screen time between the OTP. Who said that Janine Chang and Joe Cheng were the OTPs in the first place? And why must romance always have a happy ending? The scenes between Joe and Janine are so hard hitting but necesary to show how difficult it is to have a relationship in this industry. And sometimes why we mistake pity for love, and are also confused between whats real and whats not. The line between fantasy and reality is often a thin one.

    However i would say that i thought the special effects and some of the overseas scenes were unnecesary.

    I am still enjoying this show and even though i so love the chemistry between yi fang (teresa meng) and chengwei, i know that precisely because this show isn’t a typical love story, they probably won’t end up together. It disappoints me but the meaning and all the deep themes (so many more!) are more worth it than a cookier cutter ending.

    And because this show so speaks out against public scrutiny in so many brave ways, i think the writers and directors should be absolutely proud of themselves for creating such a multi- dimensional masterpiece. Ratings and awards and social media praise aren’t everything. And in no way was the editing or directing of this show haphazard. Life is like that, messy and confusing and also unsatisfactory. But the underlying meaning here is that there is hope that we should never give up trying to grasp. In this struggle, we see glimpses of beauty.

    • guest too

      I also would like to give credit to everyone involved in this show for tackling the sensitive and complicated case of depression. As humans it is indeed a reality that each one of us has to face in certain phases of our lives. Others, like Robbin Williams is so serious, for others they were eventually helped. This show gives me hope on the “soap” industry of Taiwan. I am happy that they can also go against the tide to deal with a noncommercial topic like depression. I am also hoping that the main actor in the show will eventually be truly supported emotionally in the end and will come to terms with his own self. I also wished that he and yi fang will be together, but it seems otherwise.Anyway I would be happy if in the end he will have the inner strength to overcome any difficulties in the future and be an optimistic person.

  • Wei Shen

    在正的女人 身後都有一個玩膩的男人

  • assenav

    great drama…. love the intro 🙂

  • Guest

    LOVE THIS SHOWWWWWW it’s so meaningful and different from other mainstreams shows.and there are so many hidden meanings that the director wants to convey about the industry.