Lady Maid Maid Episode 36

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  • JT

    i don’t understand how come TW shows always have their house doors unlocked. =x

  • Super

    Xiang Lei is super nice…..

  • lana


  • Oh my gosh! That is a FABRIC SCISSOR!!! Do you know how expensive they are?! Especially a really good one! And you were going to use it on a human?! You’re going to RUIN that scissor! How is it going to cut cloth smoothly anymore?!

  • Carol

    有沒有 跟我一樣覺得阿麻好自私 根本沒有了解舒琪到底喜歡誰就迫著她去喜歡一個根本就是阿麻自己看中的人 這種以為自己在為別人著想的行為其實很傷人

    • sarah


    • 我只想在乎我在乎的


  • von


  • chen