Leo (星座愛情獅子女) Episode 07

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劇情描述一對夫妻離婚後破鏡重圓的故事, 當女人遇上男人,就開始了一道選擇題,我們適合做夫妻、戀人,還是朋友? 但是我們永遠不知道正確答案是什麼,除非,你和他能堅持走完人生這一遭。 獅子座女人,三十歲以前,嚮往轟轟烈烈的愛情,三十歲以後,她更想要的是一個在他面前可以真實做自己的男人。 她貪心的想打造一個他,這個他是妳的愛人,是最懂妳的家人,在往後無數個未來裡,他還是妳永遠的摯友。

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  • Lynn6

    Michael is so sweet and he is so considerate of LR’s feelings .. maybe we can hope for different ending. LR’s reaction to Michael is certainly less than how her ex-h is reacting to his new girlfriend. At least he cares and cooks for the girlfriend. LR almost seems cold.